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  1. Blue only. I absolutely hate when a builder ships a gun with red loctite.
  2. Compete with SVI IMM open gun or Atlas Chaos. Carry Glock19.5 RMR/X300ua
  3. Literally a CR speed inner and DAA premium outer solves all the problems out there. Sucks to have to buy separately but it is a dream once on.
  4. Yeah I feel the same way. The 155 seats slightly further away from the magwell than the 140 does. I’ve tried loading with both over the off season and 155s are just easier to handle for me.
  5. Agreed. The even cooler thing is you can use the original Romeo 3 which is even cheaper.
  6. We’re you pushing the slide forward as hard as you can? You should be able to fix the issue by not releasing the slide once you pull it back. Hold the racker and slam it forward. If that doesn’t fix it I have no other advice. That’s worked for pretty much everyone with the same symptoms.
  7. Gun isn’t fully locking up when you hand cycle the rounds. Next Range trip try slamming the slide home when loading it. There are quite a few other threads about this exact “phenomenon”, provided that is what you are referring to.
  8. Just one on the overlapping portion. With a DAA inner I had separation issues. Now I run a CR speed inner and DAA outer. No issues.
  9. Pushing the limits of speed and accuracy at a high level means you will inevitably shoot Charlie’s. Not shooting major pf lowers your score on every stage because you are losing 2 points for every Charlie and major is only losing 1.
  10. Exact same situation. Loved my original Romeo 3s, like the XL a lot so far.
  11. Pictures could be helpful. Can also give STI a call. They should be able to tell you everything once you give them the serial number.
  12. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Wrangler-Men-s-Outdoor-Comfort-Flex-Cargo-Pant/706520129 https://www.tacticaldistributors.com/products/td-carlos-ray-pants-2-1 I own and love both of these. Different price points as well as material. Both super stretchy and comfortable. I wear both on and off the range.
  13. I assume you have an inner belt comparable to the Double Alpha which is quite floppy. I carry daily with a CR speed inner belt and it does not sag with a Glock19/X300u. Another good option if you want to get away from a true inner belt style is Blue Alpha Gear.
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