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  1. I just cancelled our last indoor match of the season. And the only other USPSA club within 300 miles cancelled all matches until further notice.
  2. Could be a number of things. Check for high primers first, as mentioned above. I bought a used 1911 for cheap that did this. Mainspring was way too short. Swapped it and no more trouble. Contaminated primers, or brass (wet, from wet cleaning and inadequately dried) might do it. I’d suggest an extended firing pin but even a standard length one should be working way better than that.
  3. 5 years isn’t old at all. Age is probably not the problem. Unless there were storage issues. I have CCIs more than 20 years old that work fine.
  4. I’d like to know more about this. Shooting more .22 LR at steel these days. What company, if you don’t mind my asking? PM if you prefer. Thanks.
  5. That was 14 years ago...
  6. Yesterday I changed my email address with the forum...and today only got one notification.
  7. How does the thinnest grip panel compare to a stock sti grip? Stock one is pretty thick already. I’ve been debating buying a reduced grip.
  8. I shot a 625 for a few years. Even went to Nationals. Then 8 minor happened and I lost interest. Made A class and promptly sold every revolver I owned. They should have gone all the way and allowed 8 major if they were going to mess with it. I probably would have quit anyway. They’d have to ban semiautos for me to go back.
  9. This is why I have them also. 8” sbr is fun. My son’s favorite pcc. Reason enough. Tried a mag block and didn’t like it much. I need to sbr a Glock mag lower sometime.
  10. Perhaps there is some variance with which bolt you’re using. While it is difficult to insert with a Guard bolt forward, I would hardly characterize it as “almost impossible”. Not really harder than my Colt mag lower. On the other hand, I had interference between my Spinta bolt and the Pmag body. Endomags could not be used with that bolt without modifying the Pmag. I like them with the Guard. I expect they would be similar with this upper. Maybe someday they’ll make a 40 round version.
  11. Ejector is in the bolt. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with other lowers though, just remove the lower’s ejector.
  12. It was a Facebook announcement. I don’t really know much about it but it could be interesting. There was more to the post, could check that.
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