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  1. schaet

    2011 trigger reset help

    On the trigger bow you should see a couple of small tabs that you can bend forward... With the top-end off you'll be able to get in there too small screwdriver and push them forward. This will shorten your trigger pull and shorten your reset. I can give you a better explanation when I get home and can provide you a picture of what I am talking about. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  2. How is it with an unloaded mag? I have mags that sit too high and cause similar symptoms. Did you change the mag release? Granted the mags I have issue with are only 10 rounders, but none the less my hi caps have no issue. I'm assuming that they worked fine when it was barreled for 9mm but it seems like something changed there other than the chamber reaming. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  3. schaet

    using HS 6 to make major PF

    8.4 HS6 124 Everglades concaved base FMJ 1.15 OAL Shuemann AET 1x24 twist Binary Engine comp Hitting ~175 PF .. shoots nice and flat. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  4. schaet

    Open Mags (9mm)- Need advice

    For the 140's I'm using STI gen 2's with TTI 7G basepads; no issues a tall. For 170's I was trying to get the STI gen 2's to work, but to no avail. I have tried different combination of followers and springs with them; TTI, Grams and even a mix of stock internals. I have since went the way of MBX and they are working flawlessly so far.
  5. schaet

    9mm only reloading

    Everything said is true and accurate, however take into consideration where this hobby/sport is going to take you? Sure, you'r at 5000/year .. probably mostly plinking or punching holes? Maybe a match here or there? However, as well all know, that can quickly turn into a lot more, but again it depends where you would like to go from here. Just for occasional shooting; factory makes the most sense. Thoughts of competitive shooting; I'd start to consider a press. Also if you're shooting competitively, the press isn't about saving money on ammo (albeit you will), it's about load development etc. At least for me it is. Personally I'd think long and hard about it and base a decision with taking in what the near future of your shooting looks like. Basically what I'm saying is this: if it were me and I was looking at getting into or more into competitive shooting I would consider a press and be keeping my eyes open for good deal on one. I've seen some really nice package deals in the BE classifieds especially for 9mm. If it was the right price I would grab it. like razorfish mentioned, they hold their value pretty good, so if you were to sell it you probably could get most if not all your money back. If you just want to shoot non-competitively, or occasional match, then factory is the quick and easy way. I've seen some good deals on cases of factory for almost as cheap as I reload for.
  6. schaet

    Home made Slide racker help

    You should have enough there to grab. When milling it's all about the feeds and speeds. So for the cutter and material you're using make sure you have that right. Also, there is no rush here so take small cuts!! I'm talking .001" maybe smaller (just to clarify here as well; I'm not a machinist by vocation. I'm hobby guy myself with experience) You may want to look into the dovetail cutter if you don't have it already (Brownells, EGW etc carry them) This will give you the correct angle and make life easier.
  7. schaet

    Home made Slide racker help

    So, a couple of things. I would first try to understand why your buddy can't mill it. But none the less if that's the case then so be it. Next, if you are going the hand filing method go slow! Try a test piece of stock first so you get the feel of it. It's going to be tedious but for me that's where the satisfaction is. I would also consider making a jig of sorts and have some dykem or markers on hand. Remember; it's easier to take material off than to put it back on! ? when you start to get closer to the size needed I usually would cut a little and test, cut a little and test and so on .. As far as how tight goes; you're not looking for an interference fitting, but you want it to be snug with either way you go: detent or set screw.
  8. schaet

    Home made Slide racker help

    hmmm, not sure why it would be difficult to cut the bolt. I would think you could mount the bolt in the vise with the end hanging off and run the dovetail cutter along it. (it would basically be cutting the bottom of the bolt to size.) The other option would be to file it by hand. Start with an aggressive file to get it roughly to size and then walk it in with finer files.
  9. schaet

    Atlas Trigger

    That's the setup I have on my open gun: E2 SS grip and an X-Line trigger. Fit with very little fiddling.
  10. schaet

    Home made Slide racker help

    Is there a slot already on your slide? If not that will be tricky to do with files. If you have to have it milled, then have whoever is milling it for you also cut the racker in as well. If the slide in already milled for one then get some files. the dovetail should be either 60 or 65 degrees I believe. As far as retaining it, A detent ball should be fine or a small set screw
  11. schaet

    Custom made earplugs

    I have a buddy that does them local to me as well as travels to the larger matches in the NE area. I would have to believe that there are folks out there doing the same? Maybe call around to the local shops or even the match directors?
  12. schaet

    Atlas Trigger

    I believe the would work as they are slightly larger and require some fitting for STI sized grips. (I fit two in my guns and had to open the slot width a bit.) Worse case; shoot an email over to Adam or give them a call. BTW, I love the triggers! I'm using the Convex ones, which apparently you can't get anymore.
  13. schaet

    140mm or 155mm mbx mags?

    No spacers needed. The new design (Gen2) is stamped 9mm, but according to Brazos website "You might find that the mags are stamped “9MM” but, rest assured, they are also used for 38 Super" Which to me makes perfect sense as dimensional they are the same as the ones with the spacer as well as the MBX's My guess, and it's only a guess, is that when they came out with the spacer version they were worried about OAL of the 9mm etc.. just a guess and I'm sure there's plenty on BE that knows better and can shed some light on that subject.
  14. schaet

    140mm or 155mm mbx mags?

    I went through the same conundrum just a few weeks ago. Couldn't decide and my thought process was the same as you on the 155; it will reload like a 140 but add a couple more rounds. What I finally decided on was to buy a MBX 170 (was tortured by my STI 170 trying to get it to run reliably) and use the TTI 7G base pads on the 140. I can get an extra round, sometime 2 with this setup. So what brought me to this was this thought process: If it's a long stage with 30+ count I will need a reload anyway, and the reload is going to be deep enough in the stage where I will only need a few extra rounds, maybe 5 -8 targets (10-16 rounds barring make up shots) A 140 will more than cover this. I honestly don't think I have ever needed to reload to a 170 for the extra 29 rounds. The key here for my was the MBX 170. Right out of the package it has been 100% reliable. So that's my starting mag. Before getting it, I was thinking 155 to get me deep enough in the stage. I think it's all a matter of preference and how you run your COF and where your mag change will be etc.
  15. schaet

    Indoor USPSA matches

    We are fortunate enough to have two separate rooms/ranges where we can run 2 squads simultaneously. The Match Director gets there early and sets both up with fairly technical COF's (mazes of barriers etc.) and then after each squad shoots them we will switch it up to 2 quick speedy stages; ALA classifiers.