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  1. lacivilian

    How to get rid of trigger take up on S2!!

    The CGW RRK changes the S2 from a great gun to a phenomenal gun.
  2. lacivilian

    Schuemann Tribred vs standard Comp'd barrel

    Most have switched to a Hybricomp style barrel with popple holes with a compensator attached as well.
  3. lacivilian

    Schuemann Tribred vs standard Comp'd barrel

    Tilley shoots an Infinity with popple holes and a 2 port Infinity comp. It is not a tribred barrel open gun.
  4. lacivilian


    Balega makes a fine sock.
  5. lacivilian

    2011 heavy magwell

    I have large hands and went from a Dawson large hands that felt great. I could get a full purchase on the frame itself. Switched to the LimCat magwell and it truly fits like a glove. On the plus side I don't ever have a mag get stuck in the magwell due to Dawson's soft inserts. Oh and did someone mention that the V2 orients your mags into the correct plane with the grip?? Limcat V2= Game Changer.
  6. lacivilian

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    On the x300u did you swap out the mounting system to the one that is made specifically for metal framed guns? The light does not come ready for metal framed 2011s. Assuming you have the A and not B model.
  7. lacivilian

    140mm or 155mm mbx mags?

    Good luck. Don’t say everyone above didn’t warn you.
  8. lacivilian

    2011 heavy magwell

    You're not wrong.
  9. lacivilian

    2011 heavy magwell

    He is.
  10. lacivilian

    Custom made earplugs

    Anyone invested in a pair of Harris & sons? JJ seems to trust them when shooting an Open gun. Would love to hear some feedback on anyone thats tried them.
  11. lacivilian

    2011 heavy magwell

    Behind the curve T.
  12. lacivilian

    2011 heavy magwell

    I removed most material from the magwell but did end up slightly filing down the tabs on my Evo. I mainly did this so that the magwell would pressed against multiple tabs and not just one. Mine is super tight fitting and requires a hammer and punch to get out the pin. Trust me, if you ever get another magwell it will just be another limcat, it is that good.
  13. lacivilian

    140mm or 155mm mbx mags?

    This. A few dollars can save you from a whole lot of headache and trouble. You are shooting OPEN, not production.
  14. Then shoot a different division.
  15. lacivilian

    140mm or 155mm mbx mags?

    If you don't already have 140mm mags then 155s are the way to go. There is no point in having a smaller magazine when a larger one is more than capable and is just as fast. It must be a crazy theory to try and think about, many people don't quite understand that more is better.Lets not forget that a 155 is easier to reload into a large magwell too, that extra inch or so makes a huge difference in slamming the mag vs barely seating it in the heat of the moment.