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  1. I run an 8 lbs variable for 9 major and 7 lbs variable for 9 minor in my open gun
  2. I’ve been running the DAA medium bag for about a year now. Previously was using a standard range bag like the Midway one The DAA medium is great holds everything I need and more
  3. I’ve been zeroing at 17 yards
  4. Don w/ Venom Customs makes great guns. He's built me 3 open guns and worked over my STI matchmaster. Don does phenomenal work and he is such a great guy. He can do pretty much anything under the sun.
  5. traingq

    Red dot for G17

    I have a Vortex Razor on my G17 Gen 4. Been holding up great so far.
  6. Most of the people I shoot with run the DPP and they have no problems. I'm running a Vortex Razor on my G17 Gen 4. No issues so far but its only has around 2K through the gun.
  7. I've been using the MSA Sordins for the last 5 years and I love them.
  8. I'm running a 3mm pad on my 170 gen 1 STI. Holds 29
  9. I run both springs. When it gets really dirty is when it has issues. A good cleaning and its good to go again.
  10. Been running a 6 MOA on my RTS2. Also have tried the 8MOA
  11. I tried blue bullets and black bullets in the past and they were very smokey. Running precision deltas and no issues
  12. I think it's a must especially for traveling to a major. I've never had to go to my backup gun during a major, but always good to know i have it if my main ever went down
  13. MBX mags have always run great for me out of the box. 140 & 170 mags
  14. I started in open and never looked back lol. Started with an open glock then moved on to 2011’s. I’d try what you have now then decide on what division you want to shoot. If going to open, go the 2011 route for sure
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