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  1. I've got the 16", it out shoots my ability, easily. I've only got about 2K rounds through it so way too soon to speak to longevity. I broke it in like a "precision" barrel, and it's super easy to clean. Hope this helps.
  2. Another 24c fan here. I've got two set to the lowest weight (heaviest springs), and they both run flawlessly.
  3. The interesting part is the addition of the Mini-14 series rifles. Not at all like the AR pattern ones; makes you wonder if they are trying to open the door to any style of semi-auto rifle, or any .223 / 5.56 and .308 center fires?
  4. THANK YOU! Wonder information for a beginner like myself.
  5. I've got a matched upper and lower from them, Taccom Extreme bolt, a Ballistic Advantage barrel, and the Hyperfire 24C trigger. It's a better shooter than I am, runs like a Swiss watch, and eats everything I throw at it. The now have some "kits" that are ready to assemble and run. Hope this helps.
  6. Interesting. My '70's Combat Commander has the same lightening cuts as the 60's NM slide. I love learning more about the 1911's!. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I'm shooting the 5.25 XDM with full PRP upgrades. For me, it was the "budget" option, but I've been very, very happy with this. The only thing holding me back is, well, me.... Hope this helps.
  8. Another 24C user here, in two guns (9mm & .223).
  9. Hyperfire 24C here, in multiple guns, I've been very happy with them.
  10. I'm a big fan of the Taccom Extreme, it's run flawless for me. Hope this helps.
  11. Not Canik specific, obviously, but fully polished strikers are popular upgrades for the XD / XDm's. Hope this helps.
  12. It's not the cheapest by far, but I went with the 14.4 oz., NiBor Taccom Extreme bolt (https://taccom3g.com/product/extreme-9mm-bolt/). Easy to clean, spares and support if needed, great reputation and customer service. I couldn't be happier. Hope this helps.
  13. I went with the new Hyperfire Competition, (old 24C), on both my PCC and AR. Could not be happier, crisp, clean, and I don't think I'd feel the different resets under recoil, at my shooting level. Like the fine tuning of the finger pad and the positive repeat finger placement it gives. Hope this helps.
  14. Since this is turning into an "oil thread"...…. You might want to consider taking out the roll pin and bolt slug. A lot of us are running lighter bolts and buffers, with the 308 or lighter springs. I've got the NFA upper and lower, Taccom bolt, Tubbs 308 spring, no slug in the bolt, and a 6 oz. buffer. Shooting factory loads at about 130 - 135PF, very happily. Hope this helps.
  15. Another PRP fan here! I've done their polished striker, guide rod, some other bits and parts, and extreme trigger kit. Right at 3 lbs. Excellent customer service and shipping. Very happy with everything I've bought from them.
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