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  1. sidnal

    Carry Optic

    A friend of mine just purchased a Glock 40 (10mm) to use as a pig gun. The slide is already milled for a carry optic. Which optic will work best for him?
  2. Oil before every use. Bore snake and finger clean before matches. Full cleaning every 5k.
  3. First, thanks for the awesome post on the eocr for PW autodrive, I just disconnected mine last week b/c of the jams.  Found this on ebay.  It is a slightly different model, do you think will it work?  I like that it is new.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/121362941117?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT


    Thanks in advance for the help.  Landis


  4. I've had 3. 2 were on a 650 and I was cranking on the lever too hard with crimped primer pockets. The other was today on my 1050. A primer didn't decap. When it tried to seat a primer on the spent cap about 30 primers blew. Wow, that was loud! I use an auto drive and didn't feel it bind. I was glad to have on eyes and ears!
  5. I really want one for rifle loads but couldn't justify one for pistol only. +1 for having a separate power measure for each load and the uniquetek powderbar. Have several of each.
  6. First let me say that the EGW gauges are excellent but I have noted some variation in their specs. I have a 4-guage (9, 38, 40 45) and a 50rd 9mm. I load a lot of 9mm open. The tolerances in the 50 rd are a little than the other one. About 3 in 50 fail but all 3 of those gauge fine in the other one. Most importantly, ALL of them end up shooting fine in my STI. I started using EGW several years ago when I had a serious problem with a different .40 gauge. All of the round gauged fine but 3 in 100 didn't chamber so it really screwed me in a major match. I wish the 50 rd EGW was a little looser but I have confidence that every round that passes will work at a match. Hope that contacting EGW works out well.
  7. Welcome to the forum from another Texas shooter. We'll see you at a match one of these days.
  8. sidnal

    Slide Broken

    I had one crack from the back of the ejection port across the top of the slide. STI warranted it, they were very helpful.
  9. Welcome to the forum Donald, glad to meet another fellow Houstonian on the forum. Houston is part of Texas South Section which is part of USPSA Area 4. You can access our website here: http://www.texassouthsection.com . It isn't updated regularly but the calendar lists most of the matches in our area. There are a couple of other clubs who aren't affiliated with TSS that have great matches you should consider too: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AREA-59/603425496400709 http://www.kidlatshooters.com/KIDLAT/Join.html You can shoot matches here every weekend if the weather allows. The BE forums are the best source of information for USPSA competition. Some research will help you figure out the gear you need and help you decide which gun to shoot. You'll find the forum members very helpful if you post questions. Good luck and we'll see you at the range.
  10. Shoot the gun you love the most and you'll learn faster.
  11. I have a pair of electronics from http://www.espamerica.com I purchased the certificate from someone who got it off of the Area 2 prize table in 2006. THANKS ESP FOR CONTRIBUTING TO OUR SPORT! They have functioned flawlessly for over 7 years and I'll pony up for another set if these ever wear out. Mine are the cheapest analog version that were available in 2007. They are great for shooting rifle, shotgun, limited or production but I double plug for open. They are comfortable so I put them in morning and wear them until I get back to the car. The analog work well but I do get some additional noise from crunching of gravel or wind. I'll buy the digital version next time.
  12. B. Natural talent count for at least a class.
  13. Had my Dillon for 8 years and counting!
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