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  1. A competitor is attempting to open a door which activates a drop Turner. The competitor does not turn the knob all the way and pulls hard on the door activating the drop turner. There is only one presentation. By the time the competitor does get the door open, the target has disappeared. Is it a competitor problem because they failed to activate the door properly (not turning the knob all the way) or is it a range equipment problem because the door had a little give to it when pulled hard activating the drop turner? What would you do? Give the competitor a reshoot or score as is?
  2. Anyone have any experience with these good or bad?
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the info.
  4. I shoot a open STI DVC in 9mm. I"ve shot 6-7 thousand rounds through it in the past year with cheap range brass. No problems. A guy I shoot with says I shouldn't shoot them. I should buy new 9mm brass. Head case separation? Should I be worried?
  5. Anybody know how to order a holster from red hill tactical for a STI open dvc gun? STI dvc classic 5.4 w/square trigger guard?, STI 5.5 tactical/railed?, 2011 custom framed? 2011 custom frames 5.5? I'm not sure what to order.
  6. I'm looking for a mounting plate for a Vortex Venom on a CZ 75 SP01? Any ideas who sells one?
  7. So an update, I used red loctite and so far so good. It's holding well. This weekend will be the true test I am shooting a state match, but I think it will hold.
  8. New update, I have shot my MBX mags all summers minimum of one match a week 5000 rounds and still no issues. Looks like I need to buy more MBX mags.
  9. Looking for the longest mag tube I can buy for a Remington 11-87. Anybody know where i can find one? The longer the better.
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