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  1. I’ve been debating whether or not to just get out of competitive shooting. I’ve got a descent supply of components but the way things are going now days I’m not doing much live fire training because I don’t want to deplete my supply. Not being able to practice as much sucks. I’ve been thinking about getting back into golf. Before kids and uspsa I was a descent golfer so it makes sense and plus I could knock it around by myself and wouldn’t have to depend on matches once or twice a month to compete.
  2. I love my 2 titans but just a little disappointed that the link pin walks. I’ll stake it next time I have it apart.
  3. My link pin on one of mine falls out too. pisses me off.
  4. I’ve had the barrel link pin come loose in mine from not being staked very well. It would work itself loose on one side and cause issues. Also had the guide rod not stay seated against the barrel and that caused a similar issue.
  5. I would just apply the pro grip to the weak hand and the oppposite side of palm on strong hand where the two meet. I don't need that much when I use it. Once applied to both palms and fingers it's hard to correct a slightly incorrect grip after the beep.
  6. Thank you for the advice guys ! we’re driving down from Mississippi Saturday the7th. I asked if I could bring my gear but Unfortunately I can’t. It’s a family trip so I gotta do family stuff. Thanks for the offer george16 and I’ll keep that in mind when I travel back your way.
  7. We are headed to Disney in A couple days. On our off days I plan to drive to the beach. I’m thinking of Melbourne, cocoa beach or Jacksonville. I’m used to the water and beaches in destin so I know the beaches and water won’t be the same. Which location listed above will be the best place to visit ?
  8. I'm interested in the black electroless nickel that twin city plating offers. I looked on their sight but didn't see prices. The slide above^ looks really good even though I normally don't like hard chrome type finishes. I wonder if refinishing later is labor intensive.
  9. I want one but not sure which model is best. Do any of y’all have pros and cons ?
  10. Under the optic and this ^ looks pretty good to me.
  11. I’d like a honcho with no sight block, but seeing how the barrel is square I don’t think it can be done.
  12. I can’t divulge that info. I have a confidentiality agreement
  13. I like the evo but I’ve heard some talk lately from gun builders that the lsi grip is the best one out. I haven’t seen one yet. Evo was/is a great product. Cheely is good too but requires a cheely proprietary magwell which a deal breaker for me.
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