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  1. Check out ammobrass.com. I buy all my processed brass from him and almost never have any to kick out.
  2. My cases from PD took almost 3 weeks. Not complaining though
  3. I have had a 550, 650 and a LNL. I prefer the LNL to both Dillons I've had, I am one of the few that finds the Hornady smoother and easier to set up. The switch over between calibers is just as easy on the LNL as it was on the 650. The primer system on the LNL is way better than the 650 as far as I'm concerned. Much simpler design and no wasted primers. The powder drop seem to be about the same on both as far as consistency. Maybe a slight edge to the LNL. I have never used the Dillon warranty but you cant beat it if needed.
  4. My .02 cents- I am an open 3 gun shooter. I have use vortex and C-more RTS. Vortex- rifle and shotgun. I really like them both but had a couple of issues with Vortex's but like the warranty says, for life. They fixed the problems and returned to me the same week. Hard to beat the customer service at Vortex. My 9 open I use the RTS and have not had any issues at all, even throwing in dump bucket pretty harshly, but only have about 5-6k rounds on it. My 38 super I use the original C-more. My opinion this is the best optic made for a handgun, you cant get a better field of view than the big circle. If I could tune a 9 open gun for a top mount C-more to be 100% reliable I would use nothing but C-mores.
  5. I grab just below the belt for a 20 or 12 rounders. I have the clip located on the mag about 1/3 from bottom so at least I have over half of mag below bottom of hand when inserting. Not a big deal on the 12 but on the 20's it helps with balance.
  6. I shoot right handed. If I carry on my left side I carry mags with brass front. I want to grab mag with left hand, pull straight up and turn left hand fingers rear to fingers front and slam mag in place.
  7. I will throw out a vote to try Power Pistol. I have used in 9 major and minor and it produces a lot of gas. If you shoot a lot indoors you will want to double plug ears!
  8. I use Power Pistol for 9 minor -hot (145-150 pf) and 9 major. I really like it. Produces a lot of gas.
  9. I use the JP recoil eliminator in open 3 gun. I works very good.
  10. I use a custom made kydex on an ELS on back of belt. Usually place a full 12 of bird in that mag and use dissident hooks on 10,12 or 20's off each side or front of belt. The hanging hooks seem to be the fastest to on reloads. The 12 on back is usually reserved for emergencies or oops.
  11. Back when I shot IDPA SSR, I used a Fobus for my 686. It was very good fit and came out quickly.
  12. You may want to look at a circle dot sight. I have been running a venom for the last couple of years but will be trying out a circle dot this year. I am a little slower on stationary clays than I would like to be. my thinking is a circle dot will give me a point of reference (edge of circle) when dragging across the clay and still have the dot for more precise targets.
  13. I sold my 650 a few years ago for some of the same reasons. I wasn't shooting as much and thought I could buy what I needed. I did but found that reloading helped me to shoot more for the same price. Fast forward to last year. I purchased a LnL and had to rebuy a lot of "stuff" I had forgotten about and it was a lot. Keep it if you think you will ever have the itch to start reloading again.
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