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  1. Went to 10.8 today and was 1390-1410. I must have a very slow lot of powder. At this rate I’ll be 11-11.2 before I get a usable load. Also I used a magnum primer today and still had some unburt powder kernels.
  2. Psa pcc barrels are notoriously short chambered. Try plunk testing your ammo. Might have to get the chamber reamed to be able to accept the ammo your using.
  3. I shoot AA7 regularly and 10.2 under a 115 v2 @1.165 gives me 168pf. I tried the MP today at the same 10.2 and never hit 1400 average was 1380 158pf. I shoot a 5.4in KKM barrel 2-3/16 Popples with CFD 2port comp. I’ll bump up to 10.4 -10.5 and see what happens.
  4. How many rounds do they hold that you can reload, and what type of pistol have they been used in ?


    Thanks in advance.


    1. Bwilmot


      They hold 20 reloadable and they were used in a RIA tac ultra .40.  I ran them for bout 6 months and they are in very good condition 

    2. troupe


      Thanks for the reply back.

  5. What’s the best threadlocker for setting a comp? I’ve used 272 and 603 both run for 500-1500 rounds and then start to loosen up. When they loosen up it will turn approx 1/8 of a turn and will still take more heat to remove them. Would primer help?
  6. Bwilmot

    sps vista

    Go go for it !!!!
  7. Thank you. I’ve got the one from egw in order.
  8. The mbxrun just fine out of my vista. I load Everglades v2 115 jhp @ 1.16 and never had an issue. The Popple holes are what turned the vista from a mediocre open gun to a great open gun.
  9. That’s awesome thank you for the info.
  10. I have a cone comped gun and would like to change the compensator but the choices are limited with the cone comps. Is it as easy as it looks? Just fit the conversion sleeve and then I could use bull barrel compensators ? It seems like my cone barrel is only .25 in longer than my slide. The bull barrel needs .4-.5. How would that work out? Any help is appreciated
  11. Yes those are 1/4 bleed holes. I also have 2 5/32 holes in the barrel. The grip is Sti that has been cut and trimmed on. With Dawson grip tape. It’s a very nice flat shooting gun.
  12. Here is the cheely Set back with DPP. Also the DAA thumbrest. great mount!!! The Everglades mount is great to but it’s closer to the slide. Might touch the round top slide.
  13. Any thoughts ? Anyone using it yet for 9major?
  14. Bwilmot


    I have the sps vista short 9mm and it’s a great gun. I would like to see them bring the star over. I don’t think to many people will be interested in the para unless it’s dramatically lower in price.
  15. 10.5gr AA7 115 Everglades v2 JHP @1.160 173PF 5" barrel commander slide with 2 5/32nd holes. Gun is dirty after every match but as long as i dont over oil the gun the dirtiness doesn't matter . Soon as you over oil you start to get a sludge build up that will slow your slide down after 500 or so rounds.
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