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  1. Text me at 575 202 4136....I can pay you for grip

  2. Measured from top of slide/chamber? Looks good though
  3. Bombah or me...bet I have 6 - 7 pair of Solomon shoes with tell tale rips by front.....hope these lastittle longer.
  4. I have heard the same bout them being around for quite some time.
  5. Couple of the LEO at my department carry them..they love them....
  6. Not sure SS could ever really go away...
  7. Bunch of my cops wear them on duty....they wear down very quickly.....
  8. Texture forward where thumbs rest????Little unclear with this still.
  9. If you can afford it....Wilson Combat 1911 9mm are super smooth....great investment
  10. I would like that info too.... pat
  11. Is the G24 still around?



  12. Would you be willing to sell the rig with mags yet?




    1. js1130146


      If the gun goes without the gear I'll split it out

    2. PatrickDoyle


      ok...let me know

  13. I might have what you are looking for in 45 acp....text me tomorrow I can send you pics of what I have.  I have a Springfield custom 1911 won by dave sevigny when he won SS nats.  gun is built by Jason Chambliss...sent it back and it was completely worked over by Jason after about 3000 rounds fired.  He had gun refit...new extractor..and refinished...weld on front trigger guard on front broke.  I am sponsored by Wilson Combat and really cant shoot the gun any longer....I would like to play around with a 40 SS for future use.  Text me at 575 202 4136

    1. waterboy


      Sounds good Pat. I will text you in the morning.

  14. I have Wilson combat PCC with Beretta mags for use. I have some 30 round mags..any suggestions on mag extensions??? Pat
  15. anyone know about extensions for Wilson combat PCC with beretta mags? I have some of 30 rounders...any suggestions? pat
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