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  1. Ever consider a low profile magwell? Taylor freelance also makes a nice grip insert. Its extended but adds some weight and looks great.
  2. I use a 13lb flat coil spring with a steel captured guide rod. Works great, recoil is soft and slide functions perfect. The spring weight works great for my production minor loads.
  3. DK customs trigger kit is by far the lightest, shortest, and reliable trigger I've felt. Highly recommended.
  4. I also use for production minor 147 gr RN xtreme with 3.2 gr titegroup. Makes 130 pf no problem. Great accuracy and low recoil.
  5. 124 gr RN xtreme bullet with 3.5 gr of tire group. Very accurate and shoft shooting load. Great for plates.
  6. I had a Burris for a long time and it worked great. Only complaint was that the dot was not as bright as other sights I've seen. But it did very well for me until I decided to go to a Cmore.
  7. I know some open shooters that use it often and never change their load whether they are shooting in the hot summer months or cold winters.
  8. My correction I misread the VV number. My apologies.
  9. Titegroup is much faster burning powder compared to VV which burns slower and would be great for a comp on an open gun.
  10. They will work with the long OAL, I wouldn't be concerned.
  11. Comp tax. Great adjustment for draw and fits perfectly. Highly recommended. Also looks great!
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