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  1. I started in open and never looked back lol. Started with an open glock then moved on to 2011’s. I’d try what you have now then decide on what division you want to shoot. If going to open, go the 2011 route for sure
  2. Have you adjusted the feed lips of the magazine at all? I had a slight issue from dropping mags hitting the floor from reloads, but after the feed lips were tuned it was good to go
  3. Venom Customs builds amazing guns and Don is a great guy!
  4. I ran a KKM barrel on my G34, really didn't see that much of a difference on accuracy. For what I was using it for, USPSA, the stock barrel was more than enough
  5. Same with my Gen4 G17, brass is hitting my Vortex Razor. Not too bad, but its definitely hitting the edge of the optic
  6. Extreme Engineering are in all my built guns, great trigger group kit!
  7. I have a DAA holster for my CZ Shadow 2 and I use CR Speed Mag pouches
  8. I have 2 popple holes on all 4 of my open guns, helps keep the muzzle down
  9. I started in Open and love it. Messed around with a few other divisions for fun, but Open is where its at
  10. Like other said, I always have a backup gun. Also carry an extra firing pin, batteries, grip screws, recoil and main springs, aftec springs. Also a small tools kit and a cleaning kit
  11. I never have during a match. I'll usually do it before a major match. I have been using the lucas oil lube
  12. I have the Brazos mount on all of mine but one which has a limcat mount, I never had a problem with any of my open guns with mounts not fitting
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