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  1. Another vote for STI Trojan, great gun.
  2. cyclelu

    First DQ

    Hang in there. Just remember the SO is only advising the shooter of the DQ/penalty he earned, you did not give him a DQ. Lu
  3. I shoot Bayou 135 over 3.5grn N320 getting 130 PF.
  4. I have been using BB 135 with 3.5gr of N320 with very good acuracy at 959 fps. Lu
  5. I use 4.8gr n320 with 230gr Bayou. 176 pf. It meters very well and is soft shooting. Lu
  6. I use 230 gr Bayou and am getting 175 PF from 5" 1911. Nice and soft recoil.
  7. 4.8gr N320 with 230gr Bayou shooting 175 power factor from Baer. Very soft shooting. Lu
  8. Did the upgrade and the movement is so much smoother. Works great Thank you again. Best Regards, Lu
  9. Thank you for this information. I ordered a set on Monday night received it yesterday, very quick delivery. I will install it tonight. I do have amquestion. For lube is a a thick oil acceptable or should I use grease? I have Briley choke tube grease at home is this ok? Thank you. Best Regards, Lu
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