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  1. 125 pf is 125 PF whether it 9, 40 or 45 (probably see the bullet going down range) 165 is 165 is 165 125 doesn't equal 165 mag capacity is different for 9 vs 40 vs 45 all have their advantages and disadvantages What is the next demand, it's not fair he shoots reloaded 147 9mm versus my white box 115!!!!!
  2. what did the pal run when you found one... im still having no luck so far...
  3. just take into account, your reader lens will change over time as you age, so if you go with one lens for front site, that will need to change over time. 40 yoa 1.0 50 yoa 2.5
  4. quick search and could t find one for sale
  5. anti splatter spray......, i have heard non sticking cooking spray works as well, anyone have any experience?
  6. Planning on just using it for barrel / comp on and open gun, perhaps small parts when detail break down. Anybody use the harbor freight one? For a once in a while cleaning, will it hold up?
  7. I shot the battle in the bluegrass for 8 of its 10 years and don't remember minor ever winning or even sitting in the top 5/10 with any regularity, and this was a SS-PROD match with balanced stages. Perhaps look into the history of that west coast SS match every year for more comparisons (lots of GM in SS at both) When the top 18 shoot major at locap, and they are the big names, I'm going to say it was balanced or major friendly. Now, and average shooter may do better with the extra rounds as we may take more makeups.
  8. I was thinking of going this route to clean the barrel/comp on an open gun and perhaps the slide. Any downside to this, its always been in the back of my mind and I never really researched pros and cons?
  9. HA, I remember years ago when i had to find a aluminum, FLGR or go with a shorty, do to the weight limit, how times change LOL
  10. I believe where he was going is a new shooter shows up with a "glock" and the 2 or 3 mags that come with it. Cant do production with 2/3 mags but can in Lim minor.
  11. Remember, prior to covid and the election, lots of people chose to shoot factory 9, do to its easy availability and cheap cost. Their time was more valuable to them. Well that bird flew the coop.
  12. the one on the right is obviously the major load
  13. When I shot production with a shadow, Matt Mink suggested to me to practice and maybe shoot level 1 with one slide stop and have a second for level 2 +, or perhaps it was one for practice and one for matches. Then I had a third in my bag as a back up. They will break, and usually at the worst time. So depending on how much live fire practice you do, chose from above. I went with level 2+ option so as to limit the damage it could do to a match that I dumped a lot of money into .
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