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  1. Thank you everyone for your advice. I have had a chance to shoot the gun since adding the second spring and it’s running amazing again. Thank you all
  2. Ok thank you for all the responses. I greatly appreciate it. Bruce
  3. Yes the gun was brand new with the one spring. That may be the cause. Thats exactly what I did with the springs.
  4. I have approximately 2k round on my 9mm open major 2011. It has an aftec extractor in it and over time I have started to get more jams while competing with it. I pulled the extractor the other day and noticed it only had one spring in the extractor in the back position. I have read on here previously where some users only use one spring. I replaced the empty slot with a new spring and put the gun back together. Now it will throw loaded rounds across the living room which previously I was even having an issue trying to unload and show clear due to the extractor not throwing the round hard enough to get it out. I haven't had the time to shoot it yet just wanted some others peoples advice on the matter. Thanks Bruce Erlinger
  5. I like shooters world clean shot. Feels alot to me like N320 and alot cheaper. I have read posts on here where people have directly tested clean shot and n320 and thinks it provides even a better feeling pistol to shoot.
  6. If you want to run minor power factor and somewhat work the comp stick with WAC. Shoot a 115gn bullet with about 5.0 grains to 5.4 grains of powder. This should give you minor PF and work the comp as well. You could probably get away with a 13lb spring if you could find one. 14 might work if it doesn't you may be able to tune it by cutting a coil at a time.
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