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  1. IGotta make up some loads tonight. Probably tomorrow. I looked at a holoson 510c and holy smokes that thing is actually huge. I think the DPP is gonna be perfect for me. I'll make a YouTube video of my first shots. It's like Christmas in July (or may)
  2. Got her in and geez this thing is sweet! Had a quick call with Julian and decided to go with the DPP instead. Razor glass is a little too small. They were super accommodating to switch out the mount and optic.
  3. That's good to hear. I'm interested to see how it compares to my DPP
  4. Shoot A's quick. Newer to USPSA but had the opportunity to get one of these. Figure I can take a couple months to learn it and get up to speed. Hoping to take some clinics with an upper level GM pretty soon here.
  5. 9 major. Would you go with something other than 340? This was the autocomp load. 124gr Berrys Bullets 9mm Hollow Base Heavy Plate7.0 gr Winchester AutocompMixed Once Fired 9mm BrassOal Range 1.145” - 1.155”Winchester Small Rifle Primers 124gr Montana Gold JHP .3556.9 gr Vihta Vuori N340Nickel Plated Once Fired 9mm BrassOal Range 1.145” - 1.155”Winchester Small Rifle Primers that was the load they said worked good for them. They also mentioned autocomp which I have a lb of. I figured I'll try these at 1.155 and start around 6.0 gr and work up in .1 increments. Id imagine I could put the MG 124 JHP on top of autocomp without too much trouble. I looked into the burn rates and it seems that N340 is faster than autocomp. For 9 major you want a slower burning powder right? I guess I figured they'd know what works in their guns but I'm definitely open to suggestions. Want to be extra careful in developing loads so I'm sure I'll post my progress on load development.
  6. Ok well you had one bad experience. I will certainly give my impression of it when I get some time behind it.
  7. Going with what they recommended. MG 124 JHP with N340. Have some autocomp I could try but we will see.
  8. Hopefully I'll have better luck. If not I'll just go to the DPP. I have on on my X5 so I guess I can just switch that out if needed.
  9. Went for it based on the recommendation of limcat. It was between that and the DPP. Can I change it out later sure. Won't switch if it works fine tho.
  10. Got a Limcat Razorcat HBar in December. Gun is finished, painted and currently getting the final touchups. Can wait to get her in.
  11. I'm setting up my dies and am curious as to how much y'all crimp your 9mm. I'm at .377 is there room to go tighter or is that sufficient?
  12. Good. My dad wants me to load standard 9mm but I really don't wanna have to set the dies up for "normal" 9mm and then readjust them to 9 major. I'm just waiting on my open gun to come in so I can start working up loads on that. I might make a couple dummy rounds to see how long I can load them. My builder recommended an OAL so I'm kinda torn between just sticking to that or doing experiments.
  13. So I tried the U die and honestly the thing makes me mad. Half the time the brass doesn't line up so you have to nudge it slightly. The decapping pin is a pain to tighten. I said screw it I'm gonna use the Dillon dies. I'll test my loads as I work them up to make sure setback isn't an issue. Not really happy with my U die to be honest.
  14. Thanks. Should I be trying to swage my brass before loading? I have the swage it for the 750 but running brass through the press twice seems like it will get old quick.
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