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  1. Ok so its basically double the time? damn you 'Covid'!
  2. I forget, what was the quoted build time?
  3. I am late December buy, after reading the early December's are still waiting I'm not holding out hope that i will be getting it soon.
  4. Never said it wasn't a big deal...I said one failure is not a trend.
  5. What red dot are you going to use I have a ftp 8moa and a sig Romeo 3 max 6 moa

  6. One failure is not a trend. I have seen practically every gun builder have issues at some point with a part or gun, overall. Statistically, one is an anomaly. Kinda throwing a grenade out there with no verifiable information. If anybody on here that has a Honcho speak up if they had a crack in their locking block.
  7. have you contacted PT for an update?
  8. I too am in the same boat....my poor 650 is itching to load some ammo....waiting on my Honcho. Range is open as well.
  9. I am around 15 weeks...i ordered the silver PVD...now I'm nervous regarding that coating issue.
  10. Ordered mine just after Christmas....reading these posts isn't helping especially during this damn quarantine....loaded test rounds and can't go into full production of ammo until I can test with my gun. Agree with some of the posters that communication is a problem. Most people will understand that there are issues if they are simply told about it. Had some buddies order guns last year from another builder, which shall remain nameless that started to get pretty big and then the QC really suffered as they ramped up production. I realize these are mechanical devices and problems will invariably happen. When I ordered from PT my fear was that with the big sales they had on Black Friday and Christmas and their growing popularity the same thing may happen. I am not saying it is happening but the lack of communication is a red flag. Its free to send an email, keep customers in the loop. That being said, I am still excited for the build and for the guys that already got this, I have a ton of toilet paper and would gladly trade some for your Honcho.
  11. Appreciate you updating everyone and explaining what happened. As someone that has a honcho on order i am pleased to see the customer service was painless and they were prompt getting things corrected. I especially am encouraged by them giving you another magwell. Glad it ran flawless today.
  12. waiting sucks! I'm not the most patient person in the world.
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