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  1. Trijicon SRO/RMR are #6-32 screws/thread, 0.740" distance between centers. I've emailed Trijicon before and got no response.
  2. Trying to decide between a p-10f and an m&p9 5” 2.0. I’ve got a 4.25” 1.0 with an apex kit, 6 mags, and a holster so I’d have some crossover. Going to be for carry optics with an SRO on it. Different things I like about each and can’t decide. Anyone else go through this and have opinions?
  3. So far my abomination seems to be working quite well! I went with the 5MOA. (Direct mount to slide, 6-32 holes 0.740” apart)
  4. I’m considering boring out the guide rod hole in the slide to allow for a larger uncaptured tungsten guide and use a different spring. I’d have to attach an end plate or turn the diameter to allow for a retention on the slide lock side. If I recall correctly, the larger diameter in the slide is 7/16”. However I’m not sure if it is going to get to the point of having too heavy of a guide rod and making it nose heavy or too heavy in general.
  5. Does anyone know if the threaded barrel version (Suppressor, 91543) is uspsa Production/CO approved?
  6. If you send a S2 slide to CZC for a CO cut ($370) you're still in it for less than the F4E cost by a good bit. If you do the CO cut, you're out of Production with that slide; though you can do some tricks to make it Production legal and CO legal (other ways for reducing weight, like guide rod, grips, etc.) for interchanging between divisions. I would personally pick a division and shoot it. If you really don't care about $, just get a second slide for the S2 from primary machining and slap a RDS on it.
  7. Slide stop, recoil spring, hammer spring, firing pin & spring, extractor & spring. Hammer, punches, picks (to clean extractor), lube, cleaner blasting spray. Extra magazines (all labeled). Mine was 100% for the first 1300 rounds, then jammed in a match due to a dirty extractor because I didn’t clean it after 1k Wolf ammo.
  8. From what I’ve read (mostly on this forum), it seems that they’re compatible with possible issues for slide lock back. I’m not sure if the increased frame rail (that the slide interfaces with) length interferes with side travel but I do not believe so
  9. I did a week ago, but didn’t get a response. Perhaps I wasn’t nice enough; maybe EGW could provide the specs though.
  10. Appreciate the video! Though they’re out of the reach price-wise for me for now, I’m quite impressed with the DLC; and the deposition temperatures are quite low for that, I may try that with my future build. I had issues with CrN PVD processing distorting the 2011 I built that I had to re-fit the slide/frame. Trying to determine the proper RS weight, as mine seems a bit snappy forward.
  11. 35/42. Did 73 A’s, no C/D’s and one M/NS. Took an insanely long time though and need to speed it up. 39% with a GM
  12. Update on this, I emailed DNROI and they said if you put a cover plate back on the milled out spot, it would be fine to use it again in Production. The slide milling for lightening wouldn’t be allowed though.
  13. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone would be able to provide the dimensions for milling out a pocket for an SRO. As I understand, there's two 6-32UNC threaded holes, as well as two pins or boss features. I was hoping to avoid using a mounting plate and do a direct mount instead but maybe I'm being an idiot. Thanks
  14. Just behind the light rail also has a lot of plastic that can be dremeled out. I’m not too worried about the strength of it; seems at least as strong as the base material. It’s the slide bottom that holds the recoil spring that you have to make clearance for as it recoils back. I cant get the backstrap off because it’s essentially glued on now . I did a lot of undercutting on the right side under the trigger and under the shelf where the web of your hand sits. I wasn’t too afraid to ruin this gun; it was $299 and not my main competition gun.
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