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  1. Maybe try an AOL of 1.170 or longer? The rounds might hit the feed ramp before nose diving.
  2. Definitely a mag problem. Feed lips to wide?
  3. Does the magazine drop a little after being inserted? If the magazine drops (is loose) the slide will hit the top of the round causing the round to nose dive. Just a thought.
  4. Wow. I would be very happy if I could get 100,000 rounds out of my gun.
  5. I think I will when my open gun has had enough.
  6. If I can get 60,000 rounds out of mine I would be very happy. Time will tell.
  7. Yep. It would be nice but there so expensive.
  8. STI DVC 9MM. I currently have about 30,000 rounds through it. It runs great.
  9. How long can I expect my open gun to last? 100,000-200,000 rounds? When should I buy a new one? How long has your open lasted?
  10. I have a Kimber stainless 2 in a 40 s&w. Can I put a 9mm barrel in it?
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