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  1. If you are located anywhere close to east coast, look up Tommy Guns. Jeff Abernathy builds some great guns.
  2. Thanks. I have a wide Nitro Fin on mine. So very similar.
  3. Thanks. Do you have a thumb rest/*thumb rest [generic]*, etc?
  4. I see a block out on your pic above on the right side of the gun. What did you use for this. I assume that this is for the hangar/connection system.
  5. Anybody know of makers (kydex) of open pistol holsters for 3-gun? Not a lot of folks do it since they are not as many shooters in division. Thanks
  6. donno

    New Open Gun

    Check out Tommy Guns USA also. Jeff does amazing work and usually has a quick turn-a-round. You buy the parts and he builds. He will send you build sheets of what he recommends on quality parts but he will build anything you want.
  7. I don't have any experience with the Panzer but I do have with the Lynx. It's a solid gun for the money. I also have, and tested the Cheetah, a similar and earlier version. Both run about 95% out of the box. One of my sponsors is Carolina Shooters Supply and they carry a lot of aftermarket parts for them. If you have any questions, let me know. Also, If you are interested, PM me and I can hook you up with a discount code.
  8. Not during a match. If it is a multi-day match, I will run a new bead of oil on each night and let it go. Every time a mag hits ground it gets a brushing.
  9. Cheely 4 port comp. 9 minor dedicated for 3 gun. Runs very flat with about 137 pf
  10. If you want a new gun, check out Tommygunsusa.com. He is in Charlotte NC area. You buy all the parts and send to him. Jeff will send you a list of parts and you order from folks at speed shooters or shooters connection, etc. One thing I can attest to is his guns run. Also, the BE forums here have are a great place to pick up a deal.
  11. Slugs at 50 yds. I use Federal Tru-ball @ 1300fps. Know the ballistics at 100yds. Probably about 3" diff. If slugs are on, the bird shot should be close.
  12. donno

    STI mags

    My 38 super all I use is the STI's and all are very reliable, thats why I am thinking about staying with them for my 9 shorty being built. Thanks guys
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