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  1. Thank you, going to attack this problem today. All the input is very useful.
  2. Going to start with joe4d advice first, if a Lee undersized full length die us used, is a separate press needed? Thanks.
  3. I shoot Glocks! I use a Loan Wolfe barrel to as a case gauge as its tighter then the glock barrel. If it plunks in the LW I'm good to go in both. If a round doesn't pass the the LW I see if it plunks in the glock barrel. I have about 20% that don't pass both. The bullet is Berry's 124 plated rn.
  4. My apologies, I didn't word it correctly.
  5. Started reloading with double plated 9mm 124gr with diameter of .356. Having lots of rejects (mostly bulge at base of case.) Some plated bullets are slightly less .355. Would .355 alleviate some rejects. Or, Is Crimp die the answer. Also if Lee crimp die would help do I replace my RCBS Die with the Lee Die or do I need a separate single stage press? Have Dillion 550, with RCBS carbide dies
  6. Started reloading with double plated 9mm 124gr with diameter of .356. Having lots of rejects. OTHER plated bullets I have are slightly less .355. Would that help! Using mixed brass mostly Win., Fed.,CBC. Any ideas of opinions?
  7. Any idea of solution for those that don't fit my barrel. I've heard something about a special Lee die.
  8. Is More Win 231 is needed then Titegroup?
  9. How many grams of powder and what size 9mm?
  10. Im in a similar situation! Im having some success with closing my left eye and opening it as my sights come on target. I have a thin fiber optic front sight and wide center cut in my iron rear sight. It's a good way of getting around the problem, but improvement is gradual.
  11. Got the glock 17, put on the Trijicon RMR. 3.5 MOS. Good battery life, but no auto shut off. This is to be a "carry" gun, but I'm learning how to shoot at a local Steel Match. Red Dot is so much better then my iron sights. Happy with my decision, thanks for everyones input!
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