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  1. bought the Garand Gear gas plug. should be here soon. it will take the worry out of shooting that Federal load at 2900.
  2. i purchased some Federal 30-06 150 gr. ball ammo. the boxes state 2900 FPS. is that going to be too hot for the Garand?
  3. I purchased some Federal 30-06 150 gr. ball ammo. The boxes state that the velocity is 2900 FPS. Is that going to be too hot for an M1?
  4. i do not hate spinners; I dislike them with the intensity of 10,000 burning suns. just sayin'
  5. The gas system is designed for a certain pressure ammo. Any ammo that is hotter can cause this to happen. It can also bend the op rod. Were you shooting ball?
  6. Muchas gracias amigo. Being a most definitely over the hill shooter; ( I can no longer see irons sights clearly), I have proffered up the idea of letting of (at least) those over 65 to use red dots on the pistols. If "tactical" really means tactical, why not red dots on all guns?
  7. Amen. Some MDs who are good shooters set up stages for the better shooters and don't consider the average shooters. I attended a match this year that the par time was 180 and on the 1st stage 60 shooters timed out. On the second stage almost 90 shooters timed out. i did not check the other stage times as I was disappointed with those two. But, the other stages were of similar length and challenges. Looking back at the match the par time was too short as the allotted time per squad was 1 1/2 hours. 12 shooters times 3 minutes is only 36 minutes. Most of the stages at that match did not have a long re-set. So............
  8. As always, the Master is spot on. Amen, and amen. Gottta see 'em to shoot 'em. About the only "drag" left in this ole man is my butt. Sigh. Trigger pull is still good, tho.
  9. Read the first line. That is the crux of the matter.
  10. Of course y'all realize that it isn't true He-Man unless the RO yells "fix bayonet"!
  11. 3 gun matches should be FUN! Matches should have stages designed for the average shooter to be able to accomplish. Many years ago I listened to some seasoned shooters talking about the match that had, in their opinion, too many shooters that had timed out. I believe that a match that has more than 5% of the shooters time out on a stage, the stage is either too long or too hard. Remember the average shooter. Most of the shooters in these matches are not the gee-whiz, smokin' hot aces. Some match directors have stages that are SG heavy which leads to a longer re-set time which in turn makes the match schedule harder to control. As a personal note, I do not like a SG heavy stage. That's just me personally. (Of course I also shoot quail on the ground.) As to the rest of the reasons folks are not participating, I think it might be to the popularity of the Precision Rifle Series of matches that have blossomed throughout the country.
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