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  1. Had CO been a division a few years earlier, I would have never bought an open gun.
  2. Is there going to be another one next year? What makes this a level III?
  3. I understand USPSA lists the level II and III matches on the website. Instead of clicking through each one, is there a way to find out only level III matches?
  4. Looked at the firing pin channel, no burrs. Sight screws are not protruding. One thing I can think of is that some time ago, I dry fired the gun with ammo with empty primer pocket and bent the firing pin. I manually bent it back. It could be very slightly out of alignment. But the firing pin spring was not backward, still not sure how the spring could got over the pin. Just replaced with a new set, see how it goes.
  5. I am having feeding issue with my 45ACP. Gun has AET barrel, so only jacketed bullets will not key hole. Went to Montana gold. First I tried 230gr FMJ round nose, it had no problem. I liked the recoil impulse of 200gr, so tried 200gr JFP but am having nose dive problems. I think it's due to the bullet profile with a flat point, it hits the bump on the feedramp. I can see a very slight cut near the tip of the bullets when it dives. How should I resolve this FTF problem? I think I can load it slightly longer so the flat point hit right above the bump on the feed ramp. Easier way would be to find a jacketed round nose 200gr bullets, but I looked everything, it seems like non existent. Why does nobody make 200gr jacketed round nose bullets? Would 185gr have slightly narrower tip than 200gr?
  6. Wilson ETMs are fine in these. I ran them for a while, but I did end up going to other pouches, and also other mags too lol.
  7. Bet it mostly happens on the ones that you wanted to shoot REALLY fast, like one that's really close and the last in a array that you will be leaving from. Just need to consciously tell yourself to slow down. And in dry fire, keep training the trigger finger speed. It happens to everybody at some point.
  8. extremely important. How well and quickly one can shoot a plate rack depends so much on the first plate index.
  9. I personally like SV because they offer a steel version. It adds some weight if you are within the limit also aluminum or plastic ones don't hold up.
  10. SS together with revolver , seems like it's gonna favor Major SS again.
  11. Wolff sells a few springs in a pack as a test package so you can save a little. I personally can't tell much difference between two weights that's close, for example like 13lbs and 14lbs. I do tell a difference between variable and conventional springs but not sure which one I prefer.
  12. Hi, my firing pin is stuck in the tunnel. Hammer drops and firing pin sometimes won't come back. Had to hammer in the firing pin and take it out. This is the second time it's happening with a newly replaced firing pin. Looks like the firing pin spring somehow is chewing the pin. But when I took it out, the firing pin spring was in place.
  13. If you are just starting single stack, get a 40.
  14. quliming


    Taking classes saves you time. If a $500 class saves you 2 sec from a major match, is it worth it?
  15. EB is even shorter. Infinity is slightly longer. Techwell is definitely much longer, or you can try the full wrap ones.
  16. Lucas oil grease. When cold, add oil.
  17. Wilson combat. That's what I think now. Custom guns can be tuned very well, but for reliability, mass produced guns are more reliable out of the box. So the most reliable one will be the high end mass produced ones.
  18. Fiber for speed shooting, black for hard shots.
  19. Yes, probably common for local matches. Not one stage required going to the 4th pouch at the 2018 prod national.
  20. For standing reloads, probably only the first mag matters in a classifier like stage. How about make two boxes and do running reloads? That will tell if you are wasting time in a match. Upload a video.
  21. I would be more inclined if you can try metalform or chip mccormick. These two seem to give me the least problems. You can take the recoil spring off, or even the slide off, just try to stick in mag to see how the split follower engages the slide stop. Is it barely touching, in the case, when you slam it in, it could override. See how different mags engage it. If all mags override, then it's a slide stop issue.
  22. it's a mag/slide stop/gun combination issue. I would have started with trying diff mags, like Wilson, Dawson/metalform, cmc.
  23. Expecting to see tons of Walther Q5 Match SF this year. It's surprising that no company have tried striker fired steel guns before until now. By trying, I mean a gun that one can actually use, not like Hudson.
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