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    101st (ABN) 1966-68 enjoyed the Tet party in '68.
    lai khe, attached to a "leg" signal unit.
    .El Salvidor - 1973-1978

    got into tactical shooting after meeting and running with Ken Hackathorn in 1985 started shooting 3 gun at Bragg /Benning. Rock Castle (tks to Jeff) last year.

    feeds the action junkie. randal knives cocker spaniel's
    happy to be here
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  1. defensive creations alliance ohio (dave laubert) did a small solder piece on shield shield just big enuff. caution i can work the original flat safety but dont like my chances IF in a gun fight i also have small hands #8 womens any safety is a good safety. have full size work guns all S&W reguler size and no that safety wont fit a compact. we tried any good tool & die guy can do it.. i just am not 1 of those strange critter"s good luck jjw
  2. Blade-Tec is what u seek. Tim Wegner has all his gear holes punched to fit Safariland. my self and 4 of my people run Blade-Tec. (maybe more, dont see them much) takes time to set up a tactical rig. many more things than on a competition rig. we have tried most everything. alway's stick with B/T. Safariland main frame so to speak. i have shot a lot of 3 gun all over s. east. from the old Carolina Tac,starting in 96/97 with the 1st . to Ft Benning. then just built a 3-gun rig. used stuff in ware house. works fine as i member" after 30 or so 3 guns. last 20 yrs or so,till i was injured. never was a big time shooter. just liked testing gear, meeting good folk, playing with all the toys. good luck jjw
  3. i have never used any one 1 but Dave. he is a master gun smith. also in the pistold smith's guild. the top 200 pistol smiths in the country. he has cut 25 or 30 barrels of all kinds and size. never a bad 1. i always threaded for cans. he did that also perfectly many gun smith have said its evil work and wont attempt. give him a call. i am in akron he will know me. if u do it rest easy. he aint' cheap but neither are Rolex''s or Randall knives, BUT they always work \jjw best of luck
  4. ask these people if they ever ACTUALLY shot a short bbl i had 2 the only 11.5 ever factory done, from Earnie Langdon. (designed the gun for s&w) a 16" cut down by a master gun smith (Defensive Creations - Alliance Ohio) Dave Laubert probably ran 4-5000 rds thru it with a knights :can & a surefire. just put out in the corner with all of the other lonley neglected guns i have never a burp jjw
  5. i went the other way use 2.o full size and 4.0-c uppers work guns w want to be ablle to use standard mags. cant be fumlbiling around for wierd size mags (15 rds) i use all 2.0 full size mags with robin's aluminin 6 extra in 9mm also did a fde f/s lower 5" with a 4.0-c upper all work just fine eery weapon i own for work has the shortest bbarrel that will for me 870's (aow's) 5" example email me with a phone number if u want to ask more i dont do emal's or text jjw
  6. stevie:

    ha ve most all the stuff u want. not a dealer.

    mags  w/w-o exrtensions

    holster kydex- leather

    just about anything u want for m&p's. been work guns for 3 years. great guns. none for sale. we are a security company in ohio

    can't do email. arthritis and shrapnel

    give  me a call or send #. will call on my out bound  watts




    b.l. farley


    330-388-6627   private line to me come in around noon till 10-11ish at nite


    hope this helps.



    p.s. Hookem Horns    (class of 71")

  7. almost all my 1.0 series holsters with and w/o a light work with the2.0 series. u may have to tweak a little, screw adjustment. .a heat gun is ur friend. we are changing from 1.0 to 2.0's for work guns. only a few of 16 primary side arms have not fit. all do after said tweaking. email if u need to. not a dealer. we are are a security company doing contract work. jjw p.s. we love the new 2.0. and YES we can carry anything we want
  8. adco and defensive creations are 1's who touch my barrels and i have had 7-8 cut down. mostly work guns But length is mostly the mod also.wt is a factor but i use d.d. lt wt 1/7's. dont know anyone else. adco / def. creationsis all i ever used. back up is dave laubert at defensive creations if i am in a hurry. best i have ever seen. all my guns have "cans" so threading is a BIG DEAL. both are the best. we dont cut many barrels. been told its a black art/scary. takes magoic. L.O.L good luck jjw
  9. i use key mod but both are same technology i just would buy the number of 10"/12" or what ever it took to get there. someday u may change ur mind/set upp and be glad u bought smaller pieces cheers jjw p.s gurante u it wont effect what u are building.
  10. mine measure 5.75"approx empty. holding the ruler at at the top and straight across no go as i read it. if u could dump the base plate u would be gtg i counted the base plate jjw
  11. the reason they inter mix on the 2,0 series is a improvement on the 1.0 series. the man who designed the 1.0 series was Earnie Langdon. who also designed the baretta vertec before he he worked at s&w. he also designed the 5x45x39 ar's(not really important i guess) L.o.L.. he said when they built 1.0 series in 9 & .40 they did not take interchange ability.into account. when they designed the .45 (came last) they did. as stated. i have a full size lower and a compact upper as a bedroom gun. what smith has done "finally" is build the guns to interchange. u are like most people , want a carry gun with a long barrel and short grip. i am so twisted, i went the other way L.O.L. would u buy a 5" fde on a full size or compact black lower ? i can make that happen cheers jjw
  12. all my friends go your way : long upper and short lower. guess i am out of step but have always liked the opposite your info is going in my file on this concept saved me some work. we going to all 2.0-f/s and compacts for work tks jjw
  13. i just throw then on top of all my "go bags" and chest rigs in my work room. has a bank steel door in cinder block walls for a room we built.. i am a s.h.t.f. guy, not a match shooter. just retiring from security work since 9/11. will always have load out bags and ammo close at hand. its work gear so i expect it to "work" anytime. doom on the fool that comes to hurt my wife or my cocker spaniel. jjw bath ohio akron area.
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