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  1. If you 'YouTube' ball detents you'll find a bunch of ideas. I'm assuming you would want to fit one from the bottom side only. (as oppose to counter boring and adding a grub screw from the top). In this case you'd drill your hole and peen the rim once the spring and ball in it place. (pretty simple) Hope this helps
  2. schaet

    80% frame?

    Right now the biggest battle you're going to have is the lead times. With everything that's going on nothing seems to be staying on the shelf per se'. With that said; here's my 2 cents: 100% Frames I've used the CK Arms frames for a few of my builds. I believe The 'C' is Matt Cheely if I'm not mistaken. The frames are very nice and there's a couple details that are added that you wouldn't really know about until you built the gun. I have also built using the Cheely frame and as expected the quality is top notch. Personally I would stay away from the STI frames. My personnel open gun I built on an STI frame (it was what was readily available at the time) and it's fine, but from the builders perspective I have to do more 'massaging' to get it the way I wanted it to be. (a lot of what I an speaking to is form and fit type work) I am going to start a build on a Limcat frame in the near future (owners choice), however I can't speak to the quality as this point, but going by the open guns that I have worked on, they are very nice. We'll see when it comes down to fitting etc. Others that are out there but I have never used: Jem Guns Phoenix Trinity (I'm pretty sure Altas used to use their frames) 80% Frames The only 80% That I have every worked with was from Limited-10; who are now Rogue tactical. The dimensions seem to be within spec, however I did get a frame that is out of spec a bit and causing me grief fitting a steel grip. It's a personnel build so I'm not sweating it. Overall experience with L10 (before Rogue-No experience yet with them) was positive and easy. I would most likely order from them again. I'm almost positive they make them in-house and made to order. (I'm pretty sure I am going to order from them again soon) Currently I am waiting on a couple of frames from another company out of Arizona. I will say this: I ordered them on November 4th .. still not shipped and I am super frustrated. Communication has been so so and I never get a real answer; I'm just told soon. as of this writing they did send me a tracking number, however it's not even at FedEx to be shipped. So I have no idea what's going on. I left the name out because I don't want to start bad mouthing a company just yet. Times are pretty messed up, I get it, so I am being a little more forgiving these days. There is a company out there called Optimum manufacturing. It looks like they are job shop and have their own line of products. There stuff looks pretty good, but I don't know if they have a minimum quantity order. I'll probably reach out to them soon as they really peaked my interest. I can go on and on in regards to the parts etc. I will say this: You will enjoy building if you like to tinker etc. Have patience! Measure, measure and measure. It looks easy to build; but there are a lot of details that you need to pay attention to. Building and assembling are two completely different animals; don't confuse the two. Always use quality parts and you will have no regrets. There are tools you will need, but it sounds like you may have them already. If you go the 80% route you will need a mill, I guess that's obvious, however Matrix Precision sells a jig of sorts to cut the rails and drill I think the sear and hammer pin holes. To get a good look at this jig in action checkout Mosin Virus on YouTube. He has a nice series where he uses these jigs and walks you through a build he is doing. I hope this helps. I'm sure more seasoned builders than me will chime in. Good luck with the build. fell free to ask questions if need be. I'll do my best to answer them.
  3. I'm assuming this is a new issue after thousands of rounds through it with no issues? Generally speaking if the above statement was true, the first thing I'd look at is what has changed if anything. This can be anything; mags, mag components, new safety etc. If nothing has changed and this is out of the blue then I'd start looking at parts that can wear. Number one that I think of is possibly the barrel link pin is worn? Just my 2¢ Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. Put of curiosity has Infinity seen this report? I just bought 2 barrels from them (9 and 38). I'm wondering what they say?
  5. Now if only I could shoot that fast in a match!!
  6. WOW, that's a pretty catastrophic failure. Fortunately I have not had this happen, but I do use both Infinity and Schuemann barrels So many questions; 1. What caliber? 38sc? 2. What was your load? 3. How's your hand!? 4. Was this from a squib with a followup round or just a single round failure? 5. How many rounds through it? I hope you're OK!
  7. I use the Binary Engine 3 port on my open gun. It took a little work, but I have a load dialed in that works for me. I like it.
  8. This looks like it may be for a Cheely E2 grip? Going by the recess cut in the front.
  9. DAA makes an adjustable one that you can position in just about any configuration. (not 100% sure about completely flat) I assume that you can mount it over a red dot mount, but can't confirm as I am a lefty
  10. I know these are typical questions and I'm assuming that you most likely investigated them, but I'll ask anyway in case you missed one: 1. Have you mic'd the lips? From being dropped they may have closed a bit. 2. Is there any residue stuck on the inside of the mag body? possibly from case lube etc. Could be dragging the follower. 3. Have you tried someone else's mags that work for them? If possible you can do a stare and compare to a know working mag. Things don't break unless something is changed. From what you said in your post it doesn't seem you changed anything. The above is the only thing I can thing of that would change involuntarily and without your knowledge. Oh, another thing you may want to try is to bend the front of the very first coil just below the follower up a bit. This theoretically would put more pressure on the leading edge of it bringing the nose up.
  11. I relentlessly tried to get STI Gen 2 (170's) mags to work in my open gun with no luck and a whole lot of aggravating matches. I finally broke down and bought a new MBX 170 and all my feeding problems went away. I have buddies that use the STI's (I think gen 2) and have no issues at all. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  12. dansedgli Interesting; What pads are you referring to?
  13. I'm not familiar with the Tanfo platform, but have you tried shaping the ejector with a bit of a chamfer to direct the brass out? (I know you said you have tried every angle, but was unsure if this is what you meant) Another place to look is possibly the extractor. Is it holding the brass tight and long enough? If it is worn it maybe losing it during extraction and therefore you're not getting a good ejection?
  14. I use their 124 FMJ's on top of 7.1 of n350 .. And actually just received another case. I like them. They seem to be consistent on the chrono and accurate. As far as the company goes; very easy to deal with and very responsive. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  15. Looks like I'm an oddball but I have had good success with the Brazos Pro Series. Albeit they needed some polishing up, but I'm breaking at sub-2# on the trigger. With that said I did recently did order the Infinity group to give it try.
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