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  1. My mtg plate came off twice. I found a GREAT Gunsmith in SW Ohio to secure the plate with 4 screws. He also left my XDM 5.25 rear site dovetail intact and to easily put back into production.
  2. I love my scorpion. It has never failed me.
  3. I also have shot 1000's of their Reman 9mm. GREAT stuff. No problems here.
  4. DITTO Jarhead. It's a NO-NO.
  5. The M151's were allot of fun on the tank trails. Just had to avoid the Roadmaster.
  6. I had a spare 552 laying around. I put it on my Scorpion and like it. I like the larger glass window over my smaller red dots.
  7. One reason I went with the Scorpion ( LOVE IT ) is that I have enough AR type rifles. I wanted something different. Unless you are in your prime, I doubt that all that extra money on the MPX or JP will show up in the results.
  8. I would also recommend the SW22 Victory. Bought one for my 10 yo Grand-Daughter. Very easy to mount a red dot in the future too.
  9. Ditto. This is what I have run since they first hit the market.
  10. I have moved mine out recently. Time will tell how it works out. FYI, Red Dots do not have an eye relief position.
  11. I guess we need a definition for stock. I went to the website. While they call it a stabilizer I see no difference between that, and many 3ed party stocks. What an I missing?
  12. Looking at the website. It looks legal to me.
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