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  1. I've got a 6.5 Creedmoor and and I can draw faces with it at 100 yards. It's incredibly accurate and quite enjoyable to shoot.
  2. After months of too much research I decided to take a chance with the Grand Power X-Calibur and here are my impressions from my first time out. This gun is a way better shooter than I am. It's accuracy is the best I've shot outside of a Colt Gold Cup that had hours of smith work to it. It feels really comfortable to pick up targets in transition. The sight is not as good as the X-5 but still very impressive. The backstraps allow for my big hands to have a nice beefy grip to hold onto. That trigger is crisp and smooth and one of the most impressive pulls I've experienced out of the box. I still need to strap it in and sight it in because it was shooting consistently high left but overall I was incredibly impressed. I put around 200 rounds through it last night and I only stopped there because I didn't bring any more ammo. The thing I thought was most impressive was that I was able to go through the pie rack multiple times without missing and as someone new to transition pistol shooting that was a major thing for me. I'm excited to get a few thousand rounds behind this gun.
  3. It’s between that gun and the dog p320x5 right now. I’m glad to know I can get the base shadow still. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. That's what I've been picking up about it so far. Thanks for the feedback. Good to know.
  5. I did a search through the forum and was unable to find anything. Does anyone own both of these or has anyone switched from one to the other. There's obviously a ton of literature out there on the 34 but I'm interested in knowing how these two compare to each other for out of the box production shooting value.
  6. I've got a podcast that I recently started called Big Beard's Bullets and Barbecue. Still working on the format. I think it's going to become more storytelling focus stories like Lincoln shooting in the back yard of the white house or stories of the m1911 clearing Medal of Honor recipient. Also there's a recipe on the second half of the podcast since I'm a food blogger too.
  7. Brother a fellow tall and fat man! I'm 6'5 with a 32 in inseam. 5xlt and 4xlt are my life. I can carry OWB and IWB at 3 and 4 without issue. I'm going to go ahead and pick up that belt. Thanks for the input and information man.
  8. I'm fat. Just leading with that. Any suggestions for fat people gear (belts, holster set ups, etc)? I'm trying to set up my rig but it's not an easy task. Lots of daunting options when you don't know anything about the sport and don't really have anyone to get the information from.
  9. I've been researching which gun to go with for my first production gun for the last month or so. I've gotten the opportunity to put my hands on the Shadow II, the Q5, the Canik and the Glock 34 but the p320 never came across my radar until this weekend when I went to a shop who suggested I check it out. I have large hands and I've not felt a pistol that fit in them as well as this gun (other than the FN FiveseveN). I've read some negative things about the trigger but from everything I've read it is fixable. I'm just curious if I'm missing some key review or flaw that made it so this didn't come across my radar sooner.
  10. I'm honestly trying to get one now that I'm not going want to trade out within 6 months of shooting which is how I feel about going with the Glock or the M&P. Xcal is probably going to be my choice but next weekend I'll know for sure when I get a chance to watch a competition and shoot the steel without having to join into the competition.
  11. If I'm not ready to spend the extra 500 dollars on the shadow would the CZ-75 Sp-01 Tactical be a good starter gun for a newbie in production? Or am I overthinking this picking the pistol? It's about 150 less than the Grand Power X-Calibur and about 100 less than the Q5.
  12. Match fees where I'll be shooting mainly are discounted on my membership and the ammo cost isn't a worry because I'll have dealer discounts. Once I get to where I'll be traveling outside of my area it'll be a different story but I have two ranges near me one which is peacemaker national training center so the traveling portion won't be coming up for a while.
  13. The add on after is not the worry. Parts andMags and a holster won’t looks as bad as a new gun to her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for that info. I've never fretted this much over a gun purchase but it seems like this will be my last "big" purchase for a good while. Wife wants to start saving for having a kid so this gun will be my last big purchase for the foreseeable future.
  15. Well it seems like it's between the Grand Power and Glock 34. Still not sure on the CZ because of the price. I'm really pulled the Grand Power and I can get one for around 650. I'm thinking I might be on that route. Though I might just give up against my Glock distaste and go down that road.
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