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  1. There is a rumor that there won't be a prize table at Area 2. Can anyone corroborate this rumor? Post on the Area 2 Facebook page was made. After a few minutes, comments were disabled by the admins and nothing said. Not that I will win anything but for $325 bucks, that's a lot of fried plantains I can buy.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm just seeing the replies. I didn't get notification for some reason. Some of the stages were tricky. You had to be in a specific spot to have line of sight on a target. There were 2 stages that I would have altered my plan if I shot it again but I don't know that it would have saved me a lot of time. Maybe a second but I realize that at this point, 1 second on a stage is huge. My stage times were pretty quick except for the couple where I had make up shots, like my first stage. But definitely understand the feedback and finding the most efficient way to tackle a stage is a work in progress. Your comment about the reloads is interesting. My reloads, with the exception of the last stage, I felt were pretty good. Not saying you're wrong but it was one of the things I felt I did well. Were you referring to the last stage or throughout the match? Regardless, I agree that I should give where I reload more thought. Coming from Production division and be accustomed to min of 3 reloads per stage, the 1 reload on a stage for CO is sort of afterthought for me. I walk the stage, figure out my plan and then I just work the reload in without much thought. I will strategize a bit more of where I plan the reload. I see that on some of the stages, I unnecessarily planned the reload in places where positions were close, where there was a longer movement elsewhere that the reload would've made more sense. Again, thanks for taking the time to comment.
  3. I've been shooting Carry Optics for 4 months now. It's been a while since I shared anything with the group so thought I would throw up video from this Sunday's match at my club. I've definitely seen some improvements in my shooting and things are finally started to gel and it's easier for me to identify what needs work and how to work on it. However, I wanted to hear feedback from the Enos Collective on what you think my training focus should be. By the way, I came in 6th of 33 CO shooters and 30th of 107 overall.
  4. No expert here but it would make logical sense that the recoil impulse would be less, using a lighter bullet with the same powder weight. Again, no expert but there is less mass being pushed with the same propellent. The bullet will exit the barrel quicker, expelling the gases out and causing less back pressure. Maybe that's not the exact science but I think you guys get what I'm describing.
  5. I pretty sure we've all seen it happen. Shooter engages a moving steel target, like a Texas Star. They knock off 1 plate. It starts spinning and one or more plates fall off without being hit. I've only witness this at club matches. How is this officially scored? Is it equipment failure and a reshoot or is it scored in the favor of the shooter?
  6. Hey fellas, rather than start a new post decided to ask here. The mags are not reliably feeding the first round when I have them loaded to 23. Again, running the Henning +6 on the 17 round factory mags that came with my X5 Legion. Also running the grams spring and follower kit. The 23rd round is tight to get in. The problem is when I have a round chambered and 23 in the mag. Not always but it does happen. I'm running the 12 lb recoil spring that came with the Legion. I don't necessarily want to change to a heavier recoil spring since the gun is running well with my loads. I don't even know if that will help. I also don't think it's an issue with my ammo. The OAL is well within max at 1.10 and I don't have any issues chambering other than this specific use case. Is there anything you can suggest to help with this issue or is this a known problem and I just have to run 22 rounds?
  7. Hey all. Happy New Year. My in-laws just moved to Vegas. Summerlin to be exact. We will be visiting them every few weeks and I'd like to shoot some matches out there during visits. I found a couple of clubs that host USPSA matches. Tropang and Silver State Shooting Club. Can anyone share info about the matches at these clubs? Are there any other clubs within a reasonable distance that hosts USPSA? Any level 2 or higher matches that I should look out for? Thanks!
  8. So it's been about 3 weeks since starting my transition to CO. I've been dry firing consistently. Almost everyday... 2-3 sessions on some days. I've had 3 live fire sessions as well. What's going well... - Staying target focused - Accuracy - Transition speed, especially onto tougher targets such as 8" plates at distance. Always been a weakness. - Shooting on the move - calling shots What needs work... - Reacting to called shots. I still have the conserve ammo mindset from Production. - WHO index - Low follow up shots on fast splits. Nothing to with CO but instead shooting the X5 Legion which is a different platform. Gonna try different recoil spring weights to find what works. Have my 1st match on the 3rd so will share how I do. Excited.
  9. Just an update. I ran the Henning +6 base pads on the Sig 17 round mags with the stock springs and followers. I had no issues with feeding or any other issues. Albeit, only ran maybe about 400 rounds so I don't really know for sure how reliable. Could only load 22 rounds with this setup. I have since switched to the grams springs and followers. Again, no issues with feeding, etc over 2 range sessions. About 650 rounds. Can load them up with 23 rounds. Although, that 23 round is a little tough to get in and also needs a little nudge to chamber.
  10. How new? Do you know when they began shipping with the SRO pattern and do you know if these also allow for DPP direct mount?
  11. I was just starting to get better at calling shots with my iron sights. But in all honesty, half the time, it was more about how the shot "felt" than seeing the sights misaligned right as they started to lift. What I mean is, my grip felt off or I know I jerked the trigger, etc. The dot clearly showed me every single thing that happened before, during and after the shot broke. And that was even while shooting fast splits or transitions. I was really surprised by how much you can see. Now I just need to learn to use that feedback in real time.
  12. One range session today and this was my biggest takeaway. It was amazing how much information you get from the dot.
  13. Lots of great information shared. Much is confirmation/validation of stuff I surmised from my experience shooting Production or stuff I've been told. There were a few nuances that were shared that I didn't previously consider. Still, your advice and information has been hugely helpful. Its good to know that my minds in the right place with this shift. I just got home from the range. I ran the gun and dot through the paces. Did some draws to 2 shots onto an open target and various distances. Draw onto 8" steel at 15 yards. Transitions on paper and steel at various distances. Doubles drill as well. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself but I shot very well. Actually better than with my Production gun. Especially on steel, which has always been my kryptonite, I was ringing it. I am picking up the dot much faster on the draw or transition than irons. I need much less confirmation. Also, the amount of feedback from the dot is a game changer. Calling shots is almost automatic. The one thing I will have to work on has more to do with change in platform from shooting the CZ SP-01 to the X5 Legion. While shooting doubles at 5 yards, my 2nd shot was consistently about 6" low from the first. The X5 seems to shoot flatter than my SP-01 and requires less from me to bring it back on target. Some minor adjustments and I was able to correct but found myself dropping the 2nd shot when I wasn't consciously focused on it. Nothing more reps with the X5 won't fix. I also show SHO and WHO a bit. WHO only was a mess. Had trouble finding the dot and also the X5 just felt really odd in my left hand. Need to really work on this in both dry and live fire. SHO was better. Didn't have trouble finding the dot but needs some work transitioning more precisely. I didn't do any shooting on the move or from odd positions. Will work on that more in dry fire this week and will probably do some it in my next live fire session.
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