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  1. It's not the cheapest by far, but I went with the 14.4 oz., NiBor Taccom Extreme bolt (https://taccom3g.com/product/extreme-9mm-bolt/). Easy to clean, spares and support if needed, great reputation and customer service. I couldn't be happier. Hope this helps.
  2. I went with the new Hyperfire Competition, (old 24C), on both my PCC and AR. Could not be happier, crisp, clean, and I don't think I'd feel the different resets under recoil, at my shooting level. Like the fine tuning of the finger pad and the positive repeat finger placement it gives. Hope this helps.
  3. Since this is turning into an "oil thread"...…. You might want to consider taking out the roll pin and bolt slug. A lot of us are running lighter bolts and buffers, with the 308 or lighter springs. I've got the NFA upper and lower, Taccom bolt, Tubbs 308 spring, no slug in the bolt, and a 6 oz. buffer. Shooting factory loads at about 130 - 135PF, very happily. Hope this helps.
  4. Another PRP fan here! I've done their polished striker, guide rod, some other bits and parts, and extreme trigger kit. Right at 3 lbs. Excellent customer service and shipping. Very happy with everything I've bought from them.
  5. I've got the Strike Industries latch less, and it's been trouble free, no following or coming loose under recoil. Very happy with it.
  6. With the Grams followers, do you lose the last round hold open feature? Thanks.
  7. How about some Cafe' DuMonde? I grew up on "oilfield coffee"; a pot on the stove that just kept getting more water and more grounds, and you cut it off in chunks....
  8. No Knob Creek drinkers around here? Woodfords, 1792, Eagle Rare, and occasionally some Hudson's Baby Bourbon are found on my shelf.
  9. Running the same base pad, at 22 rounds. I rounded all the edges of the follower and all four corners. Mine are as smooth as the stock Springfield mag was. I can't quite get 23, lacks about a 1/16" of making it. Hope this helps.
  10. Have fun with it! I shoot an S&W 4" 67 for fun several times a year. My squad usually ends up cheering and laughing watching me drop speedloader, after speed loader, after speedloader (I carry 6 plus a full gun), while they are shooting 20+ round Limited guns. GREAT fun! I think the wheel-gun makes you a better shooter too, you REALLY work on your trigger control and sight alignment...
  11. My NFA / Glock lower has been 100%, but I'm only running factory Glock 33-rounders in it so far. Hope this helps.
  12. I'm running that paired with one of their lowers, works fine, for me no wire tweaking. Using the Taccom ultimate bolt (no weight), Tubbs 308 spring, and a 6 oz. buffer (may go lighter). Hope this helps.
  13. I've been running Slide Glide Light in my Commander for several years. Stays in place until I clean it out and reapply it.
  14. On the Ballistic Advantage, I've got both a 9mm "pencil" and 223 BA Hanson Wylde, and both are better shooters than I am, (which may not be saying much....). The 9mm eats all the factory ammo I've thrown at it, but I'm not doing any reloading. Hope this helps.
  15. I run the "square edge" firing pin stop on my steel Combat Commander and like the feel. I radius it with four or five "rolling" strokes on a piece of 600 grit wet and dry. It seems to spread out the recoil impulse a bit more and slow the slide down. Obviously, in as short a time frame as we are talking here, this is totally subjective.... Hope this helps.
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