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  1. Will that mess up the finish or strip paint? I guess I can just dilute it pretty good.
  2. I want to take the slide apart on my open gun to clean the extractor and the tiny parts in the slide. What do y'all use for a solution in your ultrasonics?
  3. Im in the hampton roads area and get to drive a minimum of 2 hours to a match. Some of the others i go to are almost 4 hours away. I've gone to Fredericksburg and the GOshoot Outdoors match in NC. I highly recommend both
  4. Found this video. Gonna go with Adrian's advice here and widen them to the point that they feed. He says I can go as high as .360 in the front so the round points up. Wish I woulda found this video sooner.
  5. My OAL is set a little shorter than the max that my gun will chamber and pass the plunk test. I could increase the OAL by a couple thou if you think that would help. My understanding of what is going wrong in my gun came from YouTube videos on 2011 mag tuning from a reputable open gun builder. His information also lined up with what was presented in Dawson Precision's 2011 mag tuning guide. Is that approach not valid for MBX magazines? I am new to Open Guns and have two conflicting directions for tuning mags in the future. So forgive me if I seem completely confused. Are the spring coefficient's the same between 140 and 170 magazines? I understand the whole force is a function of distance compressed thing believe me. I figured you would want the same force from a fully loaded 140 as a fully loaded 170.
  6. I read your post. When developing the loads I did the plunk test and found the Max I could load them was right at 1.168. I backed off on the OAL a bit to account for any variances in OAL and went with that. The gun and mags are on their way to Johnny. That's where I am getting the 1.155-1.165. with the majority being closer in the middle Do you have any ideas as to why 140's would work and 170's wouldn't? Especially given that the feedlips width was similar across the 170's and 140's from the start? Sorry if I made it sound like I ignored your advice.
  7. I guess if I have to bang in the feed lips to get them back in spec I will. All I know is that 2 out of the 4 magazines I got didn't work out of the box period, after I spent 500 bucks on them. I kinda don't believe the whole oh the spring in the magazine is bad because it hasn't even been used. As far as the OAL goes Limcat gave me a load and said to use 1.155 OAL. I bumped that up and am getting 1.155-1.165 OAL with the majority falling towards the middle of that range. MBX is saying that it sounds like the gun is short stroking because of having too heavy of a recoil spring on the gun. That explanation doesn't really make sense. I messed up in my initial email and told him both the 140's and 170's didn't work. It was mainly just the 170's that gave me trouble. Those didn't work with the 7lb recoil spring and bumping it up to a 9lb spring also didn't help. So I guess I'm confused about the short stroking issue. If it was short stroking wouldn't it be also having issues on the 140's with the 9lb spring? I don't see the cause and effect. It feels like I got bad 170's and good 140's.
  8. Builder said 1.155-1.165. I'm pretty much there. 0.010 shouldn't change where it hits on the ramp that much right?
  9. I sent an email and said what was going on. It's an open gun with 168-170pf ammo and a 7lb recoil spring. Gun wouldnt run the 170 mags and would hang up around the 6th to 8th shot. I switched recoil springs to a 9lb spring to try and overcome the round hitting on the ramp too low but nothing helped. Eventually I just switched to my 140's with a 9lb spring. On a side note the 9lb spring helps alot with making the dot track a little better. When I got home I took the match ammo and tried to see where it was hitting on the feed ramp. It definitely hits low on the ramp for all my mags. The fronts are much tighter than the back and I think that's making the rounds nosedive into the ramp. I'm pretty sure it's the mags. I think I was probably just lucky the 140's ran given the fact that they nosedive as well. Ill let y'all know what I find out from the builder and MBX
  10. Called my builder and they are gonna take care if it. Just hoping I can get one match where my magazines work lol. Last two have been mostly malfunction remedy drills...
  11. So I measured the feedlips and the fronts were .342-.344 (ish). The back was .346-.348(ish) these things did not run whatsoever. I went ahead and widened the front to .355 and left the back alone they seemed to work fine. Has anyone else had issues with their MBX magazines not working well from the factory?
  12. It's "only" a 6 month wait? Wow that's not bad at all.
  13. The SVI's also look great too. I think I'd definitely look at them for my next open gun. I had someone ask why I got a Limcat over an atlas or a akai. He said something about how the Limcat costs so much more than the others. I'm not sure how true that is tho. When I checked the prices of the atlas chaos the my were pretty much in line with the Limcat and depending on what options were selected, the akai also was also similar. Shot my first match with it yesterday. It was a 4 stage classifier match. So that was probably the worst one to decide to shoot. My first stage I forgot to turn on my dot and blew my first classifier. The rest of them I struggled to find my dot and stunk at every single one of them. I've only shot like 3 matches so far and knew I wanted to get into Open eventually. I figured I had the money to get into Open and took the opportunity when it presented. It is kinda annoying getting weird looks but quite frankly I just gotta learn to ignore the neigh sayers. Im hungry to improve and that's all that matters. I know im a better shooter than what I showed and just gotta push on.
  14. IGotta make up some loads tonight. Probably tomorrow. I looked at a holoson 510c and holy smokes that thing is actually huge. I think the DPP is gonna be perfect for me. I'll make a YouTube video of my first shots. It's like Christmas in July (or may)
  15. Got her in and geez this thing is sweet! Had a quick call with Julian and decided to go with the DPP instead. Razor glass is a little too small. They were super accommodating to switch out the mount and optic.
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