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  1. no, they havent been cleaned in awhile, thanks.
  2. makes sense, that was the first time I shot 17 out of them
  3. Thanks guys, I took the springs out and they were a good 3/8 inch shorter than a stock spring I had on hand.
  4. original mag springs, should I change followers as well? Brand?
  5. Very reliable pistol for me but I had a new jam that I can't diagnose. Was shooting an outlaw USPSA match this weekend, loaded mags to 17. I shoot production, typically only load to 10. Shot an array, one in the chamber as I moved to next array, reloaded, fired the round in chamber and one off the new mag and then got a double feed. Match video appears to show mag seated fully. Mags are about a year old and have a lot of rounds thru them, 20K, lots of matches hitting the concrete floor. But this is the first jam of this type for me and it didn't repeat for the rest of the match. Any tho
  6. Stuart Wong at CZC got back to me first thing this am and offered to make it right. Most helpful and great service. Thanks Stuart and CZC!
  7. Broke in two places around the rear sight, an email to CZ custom wasn't helpful at all. anybody have a source or specs to replace, looks like a roll pin. Thanks in advance. Dave
  8. i went with the techwell which i really like so far. How hard is it to swap out to flat faced trigger? Feels like a lot of gun for the money.
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