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  1. What are you running for ear pro when shooting open? I have decent muff I use for shooting my AR that has a epsilon brake one it. Are open guns louder than AR’s with a brake? For double ear pro would you just get some foamier or is there a nicer option that I’m missing?
  2. Do they make dies for the 750 to trim and put a chamfer on the brass? Or do I need to do that all separately?
  3. I'm kinda trying to figure out when to pull the trigger on the press. I wont have a gun to shoot 9 major until may-ish but would like to get the press earlier. I guess I just buy it for .223 and get it set up for that. Ill end up buying the conversion kit for 9 whenever it comes in i 'spose. A conversion is like $300 if I am thinking about it right. My problem is that I know I will end up wanting the 750 for 9 as that is the whole point of getting a press. But in the mean time I guess i might as well just load .223
  4. Ive done shotshell reloading for what it's worth on a progressive MEC it didn't auto index but I'm not entirely new to the reloading world. I'm kinda leaning to the 750 at this point. Sure there will be a learning curve but between loading shotshell for a couple years and YouTube I think I should be fine.
  5. Is the DAA alpha X compatible with the safarilands ELS belt? Are there adapter or do I need to get the DAA belt?
  6. What about the Hornady Lock N Load progressive? Attachment wise it's the same. What would the pros and cons be between the two?
  7. This might be frowned upon but what about a Hornady Lock n Load AP? How does that stack up to the 550? The auto indexing is kinda nice and having five stations is a plus.
  8. 9mm at least 1K/month 223 4-500 308 1-200. If I shoot more 9 I might just get a dedicated press.
  9. Run all the brass through once and then load? Do most of you who load rifle just have a case trimmer? I don't have to trim pistol brass at least from what I've seen right?
  10. Is there even space on the 550 for a trimmer? 4 spots, I'd need prime/deprime, powder, seating, crimp. Does trimming get done on a separate machine?
  11. So I am getting into the world of reloading and I have 3 calibers id like to load. 9mm, .223, and .308. I'm looking at a 550. Id imagine i'll load mostly 9 followed by .223 and .308. I'd it be best to just get separate toolheads and leave the dies set. Would separate powder measures also be worth it?
  12. I think you are in the same position as me except with the dominant eye switched. You are going to naturally bring your gun up to your dominant eye. I am cross eye dominant (left eye is 20/15 right eye is definitely not 20/20 haha). I shoot pistols right handed but bring the pistol to my left eye. I ended up re-learning to shoot rifles and shotguns with my left hand That being said, are you able to get a clear sight picture both eyes open when bringing the gun up to your natural aim point (IE behind your right eye)? If not the tape solution is a good idea. I'd suggest finding a way to slowly get used to both eyes open. Out of curiosity are you left handed or right handed?
  13. The Limcat's are just so pretty to look at. You have a knack for picking great color schemes!
  14. I picked up a Safariland Holster system and was looking to get the mag pouches with the magnets on them but I cant seem to get the option to come up. Do they not make em? How do you like the Safariland Holster vs. the Double Alpha?
  15. Are the MBX para 9mm magazines compatible with any of the 2011's or are they two separate things?
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