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  1. Thanks! I will definitely let you know. I've become friends with a guy whose been competing since the late 80-s. He wants me to shoot a match in Yuma this spring. That's the only out of state match I have planned so far. I don't know anything about it, just that he shoots it every year and that he says is a fun match to shoot. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  2. Are you seating and crimping in the same die? If so, check to make sure the die is set correctly. That was my issue. The die was set too deep and was crimping the case before the bullet was seated. I adjusted it like suggested by a few and resolved the issue completely. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  3. I made this template out of foam core. The guys in our shipping department save me these nice pieces of cardboard that otherwise get thrown out. I trace the form out and then cut it out using a box cutter and straight edge. Takes me about 5 minutes to make one target. I did this before I started shooting matches. Now I just take targets at the end of a match that aren't too bad. However, I still make them every now and then in a pinch. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  4. I run their 135gr RN. It's actually weighs in 138gr. COL is about the same. Just a tad longer. I've been running it with 4.0gr of Win 231. That yields a PF of 140. I just worked up some loads at 3.6 and 3.8. Gonna chrono them and test for accuracy on Thursday. Want to try to run a softer load. No need to run that high if accuracy is the same. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  5. I had the same problem for several months with my local postman. I know it may sound like a trivial problem but for me, there were several times where I was waiting for time sensitive material to be delivered. I lost money by it not arriving on time. So sometimes it's not just a matter of waiting an extra day. There were times where my package was delayed by several days. I didn't know if it was stolen or just not delivered. There was little I could do because the tracking shows delivered. As in this other guy's experience, I complained enough and to the right people and it stopped. One helpful thing I did was sign up for Informed Delivery. A free service of the USPS where you're notified by email each day with photos of each piece of mail you are to receive. This way, you know what you should expect each day and know what is missing. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  6. Ok guys. Issue resolved. It was the seating/crimp die. It was set too low in the bushing so it was crimping before the bullet was seated. I backed it out several turns and that solved it. Made a few dummy rounds. Pulled the bullets. Hi-tek coating 100% intact. Thanks to everyone for the help. Beers on me!!! Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  7. GMP.... So my current expander die is the Lee dies that you can drop powder through. However, I don't drop the powder in this station. I use the Hornady Powder Measure that came with my LnL press. That happens in the station after the expander. I am not familiar with the NOE expander but a quick Google search makes it seem like its similar/same as the Hornady PTX expander. This is the one you drop inside the Powder Measure. Not sure if I'm correct though. And yes, I am using the Lee die that seats and crimps at the same time. I will check the height of the actual die to see if your assumption is correct; that the case is being crimped before the bullet is seated. That sounds very possible. At work so will try this stuff when I get home tonight. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for all the replies. Wet tumbling does sound like it may be the culprit. Its the easiest thing to confirm or rule out so I will start with it. I do lube my cases with a lanolin/alcohol mix but I avoid getting lube inside the case. I spray the inside of a ziplock bag and then put the cases inside and shake. Is it OK to lube the inside of the case? For the test, I'm gonna dry tumble a batch of cases and see how goes. Will report back. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  9. Hey all. Hoping you can help me solve a recent issue I've been having. The coating on the bullet is getting stripped off during the seating process. Mostly on one side of the bullet. This occurs with about have the cartridges I make. This is a new issue. It's never happened before once I got everything dialed in. I'm running Brazos Precision 135gr .356 projectiles. My own mixed range brass. Using Lee carbide dies on a Hornady LnL press. Nothing changed leading up to the issue. Same bullets. Same dies. Same press. There also doesn't seem to be any consistency with the brass head stamp. Happens with all of them. I've tried adjusting the amount of bell on expansion and that doesn't seem to help. I've balled the case to the extreme and still happens. The only change I've made recently is I switched from dry to wet tumbling. Can't imagine that's it but thought it worth mention just in case. By the way, I have a PTX expander that I've never used. I can try it if you think it may work better. Again, just wanted to mention it. The rounds chamber well, shoot well and are not causing any leading issues so far. I've been using the problem rounds in practice and the good stuff in matches but would like to solve for this. Any help is much appreciated. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  10. I've had 2 squibs personally and this is what happened. Primer, no powder. Didn't cycle. I've seen 2 squibs during matches. Same. No cycle.However, in one case the shooter manually cycled but was stopped by the RO before he fired the next round. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  11. Living in California really limits the guns available to us unless we buy through private party at an extreme premium price. Usually double the street price. Luckily there are a few CZs on the "roster" so that's what I shoot. I would love to try a Tanfo or even the Q5 Match SF but seeing as they're all off roster, I have no interest in shooting anything else but my CZs. My go to and competition pistol is the SP-01 fully tuned and cajunized. I have two. They shoot as well of any Shadow 2 I've shot . Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  12. Make that 3 votes for Breakthrough Marksmanship. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  13. Become A class. Currently C. Shot my 1st USPSA match this January. Shot a pistol for the 1st time 3 years ago. I shot 9 club matches this year. I've committed to really pushing myself in training, both dry and live. I understand more about the sport and what I need to focus on and how to improve. I also want to shoot some matches in other nearby states or cities and hopefully some level 2 matches to expose myself to different shooters and stages/matches. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  14. Guys... one thing to not neglect is smoothing the mag release and the holes in the frame that it rides in. I just did this and what a difference it makes it mag changes. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  15. I'm still pretty new at all this stuff and learning. You're right. One thing I'm struggling with is shorter movements. I find myself trying to move fast and overshooting the position or not have the gun ready to shoot when I should. Not lame at all. I'm more relaxed now than when I shot this video but I still find myself way too tense at times. Again, still learning and finding my comfort level shooting these matches. But staying relaxed is one of the things I have to remind myself to do. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
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