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  1. FF112173

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    You could also consider a mount that has a built in adjustable thumb rest like the one from DAA or this one from CK Arms.
  2. FF112173

    Bull barrel and cone comps

    Cool, thanks for the advice.
  3. Can a bull barrel be turned down to accept a cone compensator?
  4. FF112173

    STI Staccato

    There was no need for it to be a double stack, they have the DVC Carry. As as far as it’s performance against your Dan Wesson, have you shot the Staccato yet to compare them? If not you’re just speculating. Remember, this was designed as a self defense gun and not a competition piece.
  5. FF112173

    STI Staccato

    This is actually a carry gun. 3.9” barrel but this, I believe, is an introduction to future projects that will be USPSA and IDPA legal competition guns.
  6. FF112173

    STI Staccato

    I think this concept brings the 1911 to the next level and I’m looking forward to seeing its progress and how it fits in with USPSA and Steel Challenge (which is what I focus on).
  7. FF112173

    STI Staccato

    Don’t they have to be bushing barrels in single stack division though? I could be wrong.
  8. FF112173

    STI Staccato

    STI released a few videos from before and during Nationals this past week of the ne single stack Staccato in action. The concept of a 2011 single stack is very interesting to me. I understand the frame is different from a hicap 2011 model but the future of this for single stack competitors is very intriguing. What are your thoughts?
  9. FF112173

    Leupood delta pro 7.5 on pistol

    I’ve become a big fan of the Shield RMS. I didn’t really like the triangle DeltaPoint.
  10. FF112173

    New Rules

    I was being sarcastic ?
  11. FF112173

    New Rules

    I wonder why clubs don’t shoot that stage? ?
  12. FF112173

    Fair price for Steel Master

    Their designed to work with factory ammo but I’ve heard of people running Major PF through them.
  13. FF112173

    New Rules

    @edyan I believe that rule has been changed to 3 seconds per string. I’m turning 45 at the end of the month and have a disease causing nerve issues making it unsafe for me to move on this stage. I’ve taken the entire last year off while the discussion of removing the movement discussion has gone on. It isn’t going anywhere so now your a participant in Steel Challenge as well. I’ve decided not to renew my USPSA membership until I can safely move through this stage.
  14. I’ve been told for steel challenge, open gun, that fast burning powders and light bullets were key. I’ve also been told heavier bullets with slower powders to work the comp. what’s your opinion? Your go to reload?
  15. FF112173

    Open gun lengths

    Is this running a 4” recoil system as well or was this a 5” cut down?