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  1. waterboy

    Absolute BEST 3 gun scope under 1k?

    The Vortex Razor Gen 2 is a great optic. For a little more budget friendly optic though, I would seriously look at the Vortex Viper PST gen 2 1-6. I have one and it is a great choice. Glass is very clear, and the illuminated recticle is just a red dot. So on 1x, it acts just like a red dot, but you still have the ability to zoom in on the distance targets, and have a nice mrad or moa recticle. I would definitely recommend a switchview lever, as the magnifiying ring can be quite hard to turn without it.
  2. waterboy

    Single Stack Photo Thread

    Springfield Armory Single Stack Classic from the custom shop
  3. waterboy

    9mm 1911 for Competition Purposes?

    My Springfield RO has ran flawless for me. If you want to spend under $1k, I'd look into that. If you have a little more to spend, the Dan Wesson PM9 would be a great choice!
  4. waterboy

    Springfield Single Stack.... in the wild

    I have one of these coming my way too! Should be getting the call any day! Like you, I've wanted one of these for a long time!
  5. waterboy

    Svi trigger for Para Hi Cap

    Awesome thank you for the info! I'm running the MBX mags so I should be good to go there
  6. waterboy

    Svi trigger for Para Hi Cap

    I just picked up a Para Pro Custom in 40 and I'm starting to get it set up for limited. I have read a couple older posts on here about this topic, but never really found a good answer. So my question is, will an SVI trigger fit into a Para frame and work? If so, which one? Thanks, Tom
  7. waterboy

    Pro and Cons of shooting minor PF in SS

    Having shot primarily SS for the last year and a half, I will tell you major vs minor is very match dependent. There are matches like the Single Stack Classic and Battle in the Bluegrass that will usually favor major, but I have found that quite a few area and sectional matches you would be better off with the extra 2 rounds. Now of course that also depends on your accuracy, but if I can save a reload on about half of the stages shooting minor, that's the route I will go. I actually won the WI Sectional this year shooting minor SS, and it proved to be the best choice for that match. Also most of the local matches around me favor minor most of the time. Again it is very match dependent. If nothing else, a 9mm 1911 is fun as heck to shoot, and I use it a lot for cheaper practice. Hope that helps
  8. waterboy

    Worn out XDm

    Right now Springfield custom shop is offering very few services for customer guns as they are trying to catch up on their full custom guns. Hopefully they will bring back all the services for customer guns soon
  9. waterboy

    What guide rod are you using?

    In my main 5.25 I'm using a canyon creek tungsten guide rod. In my back up gun is a tungsten insert from springer precision. Only reason they both don't have a canyon creek guide rod is Rich didn't have any available when I set up my back up gun
  10. I might have what you are looking for in 45 acp....text me tomorrow I can send you pics of what I have.  I have a Springfield custom 1911 won by dave sevigny when he won SS nats.  gun is built by Jason Chambliss...sent it back and it was completely worked over by Jason after about 3000 rounds fired.  He had gun refit...new extractor..and refinished...weld on front trigger guard on front broke.  I am sponsored by Wilson Combat and really cant shoot the gun any longer....I would like to play around with a 40 SS for future use.  Text me at 575 202 4136

    1. waterboy


      Sounds good Pat. I will text you in the morning.

  11. waterboy

    Magnum small pistol primers for 929

    Awesome, thank you sir! I will give them a try. I assume they are just as soft as the regular small pistol primers?
  12. Hello everyone, I recently bought a 929 to replace my 627 pro. I have tuned up the action, but I want to get the trigger pull a little lighter. It's as light as I can go with winchester primers. Since I can't find federal anywhere, what are your thoughts on using federal small pistol magnums, as I have a bunch of those? Im using N320 with a .358 160 grain coated bullet. Thanks for any advice, Tom
  13. waterboy

    Removing Black Nitride

    I have a 1911 that I'm going to do some work on, but it has black nitride finish on it. What is the best way to remove this finish? I tried calling H&M Metal processing to ask them but I could never get an answer? Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks, Tom
  14. waterboy

    Svi trigger color change

    Don I will be getting a hold of you once my grips come in to see if you can match up the color
  15. waterboy

    Svi trigger color change

    Thank you for the replies. I have a spare trigger insert I might try the dykem pen on while I search for someone that does anodizing. Thanks again!