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  1. lacivilian

    RTS2 or DPP

    I’ve played with both, the Sig Romeo3 is best of both worlds if you want a micro dot. It’s more durable than the RTS2 and has a bigger lens, sits lower and has a brighter dot than the DPP.
  2. lacivilian

    Delta Point Pro ??

    How many times do I have to keep telling people that the Romeo3 solves all your problems and is a better dot.
  3. lacivilian

    Why is Trijicon RMR bad?

    If you’re not sold on any sight yet and you are putting this dot on a PCC. Then I have to recommend the Romeo3. Not nearly enough people give this optic the credit it deserves. It’s got a bigger window than the DPP, brighter dot, easier controls, and it is more durable than the RTS2. This is mine on my open gun and it is in my opinion the best micro dot on the market for uspsa shooters. I have shot it side by side to a DPP multiple times and the guys with DPP are blown away when they shoot the R3.
  4. lacivilian

    Got it, slower powders for 9 major!

    Autocomp is fairly clean and does not fill up the case.
  5. lacivilian

    Why is Trijicon RMR bad?

    I can guarantee you will take it off before the battery dies.
  6. lacivilian

    Why is Trijicon RMR bad?

    It also will run for 3 years.
  7. lacivilian

    Why is Trijicon RMR bad?

    It doesn't matter. Once you build up your index then the dot will always be there when you draw the gun. You look at the target not the dot so window size is almost irrelevant. The only upside is hard leans that you may find yourself fixing your presentation to find the dot. You can't go wrong with either the RMR or the DPP but it seems like you are already sold on the RMR. Pros: durable, brighter than dpp, easily adjustable, better battery life... Cons: small window
  8. lacivilian

    RTS2 or DPP

    Neither. Get the Romeo 3 and have the best of both worlds.
  9. lacivilian

    New Atlas Open 2011

  10. lacivilian

    Does anyone else think the Rts2 is a POS?

    Yes it will. If you have a blast shield you may have to cut it off. It is slightly longer than the RTS2. Atlas makes a mount with blast shield for it.
  11. lacivilian

    Does anyone else think the Rts2 is a POS?

    If you would run a DPP then it’s the same size. If not a hair bigger.
  12. lacivilian

    Help a 2011 newbie.. Open gun on the way.

    The alpha x is very nice. Ghost mag pouches will work just fine for 2011 mags so save your money there. The MBX mags or SV mags are twice as smooth as the STI mags. My STI mags have sharp corners and do not reload as smooth as my MBX mags.
  13. lacivilian

    Does anyone else think the Rts2 is a POS?

    Yep, it is impressive. Way too many people are sleeping on this dot.
  14. Yeah I just had this happen to me out of my new Atlas Chaos. It all has to do with how hard you rack the first one in like others have stated above. I would fire the first shot and it would be no where close to the next 4. Ended up figuring it out after too many rounds. Really slingshotting the slide back into battery solved the issue for me. Try that out and let us know if it solved your issue.
  15. lacivilian

    New Atlas Open 2011

    1.165 OAL 7.2g of WAC PD 124s The longest load I tried in my Atlas so far was 1.190 for whatever that’s worth.