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  1. I just haven’t seen another gun run more reliable then a JP and the fit finish and attention to detail is second to none
  2. You sir did not change my mind. However I like your post haha. Thanks for the perspective ????
  3. Sorry to answer your question on the barrel price I do not know the exact price but I would bet on it being over 500$
  4. I called and asked for a new DVC Island barrel and they quoted 550$... I simply wanted it because it’s a W/N ramp and schuemann isn’t around much these days. I’ll go with an svi island barrel before I pay that price for a barrel.
  5. On a more serious note I only count rounds when adopting pro-am steel matches
  6. Shoot PCC ?? Never reload again unless it’s manditory ???
  7. I don’t think the guns have to be identical but should definitely be the same frame/grip set up.
  8. How often do you do you spray the oil into the comp?
  9. I have a few older ones that had been etched with a number. I’m assuming it was the dot size but had to pull the module to see it
  10. You can call STI and they will sell you the barrel. You will vomit when they give you the price ?
  11. Two things can be done to fix this. Tune the ejector and or Lower the ejection port. Tuning the ejector is they way to go, lowering the ejection port can compromise the slide and cause a crack earlier then expected. If it’s a minor gun lower it.
  12. I wouldn’t say it is dead, it is far superior to 9mm. Lost of research has been done with the two. I have a 38 super comp but don’t shoot it as much because of the cost of the brass. And yes I know it’s about equal if you read the cost analysis that a lot of people have done but it’s still in my mind that I have a brand new piece of brass I need to pick up lol. 9mm I just leave...
  13. Soda blasters work nicely. Soak mine in bore solvent then get busy with the blaster. Any tough spots I use a stone on my dremel.
  14. I’m running leupold dpp with 2.5 Moa dots. For uspsa it’s fine but I prefer a 4-6 moa dot. Steel challange I go with 8 moa dots
  15. That’s worth more then 20$... Haha i shot a20 yard plate rack once. It was painful. And cost everyone in the match like 10$ in extra ammo ???
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