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  1. There’s a vendor area in the forum. This isn’t it.
  2. Nice have you tried 115s?
  3. None of the above. Thanks but no thanks. The lenses are great but the frames look awful. IF he gets a pair one day like the Oakley Tombstones he would sell them like hotcakes. I mentioned this to him once and Brian said "everyone says that but we aren't interested in making those right now."
  4. Yep. You can use one but have to take it off every round to push the 2nd round back against the tube. It's faster to not use one once you have to do that so you might as well only use it when you need that last round or two in the magazine.
  5. "Adam's Specs" aren't for your gun. Those are for in general. Tune the mags to your gun. Use Grams followers if you can. For the love of all things good don't use an Uplula. I can't tell you how many people I have given that advice to that have instantly stopped having nosedives. Uplula's and 2011 mags don't mix for some peoples loads and lengths. If the 2nd round isn't pushed against the rear of the tube you are just asking for nosedives.
  6. MBX grams guts. You have to be able to tune mags shooting open. Out of the box I had to tune every mag I’ve ever bought from STI, MBX, SV. Once you get them set up for YOUR gun they will stay put for a long time.
  7. Yep tr45 make everything everything pop better especially a dot. I hardly ever run the TR22 unless shooting on a very sunny day with berms without grass.
  8. 2011/1911? If so, does it still work? If it works who cares.
  9. Getting into 38SC and I currently have AA7 on hand but I am planning on buying some 3n38. Can a few of you share your load data for 115s and 124s. Will be shooting them out of an SVI IMM open gun. Thanks in advance.
  10. That’s what I call an answer. I’ve had good reliability with 9mm here recently but it honestly feels like luck. To continue being able to compete close to the top (90%) or so it looks like I should give 38SC a chance for next season. Great reply as it was very helpful in reassuring my thoughts.
  11. It’s that time for buying a new gun. I currently have a 9major Open gun but it took so long to get it to run I’m considering a switch to 38SC. The question I would like answered is what should my next gun be? Is there a downfall to switching to 38sc besides initial brass cost? Is 38sc still a better choice than 9 if cost is irrelevant? Can 9 be truly reliable in Open division? If you could only choose one caliber to shoot a major with which one would it be to ensure reliability when competing at a high level? How much should the caliber I already shoot play into the decision? Feel free to name some builders in the comments if so desired. (NOT interested in Akai whatsoever)
  12. I have emailed holosun asking for them to create a mini profile 510c without the solar panel. They said they added it to their list of potential products.
  13. Are you using an Uplula? I found that they tend to push the previously loaded round forward when inserting the current round. This leads to the rounds nose diving. I only use my hands now when loading mags and I make sure that the 2nd round is pushed fully back to the end of the tube.
  14. No! If I wanted to do open on a budget I’d lean towards the tanfoglios.
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