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  1. I’ve been reloading 9major with the Dillon sizing die and wanted to get a little more pressure on the bullet, so I picked up a Lee U die. When I set up the U die it’s not not sizing or I’m getting a bulge at the bottom of the case and failing the case gauge. I set set up the die as low as it will go and am using case lube. Anyone else have similar issues or an idea what I’m setting up incorrectly?
  2. This is all "pretend" but I need you guys to answer solid, truthful, and what you thoughts are. ****Admin create Yes/No pole if possible**** and room to explain reasons. MANUFACTURERS, AND COMPANY'S DO NOT COMMENT!!! ( Let's say (pretend) I've got a whole bunch of threaded bull barrels just spun up match grade...the beesknees. But then I blow your face away by also saying more universal and I also have a pile of NOT GT comps. Both sizes and items fit, limited, S2, and Gold team. Let's "pretend" I'm not going to release this stuff or even begun designing únil
  3. Those that know me, know this has been a long time coming. Hope this is a helpful little nugget I wrote up. This is just some stuff I like and what I use. Having used just about every part and part combo this is what works for me. I have reasons for each part. I get alot of questions and i hope this finds some well. As always YMMV. @PatriotDefense @johnbu 9mm GT Stroked slide Beveled mag well(transition between mag well helps smooth reloads) Tuned 9mm Extractor(typically factory extractor is 38. 9mm needs more tension for reliability) Polished and Lapped rails.
  4. If you were to shoot USPSA Limited and had to pick between an XDM 5.25” .40 or a Para 16-40, which would you pick and why?
  5. I'm trying to compile load data for Ramshot Silhouette. I've seen many threads that mention it so I thought I'd start one for Silhouette only to make it easier to follow. Please post your favorite Silhouette loads and make sure to include bullet type/mfg, weight, grains of powder, velocity and any other data you have like temperature as I've heard this powder is temp. sensitive. I'll be posting my first try next week with the following: 9mm (major) 7.8 grains Berry's 124g HBRN, heavy plated 1.16 OAL Velocity: tbd Temp: tbd (outdoor) Chr
  6. This thing is awesome. In a small brief testing period of my own, it far beats out the V12. Less Powder, 115g Major, and much softer in hand. I do not have this barrel reamed by the good folks at PD yet. I was very anxious to test it out and quickly made up some loads I knew wouldn't touch major with a 115 from the V12, but Might with the Durso comp. Sure enough I made 166pf with 115g Blues over 7.9g of Power pistol. Loaded @ .....1.06. I can't wait to do more testing with a better powder and after reaming. Thoughts are on AA7.
  7. What is the longest practical 9mm OAL with a 124gr Precision Delta JHP in a 2011? What techniques or practices contribute to success when loading long 9mm OAL's? From reading here it seems like somewhere between 1.180" and 1.200" is the longest practical with the limiting issues being bullets falling out, bullet setback, or bullet tilt. Freebore shouldn’t be an issue for me since I measured 1.220” with the fired case technique. SV and MBX magazines so i'm good to 1.225"++ there. I’m loading on a 1050 with a Redding dies (could change to a tighter
  8. Has anyone been able to get their 170 MBX mags to run reliably? Not having a open 170 mag kinda stinks. Heard of the "squeeze" but have not heard if this was a final resolution for a trust worthy big stick. Info appreciated.
  9. Hello to all of you. I'll be getting a new STI DVC open. It will be 9mm and I plan to shoot 9mm major. I have experience reloading, but not 9mm major. I'm looking for suggestions as far as OAL, powder and qty to begin loading major for this gun. I'm planning on using 124gr round nose RMR bullets. My first approach was going to be using the maximum suggested powder qty found in reputable reloading books for 9mm + 1gr. Any recomendations are welcome.
  10. In short order, I need some reliable intel on 147g TMJ, 9mm major loads. I have 4756, Auto comp, CFE, Silhouette at my disposal and not much else. EDIT - TMJ for those that think their smarty pants. Yes, shooting lead based bullets out of a comped gun isn't a great idea, not the end of the world, but does gum things up. EDIT - This is for an open gun. Didn't think I needed to state that as who in their right mind would try 9mm major in a stock gun PLUSS it isn't IPSC legal to do so. Sot thanks for the comments thus far, but I do know what I am doing and why. Comments on 1
  11. Apolo

    Whose CZ open gun?

    I have a few questions about this build. I'd like to build one my self in the near future. I'm hoping the owner or builder could answer a few questions.
  12. Going to Standard Division IPSC next year. Read about people putting 18 rounds in a K40 magazine + EGD basepad... We get 16 max in the regular Tanfoglio Large Frame mags + Grauffel's base pads? Will going to grams spring/follower increase capacity by 2 rounds? Or is the Mecgar K40 completely different from the standard factory magazine? I've tried to find them in Europe but so far not succesfull.
  13. Anyone ever tried loading for supercomp with 147 gn bullets to make major. Just wondering cuz I got a few thousand laying around and having bad luck with my other bullets. Also anyone use polycoated (eggleston 124 gn) for open major with 38sc Search has been useless for me. Too much 9mm and nothing I saw on SC Thanks
  14. Boom...9mm surpasses 38 Supercomp
  15. Hey all... New reloader here and I'm hoping to get some advice and info from you seasoned veterans. I would like to shoot .40 Major Power Factor in the Limited Division when I start out. I got a really good deal on an SA XD(M) 5.25" Competition in .40 S&W, so I'm going to be using that. Nothing special done to the firearm. I will be running it as it came from the factory, with the factory 5.25" match barrel. Ok, I bought 500 once fired Federal brass (already cleaned and ready to go), 1000 Winchester Small Pistol primers, a pound of TiteGroup and 500 Hornady 1
  16. My search results came up empty but I'm looking for load data using 115 grain Montana gold bullets and CFE pistol powder for major with a 38 Super comp Brazos gun. I know you have to make around 1480 ish fps. Is that going to be too much?
  17. I was contemplating the idea of getting an open gun! Although I may not compete this year I was thinking I can get an open gun and start getting familiar with it! I would like to try and find one pistol to shoot open in USPSA and also shoot steel challenge with the same pistol. Is that not a thing? I don't know much about pistols and what makes them run smoother, flatter or more reliable! Open guns seem really technical! I found a gun on the forums that came with a 38 platform and 9 platform. Would it take a lot of adjusting to shoot major in open and then switch to shoot 9 that doesn't need m
  18. Due to a dismal revolver turn out at local USPSA matches I am considering using my 627 V comp in open. I am looking for suggestions regarding major power factor load data that will make the stock comp work as well as possible. I am also interested in either modifying the comp or building a new one. Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  19. What lb recoil spring are you all running in your XDm's. I will be loading 180's to major. Thanks
  20. I just stumbled on to this 9 major load that Atlanta Arms is selling. Any thoughts on 147 grain major load? What do you guys think about 147 grain having lower pressure? 9MM MAJOR 147GR JHP ELITE Bullet: 147GR Velocity: 1170 FPS ± OAL: 1.145” Grade: Elite AA Part # N9147MJR Atlanta Arms 9mm Major 147 grain was designed specifically for the competition shooter. The 147 grain bullet allows the round to reduce overall pressure while maintaining the major power factor. This projectile has been the softest shooting major competition round we have ever made.
  21. I recently purchased an open gun in .38 Super. Of course being Open I want to run Major PF. I can't seem to find any decent source for current "best practices" loads. I asked an Open shooter this weekend at a match, he said he was using VV 3N38, but the new hotness is CFE-P. I know that the equipment survey taken at Production Nationals had a 147gn pill over 3.2gns of TiteGroup for 41% of the competitors. Does anything like this comparison exist for Open shooters? If not, what's your favorite .38 Super Comp load?
  22. Is anyone using CFE Pistol for 38 super major with 124gr projectiles? If so, how much and what OAL? Sorry if this is a repeat thread, but all my searches came up with loads for 9mm major. Thanks!
  23. New to the reloading game here so any advice would be much appreciated! I am wondering if WST can safely make major PF out of a Glock 35 with a 180gr .40 due to the case pressure loading WST short in a not fully-supported KKM Barrel. According to Hodgdon reloading data with 4.9 grains of WST you are theoretically making 932fps, almost a 168PF, but at 32,000psi. However that load data is out of a 4" barrel vs a 5.3" of a G35. I have been doing a little research and have found that with a KKM barrel many can run an OAL at 1.135". Can I load safely to say a 170PF?
  24. Developing a .45 ACP Major PF load using Berry's 230gr TMJ-RN bullets. Trying to keep the PF right at 168 out of a 5" barrel. Currently use Titegroup for 9mm and .40, but was wondering if others found a softer shooting/less smoky powder for .45.
  25. As a reminder, the dates for the 2015 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun have been set for March 27-29, 2015. We are in the process of finalizing the registration process that will be used this year. We are dedicated to constantly improving the process so that everyone has an equal chance of getting into our match. Like last year, we are planning to begin the registration process in late October in order to give everyone plenty of time for travel plans. Please follow this topic so that you can remain informed. Expect that the registration details will be published very soon. Thanks for
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