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  1. I would first take a look at the type of 3 gun matches you shoot or are in your area. If you are going to shoot mostly local bay type matches, you may want a shorter/lighter rifle than one you use for open terrain long range style matches. If you are going to shoot both, you may want one that compliments both style of matches. For bays 14.5" or 16" rifle with red dot vs. 16" or 18" with a LPVO. Whatever you go with spend the money where it counts: trigger, recoil system (adjustable gas, SCS, rifle length gas, etc.) Remember, you don't have to break the bank with high end name brand rifles. The upper and lower are only containers to put the good stuff inside of. Probably 99.9% of all rifle uppers/lowers are just fine right of the shelf. Also, you will be throwing this thing in muddy dump buckets, hitting tables, going prone in dirt, etc. It will will get beat up.
  2. Another vote for Holosun. I have it on my Vepr and it is great. Sold my last Vortex dot when it came back from warranty repair.
  3. Me three. I'm getting low on AA7 for 38 S and also 9 major. I have seen good things out of Major Pistol for 9 too.
  4. As you can see the general consensus is ELS. I have started with a off brand belt years ago and after the 1st year changed to Safariland/ELS. Its like lego's, too many options to list out. Also, since the majority of other 3-gun shooters use the same, its easy to borrow gear/attachments if your goes down or breaks. Enjoy open divsion, 3 times the fun and 3 times the cost!
  5. I can tell you that an 18" rifle vs. 16" interm. gas "feels" softer to shoot. The recoil to me on an 18" seems to be a"longer" push and not as short/snappy as 16". Now saying all this, a 223 has very little recoil anyway so its kinda subjective. I have a few sbr's and they is noticeable more snap to them but they are 10-12" also.
  6. I use the Nitro Fin by shooting sports innovation. The position of them are perfect for me.
  7. September 23-26, 2021 Microtech Pro-Am 3 Gun Championship at the Clinton House.
  8. I like Power pistol, AA7 and HS-6. AA7 to me meters as good as anything on the market. Also, I use it for 38 super.
  9. If your serious about buying a builders kit..... I may know someone. Let me know.
  10. If it comes from Dissident, count on it running 100% with proper ammo. The VR80's I've seen are about 85% most of the time. There are a few that run close to 95%+ the time but they are few.
  11. They test 1200fps before shipping out. Anything less I don't think they would recommend. Typically, most everyone uses 1250's. With the great comp on them you dont have to shoot low recoil. My go to load is AA 1300fps.
  12. Call Matt Lucroy at Ammobrassllc.
  13. donno


    FWIW-Below are one of my sets of results for my long range load. I usually test 5 sets of 5 (not sure why 4 here) and this is the avg. of the sets. This 24.0gr of 335 with a Hornady 75 BTHP. The Hornady Black, which is an accurate round in my rifles, had a SD of around 23. I'm sure my 55gr burner rounds have a higher SD as I pump them out at a much quicker rate. Bullet Weight(gr): 75.00 Temp: 49 °F BP: 1019.46 inHg Altitude: 500.00 # FPS FT-LBS PF 4 2734 1245.01 205.05 3 2738 1248.66 205.35 2 2728 1239.55 204.60 1 2754 1263.29 206.55 Average: 2738.5 FPS SD: 11.1 FPS Min: 2728 FPS Max: 2754 FPS Spread: 26 FPS Shot/sec: 0.4 True MV: 2741 FPS Group Size (in): 0.00
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