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  1. That’s a good idea. I tried the offset mount as well. It actually placed the dot too far to the left. To get everything properly aligned, my face was barely touching the stock. Not having a firm cheekweld slowed things down a bit. Also, I tend to cant the rifle counter clockwise to about 10 o’clock. With the offset that action actually lowered the cmore in relation to my eyes, the opposite to what I wanted. I ended up just drilling out the offset and using it like a conventional spacer plate.
  2. Muzzle up makes more sense, if I carry a rifle muzzle down I sweep myself every step. Go from your cart to muzzle up and sweep no one. CAS has a great safety record. So I’d say those guys have good advice. But hey. Have fun and don’t point your rifle at anyone.
  3. The extra weight was a plus for me. Although I didn’t end up keeping the fang, when I went to the A2 length buffer I decided to make a spacer and about $2 worth of quarters to keep the carbine length buffer set up I have as it is tuned just how I like it. That was a fair amount of weight at the butt end of the rifle. As a result the center of gravity is at the front of the trigger now and I really love the feel. So to the fang adding weight, perhaps you will like it.
  4. I tried it. It it only works with the new magpul Ctr stock. Wouldn’t work with fixed carbine stock. Returned it. Instead went with with an ace skeleton stock. Gave me the solid feeling I wanted in a longer A2 length of pull. That gave me the ergonomic changes I was looking for.
  5. Well if you are a fireman, then get out your file and make it work!
  6. I took the plastic cmores off my open guns and put them on PCCs they continue to run without issue. I always am amused by the click models being more expensive. The non click is infinitely adjustable, in a parallel universe that would be the more expensive option?
  7. Was news to me, sorry I don’t get out much anymore though. I never could tell tell much difference in my open guns between holes or no holes other than the choo choo train effect on video afterwards.
  8. If you put holes in the barrel you’d have to open up the top of the handguard. Anything in the way of the ejected gas would act like a thrust reverser. Actually giving you more rise. I guess if if you are just doing a naked barrel or a no handguard shroud it could work.
  9. I love flip and catch threads! As a recent sell out, I mean convert to PCC I've taken great pleasure in developing the perfect flip and catch for my rifle when shooting handgun matches. Most of the time I bounce the ejected round off my chest before catching. Time spent practicing fundementals is so provincial? Seriously, to the OP, good on ya! as a regular competitor im sure you are neither sweeping yourself nor breaking the 180. The debates about slow rack into hand over ejection port, vs forceful slide rack are essentially trench warfare. Happy shooting Amigos!
  10. Nice work amigo. wish you luck in the legislative sewer you have to work with there.
  11. No easy answers. We just need to remind all shooters that this is a voulenteer game that only happens if we all own the match. Stage design, set up, ROing and tear down. The big Dicks at local matches would be well served to brief everyone at the start of the match.... "Do not leave until you tear down your final stage" and those who ignore this, well that's up to the rest of us to apply some peer pressure. Easy to say and hard to do, but let's support the guys who sit in the swealtering heat, locking up gates and uploading scores. Leadership from the tailboard amigos!
  12. I thought in kali you were "go to jail" limited to 10 rounds?
  13. So I was a huge opponent to PCC. Ive since realized I was a bit off base. I have a PCC built on a RRA conversion. It is a great rifle, it has run flawless. I don't think a dedicated lower is compulsory, part of the joy of PCC is starting over. Just shoot and have fun amigo!
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