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  1. I've been running Slide Glide Light in my Commander for several years. Stays in place until I clean it out and reapply it.
  2. On the Ballistic Advantage, I've got both a 9mm "pencil" and 223 BA Hanson Wylde, and both are better shooters than I am, (which may not be saying much....). The 9mm eats all the factory ammo I've thrown at it, but I'm not doing any reloading. Hope this helps.
  3. I run the "square edge" firing pin stop on my steel Combat Commander and like the feel. I radius it with four or five "rolling" strokes on a piece of 600 grit wet and dry. It seems to spread out the recoil impulse a bit more and slow the slide down. Obviously, in as short a time frame as we are talking here, this is totally subjective.... Hope this helps.
  4. New to the XDm platform, other than access to a lot more spring options, any other advantage to this? Thanks.
  5. I went with the Strike Industries one on mine, and like it a lot. If you want more surface, they make add-on extensions.
  6. I've shot revolver in USPSA for fun (and BOY will you be reloading!). A tapered-nose semi-wad cutter or any rounded hollow point / solid point definitely reloads easier than a flat wad cutter. A slight taper on the mouth of each cylinder chamber helps tremendously too, (it doesn't have to look like a funnel to be effective). Hope this helps.
  7. Thank you for your thoughts, we conversed shortly on this. Each of us has different challenges and different solutions. Me, I don't have the time to reload, and am going to settle on one, widely available, commercial ammunition and tune to it. Some folks will be tuning to a specific bullet, or PF. LOTS of good information here, thanks for helping me learn!
  8. Sig 1-6 x 24 high enough power? https://www.sigsauer.com/store/tango6-1-6x24-mm.html Hope this helps.
  9. Thank you for the well thought out answer. Actually, I have that spread sheet, just from another source, so now I can go get the formula. Like some of the other folks, I've been looking at the 27oz. "ideal" total weight, but seeing folks running a LOT lighter bolt / buffer combinations. Many folks seem to be going lighter bolts / buffer / springs successfully, so there's the conundrum...
  10. I'm new to PCC and still tuning (fooling with?) my new build. Would you mind sharing the formula for that bolt / buffer weight calculation? I went with an all tungsten buffer (4 weights), but bought 4 steel and 4 aluminum weights to tune with. Thanks.
  11. That would be me. Hope life is treating you well! Still riding, and just started shooting a little USPSA-like stuff at the local range, LOTS of fun. Helen says hello!
  12. Flatland Shooter put up some photos of the Saddle River Range indoor layouts here: We use metal stands with wood uprights, duct tape, and 1x2s for shooting boxes and fault lines. Works pretty well. Hope this helps.
  13. What buffer and spring are you running in that? Thanks.
  14. Just received my Taccom extreme bolt. Beautifully machined, removable center weight, NiBor plating is flawless, definitely top shelf quality. Big question will be, how does it run?
  15. If you advise NOT to "go down the 308/heavy buffer shopping aisle", where I was thinking of going, what aisle DO you recommend? Thanks for the time.
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