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  1. Cajun Gunworks is local to me, the best CO guns I've shot to date is the P10F from CGW and a G45. I wouldn't waste my money on any other guns and I shoot Open.
  2. Which grip is the Palmar? Also DLC should be significantly cheaper than CrN.
  3. I only "clean" every 800-1200 rounds. And that is just wiping down with a shop rag. I lube the gun between that at my convenience and its usually only once around the 500 round mark. If youre only shooting 3,000 Rounds every 3 years we are not playing the same game
  4. Harder impact when the slide bottoms out against the frame. Polymer flexes and helps “cushion” the impact. Do a little digging on here and else where and you’ll see steel frame guns destroy dots a much more significant pace than polymer guns.
  5. I use AA7 and I don’t clean but about every 1k rounds. Both my 9major and 38SC. But I am using 115g JHPs.
  6. I’ve yet to own an MBX mag that I haven’t needed to put in a grams spring and follower to fix issues. Once those guts are in they run like a top. I have 11.
  7. Be prepared to break more dots with a steel frame.
  8. Rafferty, EMG, or SV. I've shot nearly every builders gun out there and I've owned a chaos personally. Now I shoot SVs and wouldn't shoot any other style open gun except a clone from Rafferty.
  9. Zev. I have bought nearly all of the base pads out there and still only prefer the Zev with TTI a close second. Zev gets the edge by how easy it is to take them apart to clean after a stage.
  10. Call me intrigued. Have you shot it yet? Report back if so please.
  11. AA7 and 115s shoot great out of both my 9major atlas and my 38sc SV.
  12. Nah it’s a Glock as in quality of it vs an SV. Sure it still works though.
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