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  1. I shot the Double Tap in Texas one season on a Saturday, and got sunburned. The drive home Sunday through Oklahoma was on the the most frightening drives I have ever partaken in. The shooters on Sunday were in wally world purchased parkas and snow-boots if they didn't bring that type of gear with them. Crazy
  2. cnote

    9mm Major OAL

    How the hell do guys make major with less than 8 grains of HS6, I'm at 8.2 I know , holes , different barrel but the lower charge weights...... Different lots produce different results.....
  3. At times I still shoot some arrays of targets faster with my irons as I shot with them way longer than my dot gun. The longer distance stuff and steel is where the dot shines. Target focus is the answer, and at times I am looking for the dot on close up stuff where i would just index with the irons and get good hits. I need to do the same with the dot gun on the closer shots. You just need enough focus to make the appropriate shot. and I still focus too much with the dot at times.........
  4. better than most series out there if looking for something with multiple seasons
  5. I find that if you reload and you find a OAL that the gun runs, keep it the same. You change the bullet profile, and then adjustments may need to be made. (making PF of course at all times)
  6. carne custom builds both as does venom custom. Both solid builders that would discuss the potential pros and cons of either style if you want to talk to smiths that actually shoot too. Pitter-patter...
  7. I just wish there was a range smack in the middle of the country that is..... capable of sponsoring /holding the match capable of possessing the proper stage equipment / wifi / clubhouse etc capable of housing staff and participants at a reasonable distance from the range. I just think FL and Utah are a haul for people on the opposite side of the country and influence peoples travel. Tulsa seems to be ideal, but wants nothing to do with us .....
  8. if one of these sneak their way into a regular set up. they pull apart in the sizing die i am told. PITA!
  9. Atlas Gunworks Ape Hanger Racker Ape Hanger Racker
  10. Doesn't someone make one way "bent up" right from production. I believe Ive seen them around. I find them unattractive, but would definitely solve the issue.
  11. Virgil Tripp is "old school" and will stand by his product. If you call, he may actually be the one answering the phone and is more than happy to talk to you from my experience.
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