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  1. Thanks again...will give it a bit there as well.
  2. JJB05

    DAA Alpha-X disappointed

    I had the same problem with my PT EVO grip and ended up buying the thigh pad for it and it totally fixed the issues...i think their design didn't take into account the weight of steel grip guns and it bows the holster. The thigh pad gives it stability. It worked for me.
  3. JJB05

    Lube for 1911?

    I use FP-10
  4. JJB05

    Warming Up

    Good topic...i tend to show up and do a few draws at the safe table...i think this season i will be sure to stretch prior to putting my gear on. I am no spring chicken and limbering and loosening up can help.
  5. Cool will try that just to be safe...thanks.
  6. JJB05

    what video equipment? Aimcam2?

    Agreed...i have pivothead video shooting glasses. It interesting from that point of view but for learning 3rd person is the way to go so you can see movement, etc.
  7. JJB05

    Shooting classifiers

    I used to put too much pressure on myself for classifiers and it definitely affected my performance. I decided to just treat it like another stage and not worry and i started to shoot classifiers much better.
  8. JJB05


    The blue ones are sweet...i may need to order some of those bad boys
  9. JJB05

    New member from NC

    So you shoot Limited minor?
  10. Did you put lube on the insert?
  11. JJB05


    Wonder if they got triggered.
  12. JJB05


    Very odd that a shooter would stop the stage, let alone ask for a reshoot because they had to sneeze? At our club we follow rules and there would be no reshoot. excuse me RO i farted ....reshoot please
  13. Been a couple days since I got the thigh pad for the alpha x holster and have not had any issues at all...it's definitely a must have. Haven't had to do any filing and hopefully I won't have to.
  14. JJB05

    Range Bag

    Ha...yeah a lot of the ranges I shoot at have a decent amount of space between bays and some uphill....makes it a lot easier pulling or pushing a cart than lugging it all over.
  15. I got lucky and mine was in stock and got it in a couple days. They should realize the flaw and rectify it with subsequent orders...just so glad i don't have to worry if the gun is gonna come out correctly now.