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  1. lacivilian

    STI DVC Open or Steel?

    Is there a specific reason the steel “won’t” run major? I would assume it would just need a change of springs from the factory ones.
  2. lacivilian

    Delta Point Pro ??

    Make the switch to the Romeo 3 and sell all of those. Have heard nothing but good of it.
  3. lacivilian

    Carry Optics Glock Magazines

    I am currently running TTI and Zev extensions, 23+1 with the TTI on start or 22 reloadable and 21 reloadable with the Zev. The Zev extensions are super easy to take off while I know they won't come off during a stage or after falling onto the ground.
  4. Open, or as mentioned before CO. Either get a dedicated open gun or if you are hesitant on loading major then get an X-five. It might as well be a slide mounted minor open gun.
  5. lacivilian

    Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

  6. lacivilian

    Wall Base Construction

    We use metal walls and honestly they don't get shot up. This goes back to stage design as if the designer makes a stage where the wall is at risk of getting hit then it is his fault.
  7. lacivilian

    Optic Help - Variable Power 1x

    Give a good long look at the new Nightforce NX8 1-8x. It is quite impressive for its compact size.
  8. lacivilian

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Any comparison of the Romeo 3 to the DPP?
  9. lacivilian

    Anyone have expereince with Shell Shock’s NAS3

    The only POTENTIAL benefit they could have which has not been tested vigorously yet is withstanding 9major rounds a little better than brass. If you could get the same number of 9major reloads out of one case as a 38 SC, I would be able to see the benefits of these cases. Only time will tell and like you said, in two years who knows.
  10. lacivilian

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Are you referring to transitions? Because if so that is only because you were used to swinging a 10oz lighter gun to the next target. You would have some crappy transitions as that is not something you are used to. If you are referring to follow up shots let me know. Thanks
  11. lacivilian

    KC's Carry Optics Gun

    Zev HEX 17, Silicon Carbide Grip, Bushnell dot as that is a sponsor of his, Zev Glock mag base pads.
  12. lacivilian

    Good Flashlight under $100?

    Streamlight HLX with a thyrm switchback all for under $100 and you get 1000 lumens in a 18650 platform.
  13. lacivilian

    Longmire on Netflix

    Better watch it fast as I believe it is leaving Netflix May 1st.
  14. lacivilian

    help me spend my money - optics

    Could you drop the link to that subforum, I searched and searched and could not find it for the life of me.
  15. lacivilian

    help me spend my money - optics

    Looking for some thoughts on this scope as well. TO ME it seems to have the best combination of everything you could ask for in a 3 gun scope.