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  1. So after a little research, based on the shape of it I would assume the Helia is made in the same factory as the Romeo 3 and RTS2 dots. Seeing as I have not seen anyone shooting a helia yet anywhere I would advise to get either a V4 RTS2 or one of the new R3 models.
  2. In direct comparison to pro grip in humid Louisiana weather it works about half as well.
  3. Don’t get why people that are opposed to prod15 use restricted states as an example. At your local match no one will be shooting with 15 round mags so your points are irrelevant. Traveling out of state would then be the only time you could load to 15 in your magazine. Which affects a very small portion of your state’s population.
  4. Enos Slide Glide-lite and and a few drops of Lucas oil to keep it thin.
  5. Yep I can confirm that Duracell batteries functioned flawlessly in my CO and Open gun red dots while other brands did not.
  6. You will need the mount from Springer Precision.
  7. I have used both limcat magwells and found that I like the brass one significantly more as it changes where the balance of the gun is in the hands.
  8. So why would anyone choose the Max over the XL? Same mounting pattern. 5mm wider.
  9. While I shot CO, the Zev and Taran base pads both performed great. Same capacity out of both 23 rounds if I stuffed them, 22 reloadable. I preferred the Zev due to it being easier to take down than pushing the Taran pin out. Both fit the gauge.
  10. Not necessary but if it makes you feel better sure.
  11. Can you drop the link? I can not find what you are talking about.
  12. I know just a couple people with limcats and they absolutely love them. Nice if you justify the price.
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