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  1. Hey all. Not sure if this belongs here so admins, apologies in advance. I shot a match this past Saturday. My squads 1st stage was a hoser so we had to wait for the other squad shooting our next stage. Two guys on that squad had an ND. The 1st guy, it happened while making ready. He was DQ'd. Felt terrible for the guy because it was his first stage of the match. So up comes the next shooter. He shoots the stage and as he is unloading and clearing his gun, BOOM. ND down range. The RO and shooter had a couple of words. He holstered his gun and continued. No DQ. Being newer to the sport, I wanted to know if he should have been DQ'd, technically? I didn't want to ask. Seemed inappropriate at the time. No one really talked about it but it was apparent by folks reactions that it was an ND and most expected him to get the DQ. Really just want to know for my own knowledge. This was only my 4th ND I've witnessed during a match and all the others were during the course of fire or during make ready. This one was different where I guess you could argue that the shooter wasn't finished shooting. Thanks.
  2. I have to agree with what's been said about the S2. It's a great gun right out the box. I actually shoot a standard SP-01 manual safety on account of being in California and the S2 not being on the silly gun roster. However, my SP-01 has all the CGW fixins. In all honesty, I prefer it over the S2s I've shot. The grip is a little different and the weight seems more balanced to me. It cou just be I've shot it so much. But again, if I were in a free state, I'd get an S2 and call it a day. I love shooting Production and it's one of the top sidearms for the division. I'm still new to the sport and have a lot to learn and develop but I don't see myself moving to another division. Production is quite competitive, 9mm is super cheap to load and I love all the damn reloads required in a typical stage. It makes you think a bit and the gun handling is one thing I dig. Maybe I'm just weird. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  3. Any SAO gun, like the 2011, will put you in Limited division. Limited is quite competitive, at least around my area. However, most shoot Limited major which would put you at a disadvantage shooting minor. Doesn't mean you can't and it won't really matter for your first year. If you already had the 2011, I'd say shoot it and worry later about the major vs. minor thing but since you're buying for the purpose of USPSA, I'd say consider a gun you can shoot in Production if you're stuck on 9mm. By the way, you may want to look at the Tanfo Stock III. Very similar to Shadow. I've held one but not shot one. Nice gun from what I hear. Another is the Walther Q5 Match SF. I have yet to see or touch one in person but it just does something for me. Would love to shoot one. Who knows... could be a crap shooter. Just think it looks rad. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  4. Its probably the sear. I had the same. I swapped out the sear when I installed the adjustable sear from CGW. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  5. It does. It takes a very extensive look at all aspects of grip. Discusses grip, joints, etc. It demonstrates examples of bad recoil control from different root causes. Shows how you can diagnose the root cause and then shows how to fix them with drills to confirm and train each solution. If I recall, it's a 4 part video. Quite interesting and enlightening. Nice technical look at the aspects of recoil control but easy to understand and put into practice. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  6. OP. This.^^^^^ Spend 30 bucks on 1 month of access to PTSG. Watch the video series on recoil management by Hwansik Kim. Excellent series. Worth the 30 bucks alone. There is tons of other of material on there too. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the reply. I found a few post on here of guys loading 160gr in 9mm cases with great success. These are gonna be shorter than that at 142gr. I'm planning on loading these with Win 231. I will use 147gr load data and start on the low end and work up some loads. Goal is to be around 920 fps. My gun shoots .357 coated bullets very accurately but these are FMJ so had me a little concerned. Wasn't sure if since I see most FMJ at .355. Like you suggested, i will caliper and separate them and resize the .357 if they don't shoot well. Just good to know I won't blow myself up. I got them just under 5 cent per. That's counting shipping. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  8. Hey all. I just won a listing for these projectiles over at gunbroker. Description says they're sized at .356/.357. I'm hoping I can shoot these out of my SP-01. I was thinking of using Win 231 powder. Maybe at 130 PF. Although I will have to plunk these, I have gotten 1.14 OAL to run well with other similar profile of bullet. .357 coated lead has run well in my gun but not sure about jacketed. Am I gonna blow my gun up or am I OK? Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  9. This is what I did after yesterday's match. I took a few no shoots that were clean. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  10. I made a USPSA target template out of foam core board. I get free cardboard from work. The guys in shipping save these scrap sections that are perfect for the targets I make. Takes me a few minutes to cut out 3 or 4. Just one thing less I have to buy. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  11. I just shot my first batch today. About 400 rounds. Not one light strike running an SP-01 with the CGW pro kit. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  12. I figured it out. Swapping out the lifter arm that comes with the short reset fixed the issue. Gun runs like a champ. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  13. Ok fellas. Need some help. I installed the RRK on an SP-01 manual safety. Stock sear. Works fine in double action but it won't reset in single acrion. I just realized I didn't install the short reset lifter arm in the sear. The one that comes with the short reset kit. Would that cause this issue? Mind you, I don't have either set screw in the trigger yet so its not that the screws are not adjusted. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  14. This is good to hear. Just found a good deal on a case of 12k so pull the trigger based on feedback on this thread. Thanks OP.
  15. Man. I wish I had been recording. Would've shared for sure. Definitely a good laugh would be had. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
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