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  1. Exact same situation. Loved my original Romeo 3s, like the XL a lot so far.
  2. Pictures could be helpful. Can also give STI a call. They should be able to tell you everything once you give them the serial number.
  3. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Wrangler-Men-s-Outdoor-Comfort-Flex-Cargo-Pant/706520129 https://www.tacticaldistributors.com/products/td-carlos-ray-pants-2-1 I own and love both of these. Different price points as well as material. Both super stretchy and comfortable. I wear both on and off the range.
  4. I assume you have an inner belt comparable to the Double Alpha which is quite floppy. I carry daily with a CR speed inner belt and it does not sag with a Glock19/X300u. Another good option if you want to get away from a true inner belt style is Blue Alpha Gear.
  5. If the gun runs, a shorter stroke is better. Feel a a little harsher but the dot settles quicker due to the slide returning sooner. Stroked guns perceivably “feel better” in the hands.
  6. The Dawson ice magwell “gives” too much and allows the mag to get stuck in the magwell not actually the grip itself. The Limcat magwell and others similar to it make this a non issue. Highly recommend. I also believe the Limcat magwell has just the right amount of bevel on it for people with mid to large sized hands.
  7. I have found with my guns that the most important part of having a 9major gun to work consistently is not having an extended ejector and continually checking that the extractor has not lost tension. A few builders these days like to build guns with an extended ejector which does fine in 38 guns even with mounts that extend past the barrel hood. With 9mm I want the case to start ejection much later and avoid the optic mount at all costs. Run a dot with a small footprint, a bobbed ejector, and be proactive with ejector tuning. These are key to having a reliable 9major gun from my experience.
  8. I agree with this 100%. I have an open gun in each caliber. I can get more free 9mm brass a year than I can shoot. I also am not naive in thinking every piece of 38SC brass I shoot is losing $0.16 because I recover 99% of the pieces in practice and can pick up what I shoot in a local match due to a couple other local Super Comp shooters. I see no cons to either economically. I do however see that picking up brass may seem like a pain in the ass to some.
  9. So what is keeping the top guys from switching to 9major then? Most of them do shoot 30k+ a year and mostly all of the top 16 guys at Nationals shot 38SC/38TJ/38S. Why have they not seen the benefits of 9major but everyone else on the internet thinks they have.
  10. I have a heavy pcc and after shooting local guys light weight builds I definitely prefer a heavy gun with the blowback of a 9mm. If you can tote it around from position to position fine it will shoot and feel better. The main thing I found is a heavy stock helps balance it out and not feel so front heavy when running with it in one hand.
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