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  1. I never have during a match. I'll usually do it before a major match. I have been using the lucas oil lube
  2. I have the Brazos mount on all of mine but one which has a limcat mount, I never had a problem with any of my open guns with mounts not fitting
  3. I have (2) 6 MOA RTS2's and (2) 8 MOA RTS2's. Both are very bright in the sun and i like the shape of the window. I have also tried a friend's 2.5 MOA DPP, both dots are very nice in IMO. Try both to see which one you like best.
  4. i just picked up the lone star aggressive texture. I'm currently getting it installed by my gunsmith Venom Customs. I love the texture. I currently have the DVC grips on my open guns. Excited to try it out live fire
  5. traingq

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    I started out USPSA with an open glock 17 gen 4 with a lone wolf barrel and a carver custom comp. You can definitely play in open but it definitely doesn't run like a 2011. I love glocks but for open IMO the 2011 is the way to go. If you're just looking to shoot in open though, the glock will definitely work
  6. traingq

    Favorite Trigger

    I like the glock triggers edge trigger for my gen 4
  7. Not a DVC steel, but I still have my first steel open gun, an STI match master. I needed to have it worked over by Venom Customs to get it working, but now its running fine 100%.
  8. I love the MBX mags, never any issues. I honestly haven't had any issues with my STI Gen 2 mags either
  9. traingq

    9 major

    I'm chrono WAC 6.9 at 171 PF. Precision Delta JHP at 1.165 OAL
  10. I love the GoGun. Definitely wouldn't shoot without one either. Have them on all of my open guns
  11. I've used blue bullets and black bullets before. Blue seemed to work better for my gun but they're definitely not as accurate pushing major PF
  12. RTS2 for me I’ve just made the switch for this season but they’ve held up great so far. Both of mine are the V4
  13. i use polarized rayban sunglasses. They work great
  14. +1 on the MBX mags. The gen 2 STI mags have been working pretty well too
  15. I have the same Pelican 1470. Fits the guns great and like others said perfect for traveling
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