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  1. Wow that’s great. I’m leaning towards the CMC at this point but would like it to be lighter. Maybe I should call them?
  2. Well j was planning on using the Taccom bolt so I assume that paired with a PCC specific trigger should pair up well. Yes?
  3. How do I know what bolts fit what hammer profiles? I haven’t purchased either yet.
  4. I’m currently building one right now using an Angstadt Arms receiver set.
  5. What is everyone running for drop in triggers? I’d like to stay with reasonable priced options but am willing to look at higher priced ones also. This will be in a build for both USPSA and Steel Challange. Go!
  6. Has anyone ever created a build sheet of the necessary parts for building a PCC? I’m finding thatI don’t necessarily buy a new PCC only to remove parts to replace them with what I want. I’m hoping that building one from the ground up will allow me to get what I want and safe me some wasted money. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. It’s my money. It’s my decision.
  8. I will find out and report back
  9. I just got some of the new MBX 140mm Steel Glock Magazines to try out. Pretty nice so far.
  10. I’ve looked on the website and can’t find any information either. Can you help? I’ll pm you.
  11. For what it’s worth, this is where I have my Holosun’s mounted. They work well for me.
  12. You could also consider a mount that has a built in adjustable thumb rest like the one from DAA or this one from CK Arms.
  13. Can a bull barrel be turned down to accept a cone compensator?
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