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  1. donno

    Benelli open vs Dissident Arms

    Agree with all of the above. I started shooting open in over winter. Never could get a stock vepr to run 100% no matter the ammo. Sent to Dissident for a competition tune and everything is great. If you send to them, be sure to get mags tuned while they have the gun. I thinks that’s over half the battle with box fed guns. If the mag isn’t tuned for perfect round presentation, you are gonna have issues. Use quality ammo, AA, Fed gold, Rio Gold 1280's work great in mine.
  2. donno

    Sig sauer 1911 stx

    Shot many thousand rounds thru my sig 1911. I think for the money, best off the shelf 1911 out there.
  3. donno

    tec loaders for open

    yeah. I have seen those but I think the old polymer ones are a little more user friendly. I may have found some old new stock.
  4. Does anybody happen to know where the old tec loaders for open shotties can be found? If not, does anybody care to share a couple of dimensions to make replacements? thanks
  5. Would you take 125 for the frame?




  6. donno

    2017 Remmy P16?

    Kinda sorta. They are going to come in 9 and 40 in the spring. Its the same slide Travis has used in the past. The ones I handled at SHOT had a few different stock parts, trigger, slide release, etc.
  7. donno

    Who sells a square trigger guard 1911 frame?

    I ended up cutting and welding my own. I tried the heating and stretching but couldn't get desired result.
  8. donno

    1911 in 9mm

    I have a couple of Springfield's in 9. Both will eat anything and are tack drivers. I purchased both used for around 700. Got my smith to do trigger jobs on both and ran thousands thru them with no issues.
  9. donno

    How to beat the heat?

    Simple. Stay at home on couch and drink copious amounts of beer! In all seriousness, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  10. donno

    Tanfo open mags

    Where is the best place to buy 170mm mags for Tanfo open guns. Somewhat hard to find and pricey. (I know open is pricey). A while back they could be had for half of what they are now. Import issues? Thanks Donno
  11. I see that Rich at Canyon Creek is not taking in new work. Need someone to do a couple more square trigger guards on 1911's. Any recommendations.
  12. donno

    Springfield 1911 9mm

    From WWB to handloads. 147-Rainier, 3.2TG, 1.14". Shoot same ammo in 3 different guns get 2"-4".
  13. donno

    Springfield 1911 9mm

    Springfield 1911 9mm Anybody with a SA 1911 9mm have any trouble with getting it to group? I have one that is super reliable, it will feed and cycle any and all ammo with all my mags. The problem is keeping them on paper at 25 yards. I have had groups as bad as 9”-10” from a sand bag. For a double check, I have pulled out other 1911’s I have and shot from same bag and get 3”-4” all day long. What’s the remedy? Match grade barrel, bushing? Thanks Donno
  14. If a few folks wanted to order up batch of shooting jerseys, where would they look. I am aware of Animal Customs. We dont have any problems with them however we would like to shop around and see whats out there. Thanks Don
  15. donno

    1911 Frame & Slide supplier

    From those of you that have done so, how much could one save from building a good quality 1911? Beside the satisfaction of building it yourself. Also, anyone care to share your build sheets if you have them? Thanks Donno