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  1. Mike sold in August? So maybe the new management will start selling or producing again soon?
  2. send me a message if you want to chat about them, I'm happy to give you a few pointers if you haven't bought one yet.
  3. There is no other AR on the market that competes with JP... Buy once cry once, I have 4 in my safe and they all perform flawlessly on the clock. I have a 3-18 on my JP right now, 16 inch barrel. hit a 3 inch plate at 550 yards 3 in a row, 77gr blackhills. I was a bit surprised my self but I have witnesses so it definitely happened.
  4. the 180 rule in my opinion is there to keep people from being hurt... but it cant protect you from a pistol flying through the air of someone who tripped.. never been in a match that has hurt anyone other then a few frags that broke the skin
  5. any ideas when they will be back up and running? Schuemann made the best barrels hands down.
  6. I use Wd-40 for most of my rusting issues, if its bad I use scotch pads or bronze wool. keep a nice coating of oil on it and it wont be an issue...
  7. I have a deltapoint on my PCC, just added a 45 degree offset mount, does anyone use the 1 oclock mount? I have no experience with them, only the 45's. Whats everyone running at this point?
  8. Get with Atlas, they are making all sorts of goodies now. Adam and the crew typically respond within hours on facebook if you message them.
  9. I just haven’t seen another gun run more reliable then a JP and the fit finish and attention to detail is second to none
  10. You sir did not change my mind. However I like your post haha. Thanks for the perspective ????
  11. Sorry to answer your question on the barrel price I do not know the exact price but I would bet on it being over 500$
  12. I called and asked for a new DVC Island barrel and they quoted 550$... I simply wanted it because it’s a W/N ramp and schuemann isn’t around much these days. I’ll go with an svi island barrel before I pay that price for a barrel.
  13. On a more serious note I only count rounds when adopting pro-am steel matches
  14. Shoot PCC ?? Never reload again unless it’s manditory ???
  15. I don’t think the guns have to be identical but should definitely be the same frame/grip set up.
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