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  1. A friend of mine just purchased a Glock 40 (10mm) to use as a pig gun. The slide is already milled for a carry optic. Which optic will work best for him?
  2. Oil before every use. Bore snake and finger clean before matches. Full cleaning every 5k.
  3. First, thanks for the awesome post on the eocr for PW autodrive, I just disconnected mine last week b/c of the jams.  Found this on ebay.  It is a slightly different model, do you think will it work?  I like that it is new.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/121362941117?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT


    Thanks in advance for the help.  Landis


  4. The same thing started happening to me about 6 weeks ago. I ran the free version of AdAware from Lavasoft the popups stopped.
  5. About 3 years ago my dad started passing blood. A battery of tests revealed that he had colon cancer. They removed 12" of his colon. Fortunately they sewed him up and the plumbing started working again (no bag). Then he started chemo. After a couple of months his digestive system shut down...a C.dif infection (from chemo). He came closer to dying from that than the surgery. Thankfully he's been cancer free for a few years now He had not had conlonoscpy in 12 years. Regular checkups would have found a little polyp that would have been removed long before it became cancerous. They scope
  6. +1 the bench may need a little more support, (from the pics) veritcal. lynn Ohhh...what you can't see is that the bench is 2 pieces of 3/4 plywood that are glued then screwed together...then faced on the the front. It is supported on 3 sides...the right side is about 6" short, but the thickness of the bench keeps it rock solid. I could tap dance on there...if the damned presses weren't in the way! Thanks for looking! It is a work in progress and I'm always looking for new ideas. Landis
  7. My wife finally relented and let me use a closet as my loading room. Now both the 1050 and the 650 are installed on the bench. Compressed air piped in from the garage. Shop vac (w/ filter bag) mounted on the other side of the wall in the attaic. Suction is piped through wall and switched above the bench. Covered the carpet with plastic and then put plywood on top...screwed through into the subfloor beneath. Left side has plenty of storage. Number-pad key lock for quick access. Tall drafting chair. Added an a/c duct. 4-bulb flourescent lighting Dillon Vib-primer is wall sw
  8. Ditto your remarks D. This classifier tests our basic skills, draw, reload, and trigger speed. It's easy for me to say...I shot it well (for a B-class guy) 7.41s w/ 98 points. I had been dry firing consistently for a few weeks before shooting it. I really didn't try real hard, just smooth. Afterwards a masters level friend said that I had sure shot it well. Practice had paid off. Everyone has different skills to bring to a match. I move slow and have slow eyes, but have a good draw and reloads. I'm glad there's classifiers like this that practice basic skills other than sniper shooti
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