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  1. Anyone have a Bergara b14 ridge or hmr? I am wanting to take a long range shooting class or two and also use it as my deer rifle. It would be in 6.5 creedmor. Thanks
  2. DK full trigger for sure. Gen 3 stainless guide rod with adapter, sjc magwell, dawson sights and base pads of your choice. KKM barrel if you think you need it, i only got one because i shoot some lead.
  3. Looking at a TTI gen4 G35. It has the ready to shred package from TTI. It also has 4 mags with TTI extensions in like new condition. How much would you pay for it? Thanks
  4. Another +1 for DK. I had a Zev ultimate and the production, the DK much much better.
  5. I got one if these on a package deal and was thinking of selling it but just read on shooters connection it could be configured to left or right hand shooters. How do i switch it over? Thanks
  6. How much is it? Couldnt find a price. Thanks
  7. I use alot of flair for coated bullets. I then pull my barrel or case gauge and gradually decrease flair with the crimping die until it will drop in and out freely. Then pull a bullet to make sure the coating is not cut. On some bullets, i see a faint line where case mouth was, but never more than a faint line or you will have problems.
  8. If you just changed springs in Aftec and it works fine with the WAC loads i would think it would be the HS6 ammo that was causing the jams. I can tell a significant difference in ejection patterns with different powders even at same PF.
  9. Lone wolf barrel with a Carver 4 port worked great for me. I actually have a couple KKMs and for my open glock build it wasnt worth the extra cost.
  10. If you dont want to grind on your followers take your slide stop and take the little lip off that catches the mag follower. This deactivates the slide stop so it will not lock back ever.
  11. I got the other screws in the mount and started being alittle more gental when adjusting the c-more. Man those things are sensitive, they make you so mad you just want to start cranking on it and you over adjust it. Thanks
  12. I am having trouble sighting the c more in in my new open gun i am still shooting left and it seems like i have ran out of adjustment. Have any of you experienced this? Also, when my gunsmith put the mount on he wanted to use 6-40 screws instead of the 5-40s i had. The screws got mixed up and he put some of the 5-40s in in accedent. There is only 3 out of the 5 screws in it now, the others fell out while trying to sight it in. Could this be making it wander? Thanks
  13. I have the midway competition bags. Its is very comfortable to carry and has alot of storage but i dont think it is ridgid enough on the outside pockets. When you put a couple loaded mags in the mag slots it tends to kind of sink in and take space away from the main compartments. Had it for 2 years and still not even a tear. When i do replace it it will be with one of the medium DAA backpacks.
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