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  1. Anyone have any experience with these good or bad?
  2. Awesome. Thanks for the info.
  3. I shoot a open STI DVC in 9mm. I"ve shot 6-7 thousand rounds through it in the past year with cheap range brass. No problems. A guy I shoot with says I shouldn't shoot them. I should buy new 9mm brass. Head case separation? Should I be worried?
  4. Anybody know how to order a holster from red hill tactical for a STI open dvc gun? STI dvc classic 5.4 w/square trigger guard?, STI 5.5 tactical/railed?, 2011 custom framed? 2011 custom frames 5.5? I'm not sure what to order.
  5. I'm looking for a mounting plate for a Vortex Venom on a CZ 75 SP01? Any ideas who sells one?
  6. So an update, I used red loctite and so far so good. It's holding well. This weekend will be the true test I am shooting a state match, but I think it will hold.
  7. New update, I have shot my MBX mags all summers minimum of one match a week 5000 rounds and still no issues. Looks like I need to buy more MBX mags.
  8. Looking for the longest mag tube I can buy for a Remington 11-87. Anybody know where i can find one? The longer the better.
  9. So, I have a missing cmore mount screw on my STI DVC. It is one of the screws that holds the mount to the frame. I order screws to replace it. My question is do I use blue or red loctite?
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