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  1. Just a heads up to all SVI brothers, I had my removable breach face retaining screw break on me and cause a death jam. When trying to clear it the breachface fell out the grip onto the range. I went to the safe table to look at the gun, and a friend actually found the breach face on the ground. Saved me $50 at least..... It will now be a part of routine maintenance when the gun gets more than field stripped to check this screw!!!!!!!!
  2. study people breaking down stages is a great advantage of being with good shooters, and then apply only that which you can execute,
  3. most of the guys i know have played with the 115 and gone back to to 124
  4. Built in 1993, sat in a friends safe for years in the back, as he got it on a trade for a racing bike plus cash. Would this be considered anything special to anyone, just putting out feelers. I shoot 9mm open and dont feel the need to load super Sorry for the attachment being needed to be opened up, B class shooter and D class on computers sti 38 sup.docx
  5. exactly, what part of DVC don't you get, part of uspsa was designed around "power" , hence power factor was developed. Why dont we just shoot any two on paper like some 3GN and get rid of the accuracy part too???
  6. I have a Limcat up for sale on here ( shameless plug) but this might work... OPENB" s thread----------------------- I've accepted that I'm done (mostly) with iron sights. These have been in the safe for too long, so here they are. All prices are shipped in Continental US. Only trade I'm interested in is a 9mm Tanfoglio Limited Pro or Stock II for Carry Optics. 1) STI Eagle 6", bull barrel. .100 Dawson FO front sight, Cylinder & Slide ultralight hammer, sear, & disconnector. Ed Brown ambi safety. Extended mag release button, stippled & undercut grip, Dawson stainless mainspring housing & Ice magwell. Frame was tapped for thumb rest by previous owner, but I'm left handed, so no use to me. Comes with 8 mags with Dawson +1 base pads & Grams follower kits. All hold 20 reloadable. 3 tubes are newest style STI, 5 are old style. $2100
  7. I didn't see it in the store ???
  8. cnote

    Area 5 Arb

    Actually seeing the stage on the ground is important for this discussion in some ways. I know on my squad, with many production shooters, perhaps one shooter actually chose to go down the corridor at all. Every target was available without going there. There was an popper activating a drop turner that remained visible from the end of the corridor = penalty target. It was a fast drop turner with multiple other targets available. The time it took to take all those additional steps is a wash compared to the potential penalty of one mike on the turner, thus a waste of seconds in my opinion. It was a good stage that perhaps should have been pre-planned a bit better by the ROs in anticipation of a returning shooter. This could happen on any stage with a down range finish and someone realizing they forgot one paper target or similar situation. This one just happened to have a huge potential for penalties if the popper didn't go down. Stage planning (order of shooting that array of targets) on this one was critical. If I'm not mistaken, he is an accomplished shooter.
  9. Are you just talking dot movement or actually feeling the difference in recoil. If that makes sense....
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