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  1. lacivilian

    New Stock 2 Optic Ready

    Any word on the price yet?
  2. lacivilian

    Red Dot advice needed..

    Ruggedness? RMR. Battery life? RMR. Put a battery in it and set it to your desired brightness setting and don't change it until you think about it in 12 months.
  3. lacivilian

    Atlas Chaos 38 S, Smooth Slide

    Mine didn’t come cleaned after test fire which made it feel dirty and not slick. Cleaned and oiled and it became slick. If this isn’t the issue for you I would call Adam tomorrow.
  4. lacivilian

    Limcat tron

    I am still waiting for a Form 1 to come back now, been right at 2 months now.
  5. lacivilian

    Max Michel using a new optic?

    Romeo 3 mounting with a slightly shorter OAL.
  6. lacivilian

    New SIG Optic, Romeo3Max (Michel)

    Much larger window, it is around the same size window of a old C-more but has the small dot footprint.
  7. lacivilian

    new Romeo 3 "max,pro"

    Not the new dot for sure. You are correct.
  8. lacivilian

    Max Michel using a new optic?

    The dot max is using is his new dot. He told me earlier that he will try and post a picture of it at shot show if Sig will let him.
  9. lacivilian

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    Correct answer? None of the above. RMR is the strongest you can get however.
  10. lacivilian

    SVI 170 mm capacity in 9mm

    New SVI 170mm with gram guts and taran basepad. I’m able to get 29 easily reloadable. All my feed lips for 9mm are .355 in the rear and .380 in the front.
  11. lacivilian PCC muzzle

    Sounds like a good plan until they go to paste a low target and sweep everyone behind them.
  12. lacivilian

    Sig Romeo3 on an Open gun?

    You’re the only person I know of that has had this experience and I hate to hear that. On the other hand, selling a broken red dot to a member on this forum without stating it is about the shittiest thing I can think of. I would be ashamed to shoot with or against you one day.
  13. lacivilian

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    I have recently ran into a problem in sub 45 degree temperatures with Lucas Extreme Duty in my Atlas Open gun. I would not suggest it to anyone in colder weather than this in a tight fitting 1911/2011.
  14. lacivilian

    problem adjusting to red dot

    If you are having trouble adjusting to the dot and you still have irons on the gun, TAKE THEM OFF. Without them you can't cheat yourself even if you think you aren't I can promise you that you are. This made a huge difference in learning to index the gun and the dot be where I was looking. People don't like to hear that but it is the truth.