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  1. Mill the c-more mount and put a Holosun 510 on it
  2. I've two 510s, one on a Czechmate, and other on a SPS Vista. Both have about 3000 rounds of 9Major on them with no issues so far.
  3. zdali

    9mm Major OAL

    Aha! 1.165 with hollow points makes more sense. Not really a commonly used (or available for that matter) projectile down here. We're mostly about copper plated stuff. Thanks guys
  4. What OAL is everyone running in their 9Major guns? Some context; Atlas and MBX seem to recommend 1.165 OAL, with what I assume are RN bullets My SPS will happily run 1.190 with Berry's or Frontier RN My Czechmate runs 1.170 from memory The common wisdom seems to be "run as long as your mags will allow" I guess my main question is what to do about that 0.025? Cheers
  5. Three pouches + magnet at 12o'clock. 170mm mags all around. Magnet's used primarily to index my belt location, and to look cool at "unload, show clear". I run identical mags because I'm too lazy to practice with different ones.
  6. I too would like to know the dimensions for the mag spacers.
  7. To my untrained eye S2 frame looks like a TS machined on newer CNC tooling. It would make sense that the TS2, and by extension Czechmate2 gets re-tooled onto updated line. Hand fitting is expensive these days, even in eastern Europe. Kinda hoping that they slap a titanium comp on the TS2 and call it a day
  8. A dot and large mag on a S2 should get you most of the way there. It's only 3Gun. However, buyer beware if you're going to feed it a steady diet of 9 Major. There are plenty 75s (admittedly not S2s) with cracked frames down here that have been run in Open Major. Anecdotal evidence suggests that two seasons are about what you'd get out of one. Czechmates/TSs seem fine, slide stop pins notwithstanding.
  9. After being told to use small rifle primers for 9mm major, I've gone and done some testing. My conclusion is that here is _some_ merit to the theory, but not enough to care. Winchester primers showed the biggest change. 124gn Berrys RN, 7.0gn 3n37, stock CZ Czechmate, 10 shots, all chrono'd on the same day. PFs below CCI Small Pistol A:160 L:159 H:161 CCI Small RIfle A:161 L:157 H:162 Fiocchi Small Rifle A:158 L:154 H:160 Winchester Small Pistol A:157 L:152 H:160 Winchester Small Rifle A:161 L:160 H:166
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