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  1. Where can i get one? Call Limcat direct? Doesn’t seem to be listed on the website.
  2. I’d like to run a full length guide rod. What if i run the aluminum MSH and the carbon steel magwell?
  3. Ok, i’m down to the old Dawson Ice (same as my other 3 1911’s) or the infinity steel magwell. Anyone have any thoughts on weight issues if i go infinity for single stack division? It’s going on a .45.
  4. I too am interested in seeing a 1911 Limcat magwell. Pics if you got em’!
  5. All of my 1911/2011’s get the Extreme Engineering lite speed ignition kit. Throw a magwell on and call it good. I also prefer front strap checkering, but it is spendy.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with the Stan Chen magwells? Pics? What mags/basepads do you use?
  7. I’ve traditionally used Dawson Ice magwells, but this infinity looks pretty sweet. I like the idea of metal over plastic.
  8. I’m having another singlestack gun built this year, and i haven’t done so in a while. What is the best, biggest, USPSA legal mag well out now for a single stack?
  9. Just had a conversation with Virgil Tripp this afternoon. He is sending me 3 different length springs to try. He also mentioned to polish the part of the slide that strips/feeds the next round from the mag. Feed-lips seem to be good for now. Virgil also claimed this is a fairly common problem.
  10. Anyone know what the lip spec should be on these mags? 9R-10MM-RG
  11. Just pulled them apart and measured all 6 mags. Back and Front .345 and .364 .348 and .361 .344 and .374 .347 and .351 .343 and .363 .346 and .356
  12. Probably not popular but... i use a single stage press with a lee factory crimp die (all the guts out of it) and i push through the “bulged” round. Works 100% of the time.
  13. Thank you. These mags have been re-tuned by Tripp a couple years back. I will hit them back up, but this has really always somewhat of a problem. Just wondering if i shouldn’t mess with my ammo length a bit.
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