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  1. Finally got around to assembling one. Ejector does appear to be unacceptably flimsy. Then, the Magpul mag body is incompatible with my Spinta 9mm bolts. But, I like the idea enough that I took advantage of Black Friday and have a Guard barrel and bolt on the way... that was an expensive weekend for me with all the sales.
  2. Colder than we are! Except we don’t think it’s cold.
  3. They only work in 30 round mag bodies, but they come as 10 round capacity and you easily modify it for up to 30 yourself.
  4. Norther

    PCC laser on target at start

    True. But an affiliated club can run outlaw matches too.
  5. Norther

    PCC 9MM top end

    Definitely a concern. Lifetime warranty but that doesn’t help if it breaks a lot. Thinking of switching over to the Guard system, that way the ejector is on the bolt.
  6. Norther

    PCC 9MM top end

    Lots of uppers available. Another magazine choice is the MEAN Arms Endomag, which fits inside of Pmags, so no mag block needed. I just got some but haven’t assembled them yet. Limited to 30 rounds unfortunately.
  7. Norther

    1911 Grips

    Scott Perman makes grips like that. Should find it here with a search.
  8. Norther

    Stacked target hit on T2

    IIRC, this is what Kevin Imel taught in my RO class. It was a while back.
  9. Norther

    Stacked target hit on T2

    I once had a single shot score on three targets...on a Virginia Count stage. Two extra hit penalties, no extra shots. ?
  10. Norther


    I have owned 1911s from 6 makers. I much prefer my Springfield Armory and Dan Wessons to my Kimbers. Prices not too different.
  11. Norther

    40&9 top end

    This is my experience too. I much prefer spending the extra $$ and just get a whole second gun. Conversions are a pain.
  12. Norther

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    I didn’t use anything titanium or expensively lightweight except the Taccom barrel and handguard.
  13. Norther

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    Okay, I just weighed it. 5 lbs 2 ounces, no magazine, with Vortex Razor and a laser mounted.
  14. Norther

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    Couldn’t really say. My heavier one is an SBR, not really comparable. I prefer the lighter one. I have not done extensive testing looking for lightest recoil, as I don’t take this division all that seriously. I went back to shooting higher PF production loads to simplify.
  15. Norther

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    Mine’s 5 lbs even. Didn’t cost that much. QC10 blem lower, Taccom UL barrel and CF handguard, mission first stock. Wanted it light for kids to handle.