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  1. I'm 78 and returned to Practical Shooting 2 months ago after a five year hiatus. I practiced a little and ran my 1st Steel Match the end of July. I found out I couldn't hold on to my G34 like I used to. Physical conditioning was a must for me. Not just hand strength but arms and shoulders as well. I have Scoliosis in my lower spine, so I had plenty of pain from picking up brass, setting targets, and running a loaded gunbelt around. So a exercise & stretching routine became a necessity, everyday and stretching especially after a match became a must. As eye sight goes my regular progressive lenses or ordinary eyeprotection didnt work well , but useing1.25 reading glasses solved my seeing problem. All these problems make it difficult for a Super Senior when they start shooting. But there not insurmountable. Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep working at it and you'll see things will get better. Good luck in your shooting.
  2. If you carry for work (maybe LE?), why not stick with iron rear sight, and fiber optic front! Shoot same caliber as work gun. If you have to use your work or duty gun wont you be much better with it?
  3. Aka, Larry Petillo, RSSC Mesa AZ Returing to practical shooting after 5 year absence. Now 78 yrs old. Almost have to learn to shoot again. Going to my second match today.
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