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  1. I think it's more an attempt to introduce the design to market. They're hoping to use those cases in next generation military rifles pushing much higher pressures for improved velocity and flatter trajectory. Not sure that practically there is much benefit in pistol platforms.
  2. I use a snake eater tactical belt when I run my duty gear with retention. Im about to order another leather belt from thebeltman for an improved EDC setup.
  3. I'm probably 5000 into mine with no degradation so far. 3500? That's like.. nothing... maybe 50 is high, I've only shot out a few barrels, and both were in used guns with unknown round counts. (Neither keyholed, they just stopped grouping) Maybe I should start appreciating the barrel life in my rifle more...
  4. You only need to trim if you are experiencing spring bind. You can check that by putting some clay inside the frame where the slide bottoms and check for contact. If it is bottoming then you aren't experiencing spring bind. If you're experiencing bind and have a shok buff you can remove that too. The videos by atlas are really good, as are the build videos by mosinvirus. There are some really good build videos on youtube still, time well invested...
  5. That depends on what you expect out of the barrel. PRS guys may claim a barrel trash at 7K. 3 gunners may go 50K or more, depending on intended use. Lots of top shooters use proof. The CF is supposed to help dissipate heat better which extends barrel life. I haven't seen anyone claim a proof barrel is only good for 7K before, I'd like to know what he based that on.
  6. The tinkerer in me wonders if you could polish the feed ramp and tube the mag lips to get it to run reliably with that 9lb spring. Is the muzzle nose diving with the 12lb spring? Tuning the spring is important for function, safety, and reliability (and longevity), but is also an important part of tuning the behavior for good return to zero...
  7. I do oils on things that move, grease on things that slide. For my sig that meant grease on slide rails, guide rod, and barrel, oil on most everything else. My 1911 gets a similar treatment. I do not grease my trigger bow, sear or disconnector. It can cause sticking issues.
  8. Who makes this equipment? Most stuff I've seen is reloader manufactured. I.e. they make their own sorters. Or they order bespoke equipment.
  9. Thats a big jump, depending on where you're starting from. I'd schedule some time with quality instructors if you're serious about that goal, they can help flatten that learning curve a little bit and make the process a little less frustrating. I made B in 4 months, so it's doable, but the jump from B to A was bigger than I realized (especially when I could only shoot a bone stock M9 for matches...). Good luck, and congrats on getting your rights restored.
  10. I've been that guy. Normally walking back from a safe area, or prepping guns for a stage, or normally from an outhouse. I normally realize it when I notice I can see way too much muzzle flash and move. It's not as bad as it looks, but it looks bad enough it can make the sport look scary. I wouldn't stop a stage, but I'd probably try and move shooters away for clean video. Nobody likes to have a scary screenshot make some fudd claim they're unsafe and action shooting is dangerous.
  11. 3 gun guys seem to like it. fewer long pistol shots on most 3-gun stages so the decreased sight radius isn't a problem. plenty of barrel to get enough velocity. lower reciprocating mass keeps muzzle jump in check. I'm doing a 5" build for 3 gun right now, but I'm sticking with open sights. I had very seriously considered a commander slide with a sight block, but figured I'd save that build for another day. Everyone who has one I talked to seemed to like it. (and I think the DVC carry is the nicest looking pistol STI makes, so... there's that...)
  12. Guncrafter makes one. STI has the DVC carry. I've seen several at 3 gun (normal to run a 9mm minor in 3 gun). Lots of commander length 9mms put there. I see no reason it wouldn't work. And with a dot, sight radius isnt an issue anymore. You're not treading new ground I dont think.
  13. I had looked at ordering from mcmaster carr or something similar, but they normally have big purchase minimums. Where did you get yours from?
  14. sorry. 1911 build (Rock island Hi-cap)
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