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  1. quliming

    Front sight fiber optic or black?

    Fiber for speed shooting, black for hard shots.
  2. quliming

    Draw and 5 reloads. (Prod or SS)

    Yes, probably common for local matches. Not one stage required going to the 4th pouch at the 2018 prod national.
  3. quliming

    Draw and 5 reloads. (Prod or SS)

    For standing reloads, probably only the first mag matters in a classifier like stage. How about make two boxes and do running reloads? That will tell if you are wasting time in a match. Upload a video.
  4. quliming

    Mag sticking and not locking back slide.

    I would be more inclined if you can try metalform or chip mccormick. These two seem to give me the least problems. You can take the recoil spring off, or even the slide off, just try to stick in mag to see how the split follower engages the slide stop. Is it barely touching, in the case, when you slam it in, it could override. See how different mags engage it. If all mags override, then it's a slide stop issue.
  5. It is on the production list now.
  6. quliming

    Mag sticking and not locking back slide.

    it's a mag/slide stop/gun combination issue. I would have started with trying diff mags, like Wilson, Dawson/metalform, cmc.
  7. Expecting to see tons of Walther Q5 Match SF this year. It's surprising that no company have tried striker fired steel guns before until now. By trying, I mean a gun that one can actually use, not like Hudson.
  8. The must go for Area 8 guys lol.
  9. quliming

    2019 Canadian Nationals

    When will we have the number of stages and round counts for the match? And exact squad schedule information?
  10. Just between Wilson vs Ed brown, I would go wilson. The hardcover front to back is very slightly shorter than wilson, that might give Wilson a little edge. Techwell grips and magwell are another good option.
  11. quliming

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    I do not see 1911 dominating if combined with production. It's a less(relatively) reliable platform and a deep water to get into. Now with Walther's Q5 match steel frame introduced, this is going to be interesting. Had I not started and stuck with 1911, I would probably start with this Walther, and stop worrying all the debates among different brands of 1911. My opinion is same as before, a division L10minor/L8major, any gun.
  12. quliming

    Grip for Sweaty Hands

    It doesn't matter what kind of grips you use, if you get sweaty enough, all slip. Use liquid grip. For less sweaty hands, try grip tape grips or silicon carbide.
  13. quliming

    Warming Up

    Agree with the post. 10 to 20 min dry fire before the match is great. As it's been already said, it gets your blood running and joint loosen up. We tend to feel this on our hands and arms not as much as we do on our feet or legs. I have noticed that my trigger control and grip pressure get better after some warm up. Next time get to a range, do a bill drill cold run at 10 yards, dry fire another 15 min and do another and you will see the difference. Reality is always different. When the match starts at 7:30AM and you have to get up at 6 and dry fire, that's tough for me.
  14. quliming

    40 mags not fitting the gauge

    Thank you guys for the help. SV confirmed this is their old style mag. I also contacted Grams and Beven said his 11mm basepad will work. If I decide to sell these at some point, how much is this worth?
  15. quliming

    40 mags not fitting the gauge

    Hmmm, I think we are getting close. I measured my new SV mags tube only, and it's 145mm. This tube measures 135mm. Now I am not sure if those base pads are dawson.