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  1. Thats cool...mine was bit over 3+ pounds...tweaked it and is now around 2...feels good.
  2. How is the trigger? Have you gauged it?
  3. Not sure, but it seems like they tend to ship the guns on Thursdays meaning customers get them on Monday. Not sure why the guns aren't shipped on Wednesday's so people get them Friday with the 2-day shipping. I ma not sure if their policy is to ship guns on Thursdays, but a lot of the guys i have talked to seem to get that tracking email on Thursdays.
  4. I got my Honcho 2 weeks ago. I ordered mine only in 9 major. I only want to shoot open so i didn't feel the need for a limited or 9 minor barrel. Liking it a lot. Only issue I had was the trigger is 3+ pounds. Other folks i talked to have lighter but mine gauges consistently at over 3. I will tweak it and lighten it. Good luck.
  5. Got my Honcho today. Shot about 50-60 through it tonight to work up a load. Fun to shoot. Looking forward to putting it through its paces.
  6. I Just received my tracking info today. Will be at my FFL on Thursday. Only thing now is to try to hide my boner until then!
  7. Ok you may get this case thrown out then, as i just went with aggressive texture.
  8. You are officially on retainer. I haven't been able to eat or sleep since seeing this.
  9. I am suing you for using my exact build. Expect a call from my lawyer. Looks awesome. Congrats.
  10. Yes I did 6F6F9F38-8EA6-401D-9251-6222919D2CC9.jpeg.e0d2b7b2aa3a80f6e68f715808226acb.jpeg3AA520D4-F58A-466F-A847-60178AB9DC56.jpeg.57fb8d13c08d42e4e8dd8d5f987502cf.jpeg

  11. Ok so its basically double the time? damn you 'Covid'!
  12. I forget, what was the quoted build time?
  13. I am late December buy, after reading the early December's are still waiting I'm not holding out hope that i will be getting it soon.
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