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  1. Weak spring on shell catch? Or slightly rounded lip on shell catch would be where I'd start...
  2. This is true. I run a 3.5" gun, and in order to keep reliability high at matches, I run high brass 100% of the time. Mine will cycle cheap stuff 90% of the time, but 1 failure in 10 during matches is unacceptable. Pheasant loads on the other hand run superb, I can run a more open choke, I can two-fer more often, flip spinners with ease, and normally finish with a slightly sore shoulder... And of you run a 3.5 gun, you have an excuse to being Turkey loads to a match for those dang spinners.
  3. As a larger member of the species, I had a hard time finding a shotgun that fit. I went with the m3500 variant, and had an adjustable recoil pad installed from gracoil. I also installed some truglo Turkey sights to better train finding a proper mount. Between the two I was able to get my shotgun dialed in. Made a huge difference. I now dont like shooting my other shotguns. And nobody else likes shooting mine. It's a perfect scenario! If you're tall, the gracoil is expensive, but it allows you to tune a perfect fit. Other options would be installing and fitting a spacer at the butt,
  4. Yep. My RO always complained about my m4-72 (very similar design). +1 on 1 o'clock for mounting. Use a lock nut, or the PA accu-washers. I'm partial to the washers, if your brake is threaded deep enough to accommodate them.
  5. I got the pusher front sight-tool.com, I think I bought it off ebay. It's worked great for me, and matched my price point. I've probably changed 4 sets, and adjusted several more. Was worth every penny, and lives in my range bag nowadays.
  6. I routinely use my commander for both idpa and carry, though I recently acquired a CCO that will probably see more carry time. I will shoot it some in competition. I really tend to view IDPA as practice (I always get penalties for changing mags at the wrong time...), so I'll probably run the CCO sometimes just to keep familiarity up, though one well tuned commander tends to shoot awfully similar to another.
  7. I was doing some late night thinking and looking over some older 1960s NM 1911 with internal slide lightening. I noticed that the slides had significant cuts on both sides of the rear of the slide, and some lightening on the underside of the top of the slide. Are these factory cuts, or a gunsmith's handiwork? Anyone know how they held up? The work reminds me of how national match AR15s run lead weights and free floated barrels, and only externally resemble an issued rifle. I'm assuming this was intended to keep the gun looking factory original externally? pics were found onl
  8. I have three 51738. I did not measure before starting work. I did see vast improvement by polishing the engagement service and tuning the spring. I still went with the new gear. The steel trigger is heavy for my liking and had a fair amount of play. The dlask trigger was a magnificent fit, once it was fit. I haven't measure the pull, but I will once I get settled at the new house. I did put on the hayes magwell. I am having some issues with mags not turning straight in the funnel, but practice will fix that in due course.
  9. When your buddy who has avoided going to the range with you for the last year brags about every trigger in every gun he has, and you just smile and nod because he doesn't know better, and you can't show him a real trigger because every gun you own is in long term storage in another state. Your trigger isn't great. Its squishy and heavy and your 1911 has a more open pattern than my shotgun at that distance! But I hope you come out with me again soon and I'll bring my guns with next time, because even a range buddy with poor tastes in triggers is better than no range bud
  10. I think it's more an attempt to introduce the design to market. They're hoping to use those cases in next generation military rifles pushing much higher pressures for improved velocity and flatter trajectory. Not sure that practically there is much benefit in pistol platforms.
  11. I use a snake eater tactical belt when I run my duty gear with retention. Im about to order another leather belt from thebeltman for an improved EDC setup.
  12. I'm probably 5000 into mine with no degradation so far. 3500? That's like.. nothing... maybe 50 is high, I've only shot out a few barrels, and both were in used guns with unknown round counts. (Neither keyholed, they just stopped grouping) Maybe I should start appreciating the barrel life in my rifle more...
  13. You only need to trim if you are experiencing spring bind. You can check that by putting some clay inside the frame where the slide bottoms and check for contact. If it is bottoming then you aren't experiencing spring bind. If you're experiencing bind and have a shok buff you can remove that too. The videos by atlas are really good, as are the build videos by mosinvirus. There are some really good build videos on youtube still, time well invested...
  14. That depends on what you expect out of the barrel. PRS guys may claim a barrel trash at 7K. 3 gunners may go 50K or more, depending on intended use. Lots of top shooters use proof. The CF is supposed to help dissipate heat better which extends barrel life. I haven't seen anyone claim a proof barrel is only good for 7K before, I'd like to know what he based that on.
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