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  1. No! If I wanted to do open on a budget I’d lean towards the tanfoglios.
  2. Good to hear. Hope it works for you.
  3. I have an Atlas. The Limcat mount fits and works perfectly.
  4. The key to shooting points fast is for the gun to return to zero. Shooting a steel gripped open gun I really want to feel like I’m “behind” the gun. It just feels much easier to return the gun to the POA.
  5. They should stick to AR mags. If you shoot as much as I do they fail to work after a couple months.
  6. I would not use any Magpul mags in a carry gun or for match use. I have had plenty of magazine related malfunctions when using Magpul magazines.
  7. If your steel grip has more of an aggressive texture you can move more of your palm closer to the backstrap and try to really get “behind the gun.” Has worked very well for me and I don’t think I’d go back to a more “traditional” style grip.
  8. All the time during matches. After the match cut It off while not in use. Swap batteries every ~6months. I would also recommend that you always use Duracell batteries.
  9. Yep. Make sure when you put a new spring in and cut coils off that you file down the edge of the freshly cut coil. A lot of the times there will be a sharp edge on the end of the coil and when you cut it you may have bent it inward or outward slightly.
  10. I’d try putting a piece of 1sided sticky foam on the edge of the grip along the front side. Then putting the magwell on. Should help with the wobble.
  11. lacivilian

    S2 with SRO

    Looks great. I think you’ll like the SRO over most slide ride Optics.
  12. I’d recommend only running it in manual mode.
  13. Only thing I wish the 510c would do is not be a multiple reticle dot. In direct sunlight I often can see the outline of the circle reticle faintly.
  14. How does the SRO stack up size wise?
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