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  1. Not during a match. If it is a multi-day match, I will run a new bead of oil on each night and let it go. Every time a mag hits ground it gets a brushing.
  2. Cheely 4 port comp. 9 minor dedicated for 3 gun. Runs very flat with about 137 pf
  3. If you want a new gun, check out Tommygunsusa.com. He is in Charlotte NC area. You buy all the parts and send to him. Jeff will send you a list of parts and you order from folks at speed shooters or shooters connection, etc. One thing I can attest to is his guns run. Also, the BE forums here have are a great place to pick up a deal.
  4. Slugs at 50 yds. I use Federal Tru-ball @ 1300fps. Know the ballistics at 100yds. Probably about 3" diff. If slugs are on, the bird shot should be close.
  5. donno

    STI mags

    My 38 super all I use is the STI's and all are very reliable, thats why I am thinking about staying with them for my 9 shorty being built. Thanks guys
  6. donno

    STI mags

    Any pro's and con's for the new gen of STI mags? 9mm with spacers for older ones or new style with out?
  7. One of the best 1911/2011 smiths in the country is right in your home state. Jeff Abernathy at Tommy Guns USA. He is located in Mt Holly, NC. He has touched in some form all my 1911/2011's. You will not be disappointed.
  8. I picked up the Safariland bag a few months ago and I love it. Its a great bag with a lot of storage.
  9. Federal Truball 1oz. at 1300fps work great in mine.
  10. If I had the extra coin, I would go with the KL version. The biggest reason is the adjustable chokes. The left side charging handle is nice but not required. If just getting into open, like I did this year, I would recommend the CL to see if its for you. Also, the mags make the gun and they are not cheap to get a properly tuned one.
  11. I have a Vepr tuned by Dissident Arms. I have not had any issues with the gun, it will run faster than I can run it. As mentioned earlier, mags and ammo are a couple of keys to reliability. Dissident tuned mags are a must as far as I’m concerned. I have tuned a couple myself and they are about 90%. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft they do to the mags but they are solid and 100% reliability. Also, I don’t use “cheap” ammo. All I use is Rio or AA’s. The hulls are the thickest around and hold shape better than most. The comp runs best with a minimum of 1250’s, I prefer 1300’s as the comp works better so no change in recoil impulse. Don’t forget that keeping ammo cool helps with hot weather shooting. I keep a cooler with me and keep the rounds chilled but dry at all matches. Maybe overkill but 90 degree + heat will change the shape of most hulls. The customer service from Mike and Lan is great. They will call you back personally and talk about any issues you may have.
  12. Agree with all of the above. I started shooting open in over winter. Never could get a stock vepr to run 100% no matter the ammo. Sent to Dissident for a competition tune and everything is great. If you send to them, be sure to get mags tuned while they have the gun. I thinks that’s over half the battle with box fed guns. If the mag isn’t tuned for perfect round presentation, you are gonna have issues. Use quality ammo, AA, Fed gold, Rio Gold 1280's work great in mine.
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