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  1. Where is a 7.9 HF almost equivalent to a 7.4 HF. A half a hit factor could be multiple placements lower depending on the stage.
  2. I chronographed my first lot and it was 173ish
  3. It was failure to extract. I had the ammo shipped out there, did not plunk test it as it was the only ammo I had available, although i did shoot a squad mates ammo for a stage without issue. Didn't have a whole lot of ammo left over from the batch sent out there. The original lot ran just fine. I guess i can just blame the conditions.
  4. I ordered 500, and they shot fine, sent 750 to nationals in Utah and had nothing but issues. Don't know what happened, different lot #'s, and they blamed it on my gun. Came home from nationals and shot a local with the original lot with no issues. Didn't even clean the gun. Go figure, only difference was the lot produced, and potentially the location/atmosphere.
  5. going with the DLC, so now ill have all three !!!
  6. if i remember correctly, area 5 used to give you both options of one day Saturday , one day Sunday or maybe it was Friday, and then the am/pm staggered option
  7. cnote

    Carne custom

    Have a SS built by him, runs flawlessly and has his signature look to it. Classic build with his bad ass twists!
  8. That's what they told me to my face at uspsa nationals in Utah, a couple of parts that they cant seem to get someone to manufacture for them at the correct tolerance or PRICE I included the price part, they stated tolerance
  9. That is what I heard from the big boys in Utah, no contact showing interest by Tulsa
  10. What is the new expected date to resolve the "issue with the supplier" of the 2 parts delaying this process??? Please and thank you
  11. i saw dillon at nationals, said 1100 by holidays (xmas) maybe
  12. Why, I have a hard chromed 1911, a black nitride 2011, and was thinking of DLC when getting another gun refinished. Wasn't exactly getting the "why" part answered by most reply's, but still hoping. If you don't like the thread, move on. No need to complain.
  13. Black nitride, DLC, or hard chrome And why????????
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