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  1. @trub7dur my buddy did the coating for me and just sent this to me today. I love it!!
  2. The everglades way back mount sits directly over the ejection port when the gun is actually cycling. I do not have this pistol fully set up yet so I cannot tell you how it functions. But I should be able to in the next couple of weeks. I will post again when I have shot it some.
  3. Yeah. Mine is 28 days on and 28 days off. And I love my job. So I definitely wont be changing. I do use something that is similar to my pistol in weight. But not feel. And yes. Cannot even have a toy that looks like a gun.
  4. I found a mount I really like from Everglades and went with the DPP.
  5. Hello everyone. I work on a towboat and am gone for 28 days or more at a time then home for 28 days or less. I love shooting and I spend 6-10 hours or more a week dry firing when I am home from the boat. Sometimes I will spend as much as 3 hours a day if I have something I am really trying to work on. But I always seem to really lose a lot each time I get on the boat. If I take three steps forward while I am home I will take two back when I am gone. I can have absolutely nothing that resembles a firearm in any way, shape, or form. The one thing I do on the boat is work on my movement and trying to keep my stance low when a weight in my hands. Does anyone have any other training tips that could be beneficial to me to keep me from losing so much of the gains I make while I am home? Thank you for any tips you can give me.
  6. I made that with a grinder, wrench/vise, files, and sandpaper. Things that most everyone who works on guns has around.
  7. I dont know if it is an option for you but I made one out of a 3/8" bolt from the hardware store for $3. I can make it fit whatever shape or size dovetail I want it to.
  8. I am going to start with a 9lbs variable once I get to working on the gun again. Need to lighten the slide up a lot first.
  9. My dad has been shooting a FF3 on his open xdm for a couple of years now and he really likes it. I have read on here that it is not the greatest dot for major but I cannot vouch for that. He has had zero problems with it. The only complaint he has at all is that no one makes a mount for it. But even that does not really bother him. It is however why I went with the DPP.
  10. I went with an Everglades Way Back mount.
  11. Here is the new one so far. I still have a lot of work to do on it. Have to cut the frame off. Make my slide cuts (if I ever decide what I want) and get my dot back in. Then cerakote it. But so far I am very very happy with it. I love the CK stew grip.
  12. I will definitely say that my gun is very loud. But I have never noticed that it is harsh. But I do not really have anything to compare it to. It just does not seem harsh to me.
  13. I was very strongly considering starting over with the dovetail first.
  14. Yes I would say he is a pro. I did not know he shot one though. I always work matches so I do not ever get the chance to really see what the pro's shoot. Or much of anyone else for that matter. Just from the ones I have been able to pay attention to I have never seen one.
  15. Im not planning on changing anything. I love the gun and love how it feels. I've never shot a standard comp'd open gun so I don't know about live fire. But in dry fire it just seems like my gun is so much easier to stop on the transitions. My old one has a STI polymer grip and a slide mounted dot. The new one has a CK arms steel grip and an everglades way back dot mount. Although I have not shot it because I do not have my new dot in yet. I love the feel of it just drawing and swinging. To me not having that heavy comp on the end gives the gun so much better balance. I am simply wondering what others opinions are. Especially those who have shot both.
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