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  1. That is what I heard from the big boys in Utah, no contact showing interest by Tulsa
  2. What is the new expected date to resolve the "issue with the supplier" of the 2 parts delaying this process??? Please and thank you
  3. i saw dillon at nationals, said 1100 by holidays (xmas) maybe
  4. Why, I have a hard chromed 1911, a black nitride 2011, and was thinking of DLC when getting another gun refinished. Wasn't exactly getting the "why" part answered by most reply's, but still hoping. If you don't like the thread, move on. No need to complain.
  5. Black nitride, DLC, or hard chrome And why????????
  6. ammobot has a 20% off birthday sale!!!!!
  7. cnote


    So add a smidge of powder safely to get a better burn is correct or lower the oal safely always safely .....
  8. cnote


    Like 172/3, so if I get it hotter it should burn a little cleaner or more complete ... thanks the increased velocity is a wash with the comp
  9. cnote


    So most jHP are enclosed bases then
  10. cnote


    Given the same powder charge of dirty HS6, would a difference in oal help with better complete powder burn, or at least just better? ie going shorter or longer with aol —assuming no change in function other than velocity Just trying to keep the gun cleaner in between breakdowns
  11. cnote


    Do they all have an enclosed base, ie non exposed lead
  12. I ordered a test batch and report my findings...
  13. was talking their loaded ammo, is that what you are referring to, if not , thanks for the info on projectile and company
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