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  1. I will do $125 shipped to NC if interested.

  2. Hey all, I just got an Accu Shadow, and it looks great. But I’m also missing my Stock II I used to have. The grip on the Accu is thinner than I like. Im wondering what the experts say on my dilemma. Can a Stock II ever reach the potential of the Accu Shadow in accuracy, or more importantly, trigger feel? If it’s close, any thoughts what minimum upgrades to a new Stock II to get near that level?? Thanks for any insight!!
  3. Hello Sir,


    Just want to ask regarding to the trigger spring for the Q5 that you got from Home Depot. Just any home depot sells it? Anything special ones I should look for ?

    1. akeefer


      It’s the box of random springs they sell for $5 or so at almost every Home Depot. You don’t happen to want a deal on the Apex Trigger and the springs from me??

    2. hyasuma


      Thanks for the response, for some reason i didn't get a notification. Unfortunately right now I'm keeping everything stock for competition and not looking for triggers. Thanks for the offer. 

  4. I will take the Deltapoint pro. Send me your pay Pal info.




    John Elliott


    1. Johnelliott


      Do you still have it?

    2. akeefer


      Sold, as the thread says.

  5. Well, I see that, but that’s not it. It is fully hard chrome finish, same as Stock I/II. Another strange thing is the font “LIMITED CUSTOM” are the same size, something I haven’t seen online. So anyway, not really sure.
  6. Hey all, At my favorite LGS, they received a shipment from EAA. They got in a couple Limited's and a Stock II. But, one that I hadn't seen was a hard chromed Limited Custom 9mm. It looks similar to ones on the site, but this one has "LIMITED CUSTOM" stamped on the side. Haven't seen from any searching online. Is this just the current Limited model? It doesn't say "Xtreme" anywhere, so I doubt that. It was SA, has the magwell and is tapped for an optic. Price was right at $1k. Any info to this model? Thanks!
  7. Howwwwwwww lonnnnnng must we wait with all this tempting!!! Aghhhhhhh
  8. Ok! So the results! Used Berrys plated 100gr hollow base. Tried Titegroup and WST. Found that the plunk test is very important! My first loads were to 1.15" and those wouldn't even chamber. Crazy how short those bullets need loaded in this gun. Meanwhile, the ones loaded to 1.055" did work. Obviously at this OAL I stuck to the minimum powder charge to avoid pressure issues. I did two loads of each. Titegroup 3.5gr and 3.8gr, WST 3.1gr and 3.3gr. The results seem to be WST feels noticeably softer. All cycled the action with a 8lbs spring. But Titegroup was very much noticeably snappier. Not exactly what I was expecting. The charges with a step up from minimum did group better with very little change in felt recoil. So, it appears the winner is WST 3.3gr with this particular bullet. I've now gone out and gotten the 147gr and a 124gr to try as well as added a lbs of HP-38/W231 to try with that. Interested in seeing the recoil difference. Thanks!
  9. May want to add the belt size you need to the post.

  10. Hey all, I decided to do the plunk test today. I cannot get the brass to spin until I hit 1.055". Is this normal? Also, rounds won't drop when turned upside down till I get to about this level. I have seen some posts about reaming out the chambers on these guns but don't recall for sure. 1.055" seems to be below a lot of published minimum OAL numbers. Trying to figure out if this is normal or not normal. Or maybe I'm doing the plunk test wrong?? =( Thanks all!
  11. Hmmm. Looks interesting. Might consider trying this.
  12. I can't tell the difference between the SIII and the Limited. Had both. Just preference.
  13. Found good deal on 100gr copper. Gonna try something there
  14. Did some searching, finally figured out how to search decently, so it looks like people are using even 380 weight bullets over a fast powder. I assume that's the same common knowledge? Any good recipes for <115gr?
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