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  1. I always prefer to shoot with better shooters. I find I’m more likely to shoot slower if I’m with a slower squad because I don’t feel pressed. You do have to know your limitations with much better shooters but that hasn’t been a real problem for me.
  2. I always used Mobil 1 but a friend gave me a LOT of surplus LAW (lubricant, arctic weapons) lube. Does anyone know if I can run that year round in all temps? I prefer simplicity to using multiple lubes in different guns.
  3. I have no knowledge of the Tripp pads but I have a couple No Gap magwells. I believe that only Dawson No Gap pads work with the No Gap magwell insert.
  4. Perhaps check out the Fab Defense GL-shock stock. It’s spring loaded so it gives upon firing. Maybe you could fit the Limbsaver too and have double cushion. People are doing it on 12 ga. ARs.
  5. I bought drill rod from McMasters. Used it only upon brake install. The rod wasn’t as straight as I’d like. Still, by rotating it I got an idea of the alignment. I’d hope the expensive commercial alignment rods are straighter. But the drill rod is available in more calibers.
  6. I had an old one that I inherited. It was so loose I didn’t want to fire it. I took it to a local respected gunsmith and he told me he’d have to fabricate the parts and it would cost more than the value of the gun.
  7. No. I bought it more than 10 years ago.
  8. I put an Ergo I had laying around on mine. Beaver tail, no gap. Works well.
  9. I have at least two rifles set up with Hiperfires and Radian Talons. They work fine together. YMMV.
  10. If you don’t, and have the charge handle on the left, you WILL lose some hide. I cut the top off mine and left it on. I can use the charge handle to release the bolt. Probably should remove it but I thought I’d try this first.
  11. A lot of people run coated bullets in subsonic .300 BO, so I doubt they clog the gas system too quickly. And I’ve never had any trouble running some pretty blunt shapes in my .458 Socom. You’ll just have to give it a try!
  12. .45 ACP won’t run in a standard lower, which I think is what the OP is looking for. And .458 isn’t a straight wall cartridge, also required. Although I agree, for other things it is far preferable to the .450.
  13. I experimented with various different springs and had to go back to stock for reliability. Seems like a new trigger is pretty much it, although I got considerable improvement by polishing.
  14. Thanks everyone, somehow I never saw all the advice. I got a bit more interested in it and ended up getting a Prusa Mk3 kit. Very nice, no tweaking needed yet, and fun to assemble too. More $$ than I originally intended but no regrets.
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