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Found 42 results

  1. Looking to have my shadow 2 machined for an optic (either a dpp or rmr) and see there quite a few “methods” of getting the dot to mount to the slide. I’ve narrowed it down to: Primary Machine Cajun Gunworks Fire for Effect Ive seen a few methods in which there are clearly exposed threads from the mounting screws. Does anyone have experience with any of the above shops?
  2. If you were to shoot USPSA Limited and had to pick between an XDM 5.25” .40 or a Para 16-40, which would you pick and why?
  3. Hello Folks, To start, I do reload and have for a couple years so I'm not a total newb, but not an expert by any means. This is a bit of a mixed discussion through a couple different questions. First: Trying to decide between staying in Limited and upgrading my gun or moving to Open. Currently shoot Limited with a Glock 34 Gen 3 but looking for a 2011 as an upgrade. I recently shot myself in the foot (not literally) and was able to shoot an Open gun in 9 major. Boy oh boy that was a mistake!! I had far too much fun doing so, but don't have the slightest clue on open guns in the way of reloading. My dilemma is whether or not to stick with Limited or jump to Open and expand my horizons. Reasons on why or why not to switch? Second: If I jump to Open, I've seen that coated bullets aren't super great because the comp vaporizes the coating and builds up in the ports. A friend recommended Montana Gold bullets specifically. I'm only familiar with the name, as it is renowned in the sport, but I don't have much knowledge on them. What makes them so great over any other brand? Please feel free to school me, as I'm always looking for more information on loading and gun knowledge! Thank you for your input and time! -Muddawg
  4. I purchased an STI Edge last about a year ago to move from Single Stack into Limited. I like the STI, but lately I've been thinking about shooting something more like my work guns. So I've been considering shooting Limited with a Glock 35 or 24. I know that this subject has probably been covered previously, but I couldn't find a thread that really laid out the pro and cons of both platforms. I see a lot of lightly modified G35s at local matches, but it seems like the pros that run Glocks prefer the G24. It also seems like most of G35s I see being used by pros have a lot of added frame weight, like SJC frame weights and such. I'm looking for the pros and cons comparison of both Glocks.
  5. I watched he reveal last night on shooters mindset show. Considering this instead of a custom open build. I dont even know where to start with questions. What do do you guys think? From Facebook Ordering for the Special Release of the first 28 Honcho Guns opens at 12:00pm eastern time. To order send us an email with your contact information and which model you’d like to order. The first 28 time stamped emails received after 12:00pm EST will be accepted. These special editions include “Red Carpet Service” where you will be able to follow along with your build with an inside look via pictures, videos and interviews with Honcho himself. Here is what each of the models include: Honcho 3Gun $4,850 Complete Pistol with 9mm Barrel Stainless or Aluminum EVO Grip BAM Magwell by EMG Customs 40cal Barrel Sight Block 3 Port Comp Vortex Viper 6moa RMR Rear Iron Sight Shielded Ambi Safety 7 Complete MBX Magazines 1-170mm Big Stick 9/38SC 3-140mm 40cal 2-140mm 9/38SC Custom Patriot Case A Whole Lot of Awesomeness Honcho Race Ready $6,850 Complete Pistol with 38SC Barrel Stainless EVO Grip BAM Magwell by EMG Customs 40cal Barrel 9mm Barrel Sight Block 3 Port Comp Vortex Razor with Side Mount Rear Iron Sight Shielded Ambi Safety 7 Complete MBX Magazines 1-170mm Big Stick 9mm 3-140mm 40cal 3-140mm 9mm Custom Dual Layer Patriot Case Everything You Need to Kick Butt
  6. I have cleaned up some things in my reloads to gain .40 seconds in live fire (yes, it was bad). Basically brought the gun down just enough to see the magwell while the fiber is still on the target (so I can get back to it the moment I turn the gun) and speed up the hand to get to the mag and shoot sooner rather than dwell on the target. What more can I do? The par timer at the video is set at 1.5 secs. I want to get it down another .30 seconds if I can. I realize if I want to move from "C" to "B" i need faster reloads.
  7. Long story short. I've got a local gunsmith that's going to fit the barrel slide and frame and I'm going to try to do the rest of the work with some help from a family member. Looking for suggestions on parts. Eventually I'd like to turn this thread into a build log and update it a long the way. Right now im in the research stage of my build but I think I have a few things figured out: Caspian 5" slide Bar-Sto 5" bull barrel Pheonix trinity frame Polymer grips ( planing on an evo ) Egw ignition kit Caspian extractor SV medium flat trigger SV extra wide ambi FGW grip plug This is what I'm thinking so far just throwing it out there for advice or things you all have learned in your experiences building on the 2011 platform. Gonna piece it together slowly and availability on a lot of the parts I'd like is hit and miss. I'd rather have a Schumann/SV 5" bull barrel but no one has them. PT is currently 6-8 weeks out on frames and is working from a list. Kind Regards, AndyG
  8. Hello All, New to the forum, not the sport. Life member and last competed 1998 (My son was born in Feb of 1999). It's thyme to play again!! I see looking at the rule book the USPSA has hired a wall of attorneys and a few thesauruses. Soooo, rather than hurt my very small brain I thought I'd reach out to those of you who made all the mistakes in advance. I will be shooting "Limited" (Not to be confused w/Limited 10). Is a "Open" holster (like the Safariland Model 014) acceptable? Does the trigger need to be completely covered on both side.. or even one side? Thanks in Advance, Doug DVC
  9. Is there any difference other than size between the different manufacturers? I want to put a *thumb rest [generic]* on my new 2011 but not sure which 1 to get.. Thanks for the help
  10. I am about to start the process of buying all the parts to build my first 2011 with the help of a gunsmith buddy to build. I need Ideas on where to find the best deals and what parts are worth spending the money on and what aren't. I'm basing it off an Sti lower and blank upper unless i can find one premilled that looks cool. Thanks in advance for the help
  11. Any tried one or shot one? How was it compared to a 35 or 24. I'm thinking of building one, I have a weight to use and would plan for a heavy magwell. My concern is how well does the block stay on the barrel and recoil impulse.
  12. Searched come up empty handed. Searched the forum couldn't find anything. Throwing around the idea of perhaps modifying the takedown or building something to replace an assy pin. Anyone ever done such thing? Weld, solder, drill and tap? Limited gun. Also, I'm a virgin to the game havent even been to my first match. Background in trap and skeet, got boring.
  13. Hi there all, I'm still new to the forum, so I apologize if I inadvertently posted this in the wrong place. I have been a long time Glock shooter for defensive use, and have been using several in limited division USPSA for the past few months. While I love the Glock platform, I've been experimenting with other options lately, and after wandering about a bit, seeing where I want to be in this game, I think I'm going to transition over to a CZ Shadow 2, and shoot production division. I recently purchased an STI Apeiro .40 without shooting one, for use in limited, and found that while the gun functions well, I don't like the recoil profile, the overall feel, and a few other things, so i will be letting that go. In the interest of avoiding a similar scenario, i was curious if the people that had shot the Shadow 2 had any observations worth considering before I purchase one ? Any comment on the platform is appreciated, maintenance issues, odd recoil characteristics, parts that tend to break, safeties that kick on unintentionally, sights that fall out of dovetails, parts that tend to need to be replaced early (like extractors in an STI), triggers that don't reset correctly, irregular trigger pulls, anything that annoys or vexes you. I appreciate your time guys, thanks !
  14. Greetings fellow ninjas. I'd like to hear YOUR stories, and how you've managed (or haven't) to settle on a specific division in USPSA, at least long enough to rise to your proficiency goals. For my story, I grew up in Indiana, and my uncle owned a large gun shop in Wabash (some of you Hoosiers may remember Lengel's guns), so firearms and hunting are absolutely not new to me. Naturally, I've always been a collector and more-than-casual marksman. About five years ago, I was introduced to the sport by a couple ubiquitous border patrol homies of mine, and I started by shooting what I had, which was a Glock 35. I stuck with it and managed to classify B in limited division. Since I was starting to get serious, I elected to start acquiring more sport-specific firearms. I shot single-stack for about a year and the military career and twin 5 year old girls at home have slowed down my match participation, but it has not slowed down my collecting habit. Since I started down single-stack, I've collected a couple of STI Trojans (one from the forum right here a couple of weeks ago--I just can't stop myself). I also found a great deal on a Trubor in 9mm Major locally, and a well-adorned Edge .40 (also off the forum). I've shot the Trubor at a few steel matches, and shot the Limited gun in practice a few times, along with a few practice sessions with the SS guns, and the occasional match with any of the above. I guess what I'm getting at is that I don't know if it's about the game or the guns or both? If it were solely about the gun that was the most fun to shoot, I'd probably have to go with Open. For the challenge of the game, SS is certainly challenging. Limited seems to be a sweet spot between the Open and SS. SS minor is a blast, but Cs/Ds crush your soul. Bottom line is that I really enjoy shooting all three divisions. They all seem to have different strategies and challenges, and the fun factor varies by stage design, my proficiency that day, and naturally--the group of folks I'm shooting with. My worry is that since I'm having this identity crisis, I may not rise to the level I once was when I was hot and heavy with ONE GUN, nonetheless, make A (this year's goal). How did y'all overcome this? What made YOU pick the division you stuck with / stayed with the most? Is it okay to just shoot whatever I feel like shooting that day (for fun) and stop worrying about classification? I want to hear your story. Thanks! FATSO
  15. I'm currently buildinga glock 35 for limited class uspsa. I just bought a glock gtl10 light to convert into a frame weight. Can someoneplease help me on how to take apart the light without totally destroying it? Also for it to be legal, do I need to just remove the bulb, or do I need to remove all of the electrical components too?
  16. Limited C shooter trying to get to B. Here is one of my stages. Moving faster definitely needs to happen, and faster transitions I think.
  17. I recently acquired an STI Edge to tide me over until my SVI gets ready and then it will be a backup. I am currently shooting a CZ TS, but wanted a backup that would not require different OAL ammo than primary. I have 5 mags. Do you think that is sufficient for a match and unforeseen circumstances? One possible reason I can think of having more is never having to use a mag I drop later in the match. If you recommend getting more, whose body, guts and pads? There seems to be tons of choices. STI or MBX for the body. TTI, MBX, Grams etc. for the guts and pads. Not having owned a true 2011 before I have no idea about pros and cons of various vendors. Thanks in advance.
  18. I'm trying to put together a G24 for Limited, but I can't find an aftermarket G24 slide anywhere. Caspian and Lone Wolf apparently don't make them anymore. Does anyone know who makes an aftermarket long slide?
  19. Hello, A local club is putting on a USPSA match in a few days and I'm going to try it. I've never been to one before. I've shot about half a dozen IDPA matches in the past 3 months (because they were available on my days off, not any kind of preference) and am pretty bad (Sharpshooter), have been using a carry gun (M&P 40 compact) for that in their concealed carry pistol division. Anyway, I also have an M&P 40 pro 5" and I'm considering shooting it in Limited major because I have 3 of the 19 round 140mm Taylor Freelance magazines and a carver custom flared magwell, although the rest of the gun is stock (black rear sight/FO front). The gun holds about 4" groups at 25 yards with my unskilled self shooting slowfire groups. Would I look like an idiot showing up to shoot limited as a beginner? I have shot a friend's STI edge so I know the M&P is not really a competitive gun in the division with it's 5 pound trigger, it would just seem fun to me to try something way different from IDPA (less reloading, more shooting). My other option is to shoot without the magwell and use stock magazines in production. I have some .40 minor ammo which functions fine in the pistol should I choose to do that. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi guys, I have searched around... maybe not enough, but anyways. I shoot my STI DVC Limited 40 in both USPSA and 3Gun. What is your Sight In distance for 2011 Limited with stock adjustable sights? What is your method of sighting in? Off the bags or free hand? It has been awhile since I checked my zero, but yesterday at the local fun match when I had to shoot upper panel only at 15 yards all my shots were going 3 inches low in the black and it took me some time to figure out because I could not see the hits. I later looked at the target and group was tight, but about 3 inch low. I think I have zeroed it at 25 yards but it was sometime ago and I am thinking that it either changed or I was pulling shots.
  21. Currently have a xdm 5.25" in .40sw and was wondering, if possible, what I needed to do to shoot 9mm with it. Reliably, of course. Also, which barrel do ya'll recommend?
  22. I am building a 9mm 2011 Limited. Opinions on which is better, 5" or 6" barrel. I will be using a bull barrel. Thanks JM
  23. Hey guys, New to the forum and hoping yall could help me decide on a limited pistol. I am selling my SCAR 16 to fund my USPSA addiction and would like to get a nice STI in .40 to put a lot of time and training into. I plan on ordering from Atlas Gunworks, they seem to be knowledgeable, do great tune/trigger jobs, and have good pricing. My choice is between A.- STI DVC Limited with a Atlas tune and trigger job- keeps the plastic grip Option B- STI Edge with metal Phoenix trinity grip, tune and trigger job. My understanding is that includes a magwell and a tool-less guide rod Ive been reading that the DVC is super snappy and a bit finnicky due to the slide lightening, and felt recoil is alot greater when compared to a heavier edge. I'm not a rockstar shooter but can hold my own, and I plan on getting better with this gun. Im coming from shooting production with longslide glocks/M&P's also. Does the metal grip make a huge difference, which would yall choose. Thanks in Advance!
  24. Rob1125


    Back in 1994 I had my last open gun built by Dan Ruff at Competition Gun Works. Dan had built every gun I had shot in competition. I was friends with Mike Voigt and was able to get a very early SVI frame, slide, and magazines for the project. I shot the gun for a season and it was amazing. I was transferred at work and had weekdays off. This, combined with getting married, competition burn out, and other stuff, severely impacted my ability to compete. The gun slowly made its way to the back of the safe. Fast forward 20 years. Several of my friends are shooting 3 gun and one was actually a Pro on 3 Gun Nation. I had a chance to shoot a couple of 2011 9mm's they had built. I started getting the itch to compete again. I tried a S&W M&P Pro at first. I liked the gun, but just couldn't make friends with it. Then one day I was digging around in the safe and came across my old friend and the 10 old SVI magazines I had for it. I did some more digging and found a bald Caspian 9mm slide and several other parts. This started me thinking about recycling my old friend into something I would use. I spent a lot of time researching gunsmiths on this site as Dan was no longer in business. I like what I saw from Glenn at Lone Star Innovations. I contacted Glenn and discussed having him build a 9mm limited upper for my old friend. Glenn agreed to do the job and I shipped the old lower and a box of parts off to Texas. Some time went by and Glenn and I exchanged several emails. I received a call from him last week and he said he had a package ready to ship. UPS dropped off my package a few days later and I excitedly opened it. Inside was my old friend, redone to exceed my expectations. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
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