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  1. Can anyone tell me what slide racker I can use on my Gold Team besides the factory one. I want to run it on the left side without bashing up my thumb.
  2. So I bought two MBX mags for my 38 Super. One works pretty well but the other is tight going in and needs to be pulled free. I thought maybe it was the mag catch so I removed the factory grips and checked it. Without the grips all the mags insert and drop without any issues. Put the grips back on and the problem returns. Anyone else experience this?
  3. Forgive me for being a complete newb when it comes to Tanfoglio and all my questions. I have magazines from a Gold Custom, 38 Super, V8 model. When I tried them in my new Gold Witness 2017 ERIC, also 38 Super, they are very tight and stick. Is this small frame vs large frame? Where can I get magazines for the 2017 Eric?
  4. So if I am reading this thread correctly, some of you are running both 38sc and/or 9mm through your 38sa? I just got my hands on two Gold Team’s and I’m finding these options very interesting with ammunition the way it is currently.
  5. Can anyone tell me the mounting screw size for mounting an optic on a Gold Custom?
  6. I decided to have the frame and grips of my Gold Custom v8 Cerekoted black. To break up the black on the grip panels I created a logo to be laser engraved. What do you think of this logo?
  7. Thanks guys! Appreciate the responses.
  8. Excuse my ignorance but I have a question. I got a great deal on a Gold Custom V8 from a member here. I shot it today and it was awesome. I took it apart to give it a good cleaning and the comp was able to be unscrewed very easily. Is this normal? I’m used to 2011’s where the comp doesn’t unthread so easily. Thanks in advance.
  9. Very interesting. I’ve had a very similar idea in mind for quite some time and just happened to stumble upon this. Really sweet work. Can’t wait to see a video.
  10. Can you shoot major PF ammo through this? Love the look.
  11. XCarry Legion? Where did you see this?
  12. Was hoping for this
  13. FF112173

    Lack of P320’s

    Has anyone noticed an extreme lack of P320 models at their LGS? I’m helping out at mine and we haven’t seen one in a month. Just curious if everyone is seeing the same or our allocation is just not getting them.
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