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  1. Stuart Wong at CZC got back to me first thing this am and offered to make it right. Most helpful and great service. Thanks Stuart and CZC!
  2. Broke in two places around the rear sight, an email to CZ custom wasn't helpful at all. anybody have a source or specs to replace, looks like a roll pin. Thanks in advance. Dave
  3. i went with the techwell which i really like so far. How hard is it to swap out to flat faced trigger? Feels like a lot of gun for the money.
  4. Starting from stock new gun, what mods should I do for single stack uspsa? Thanks in advance.
  5. I went thru the same decision process, ended up with a Shadow Target II that I can shoot both USPSA and IDPA with. I am extremely happy with my choice. I was shooting a G34, I will not be going back.
  6. It came with a 13 lb main spring, what are the pros and cons of putting in an 11 or 12 lb main spring. Anybody done this an experienced any issues? Thanks in advance.
  7. Interesting, I’ll try that. Thanks.
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