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  1. Called RCBS Monday, their representative sent me RN plug free of charge. Received it Friday! That's great customer service!
  2. Thanks, for confirmation. Got to get a RN.
  3. Thanks, just checked Dillon web site and I see what your saying. Checked RCBS also. They don't say it specifically, but mention another seater plug could be needed. I'll call them on Monday.
  4. Trying to get a OAL under 1.130, and seat the bullet without flattening the the round tip. The dies I purchased were used so I don't know if the Seater plug insert is right for round nose bullets. Could it be for Flat Nose or Hollow Points? I'm using mixed brass, and Berry's 124 RN which are .356 in diameter.
  5. Ditto, just give them a little twist!
  6. Right on...IMHO doing a reload with a 10 rounds stuffed tight in the mag, and on round already in the chamber is asking for a malfunction.
  7. Picked up 115 gr 9mm polymer coated bullets. I'm using TiteGroup and going to use these for target practice. Any recommendations for amount of powder, and OAL?
  8. Actually, looks the same (w/ polygonal rifling), fits & chambers the same . Bringing it to IDPA intro course next week. If there is any problem with 23/19 I'll post it here.. Thanks again, LP
  9. mtwain56


    Small Pistol, What brand is No. 500, not Federal?
  10. I'd want to shoot IDPA with my "carry" gun which is compact Glock 23 ".40 caliber" converted to 9mm. The barrel is not Glock OME. The Rule for ESP says: "Replacement of barrel with one of factory configuration that uses a stock or non-stock cartridge." What does that mean? My question is Is it ok?
  11. Thanks to all contributors for solutions and information. What worked for me: 1) lowered my resizing die all the down. and 2) for some brass, running them through the resize die before I actually begin reloading. Thanks again to all.
  12. Welcome to the Forum. I shoot at Rio Salado Sportsmans Club in Mesa.
  13. Thank you, going to attack this problem today. All the input is very useful.
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