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  1. I scored 2k Federal SP magnum match today at the local Sportsman’s Warehouse! $49/1000. I couldn’t believe they had any.
  2. Thanks, that’s what I’m thinking. Now I need to find a good Fathers Day sale.
  3. I noticed that the temp range is 20-100 deg. Would this be a problem for you? It might. I sometimes want it to work much colder than that. But I chrono most of the time right outside my garage and bring the chrono back inside between strings.
  4. I’m leaning pretty hard towards the ProChrono because of price. The LabRadar tops $600 when you add in the extra trigger I’d need. Some of the things I shoot are pretty quiet. Does anyone have any experience with the LabRadar shooting quiet things? Or with their airgun/archery trigger?
  5. Thanks for all the replies! I didn’t expect such a consensus. Really only two good options. Please keep talking.
  6. My 12 year old Shooting Chrony isn’t working very well lately, and I’m thinking of replacing it. What are people getting these days? The Labradar looks good, but expensive. I like that it doesn’t rely on lighting, as lighting is often poor here in interior Alaska. Especially as I seem to do a fair amount of load development in the dark of winter. The Magnetospeed attaches to the barrel, so I think that’s out. I need it for pistols too. What else?
  7. Hopefully you’ve found a good solution by now. I got out my Fab stock to see if my ideas would work but the stock pad is too thin and not much of a backer. All I can come up with, if I were to try it on mine, would be to 3d print a thicker base to replace the stock pad. Incorporate a couple of locating pins in the Limbsaver’s screw holes (enlarge as needed), and run a couple of short blunted screws rearward through the new base into the Limbsaver’s plastic base. In addition to the glue. Or maybe now that’s it’s plastic to plastic it could be solvent welded which would be plenty strong on its own. If the Limbsaver’s base is ABS that would be the best answer. I’m new to computer design though. The back of that pad doesn’t look easy to model to me. Just thinking out loud, so to speak. I wouldn’t mind trying this myself.
  8. Somewhere there’s a video of it happening. At the beep, shooter draws, fires, optic flies off, second shot shoots it out of the air.
  9. I always prefer to shoot with better shooters. I find I’m more likely to shoot slower if I’m with a slower squad because I don’t feel pressed. You do have to know your limitations with much better shooters but that hasn’t been a real problem for me.
  10. I always used Mobil 1 but a friend gave me a LOT of surplus LAW (lubricant, arctic weapons) lube. Does anyone know if I can run that year round in all temps? I prefer simplicity to using multiple lubes in different guns.
  11. I have no knowledge of the Tripp pads but I have a couple No Gap magwells. I believe that only Dawson No Gap pads work with the No Gap magwell insert.
  12. Perhaps check out the Fab Defense GL-shock stock. It’s spring loaded so it gives upon firing. Maybe you could fit the Limbsaver too and have double cushion. People are doing it on 12 ga. ARs.
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