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  1. The snow fencing makes it more enjoyable to watch. It also helps with the safety factor as ROs can view the shooter at all times during a stage.
  2. Could have ordered an SV in November and you'd also have it in 7 months.
  3. I am going to have to pick up those! Very interesting and useful design. Thank you women's makeup.
  4. This is absolutely insane. I got a full blown custom SV the first of January with the same order placement date.
  5. During lead up to a major match I dry fire a minimum once a day for 45 minutes. I also am a firm believer in burn out. I take several breaks throughout the season if I have more than a month until the next major match. I also find when I come back I have significantly more breakthroughs in my performance than when I'm just continually grinding day in and day out. I went from U-A in 2 months A-M in 3 months. Now competing at the legit M level. I think live fire has it's place but due to budget and time constraints being in college I usually only live fire 2-3 times a month and never more than 150 rounds. Live fire to me should be about building relationship with your gun's recoil. Dry fire is where the handling and precision is learned.
  6. Spray with a prescription glasses lens cleaner and clean with a lens pen. The cleaner helps the build up come off easier and the lens pen is the easiest thing I've found for the lens shapes we use on Open guns.
  7. Personally, right now I would only buy a used or new SV, EMG, or Pat Rafferty open gun.
  8. 3 and a magnet. I like the idea of having enough mags that I can always have a spare and hopefully never have to use it. If the start mag from my magnet fails, I grab from the first pouch. May still have to do a reload in the stage so after grabbing from the second pouch, I still have the third just in case.
  9. I like 18 yards, seems to be on again at 40 yards for my guns.
  10. Impact Machine in West Monroe, LA can definitely help you. The owner is the mastermind behind Cajun Gunworks.
  11. The guns for the 2021 season, provided we have enough components!
  12. Order placed May 5th, 2020 received January 8th 2020. 7 months 3 weeks
  13. I would also call cajun. There optic mount and thumb rest configuration looks like it can be setup extremely similar and I am local to them, have seen it in person.
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