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  1. I would love to shoot one. Hopefully someone in the OKC area ends up with one soon... If the trigger is that good well then ya never know, how did it drive? recoil feel ok? what kind of loads were you shooting?
  2. I agree with you on both. I think it may be a decent option for 22 if you are a project kinda guy...and it could be cheaper i suppose. for PCC there is definitely a benefit. you think you can be to light? i haven't ever shot a gun at steel challenge that was super light I always used my green nordic AR-22... its pretty light but i primarily wanted it to be for practicing three gun when i got it...
  3. absolutely love the set up~! thanks for posting it, now i have some ideas for the primer collection! this will help satisfy my OCD haha great looking set up!
  4. wow that poor guy. when they started the flat rate shipping back in the day and the bullet companies started offering quantity that would fit into those boxes and not be over the 65 lbs... i think its 65 lbs, maybe 70 i was shocked. i always met my delivery guy at his truck and told him just show me where they are haha. he got used to it every 2-3 months having a few cases of bullets to load. I think he appreciates me coming and grabbing them. Nice you got him a little xmas present haha
  5. I am here for you buddy. my Atlas gun has the ziggy on it, and my brothers open gun has it to. I like it cause its out of the way. I never liked slide rackers in the past but i am starting to become a fan of them... the fact that i don't have to look down to rack it like i used to is nice once its practiced. I have a lot of videos showing me turn the gun sideways to grab the slide and rack it. didn't realize it was costing me a bunch of time and i had to take my eyes off the target. anyway good luck again hope you find what you need.
  6. did anyone ever have any issues with the RTS2's? I am a delta point guy and i know there were some issues here and there with the dot modules in them. I watch 2 RTS2's go down in the same match...DOT just disappeared and never came back. IDK if this was a batching problem or what. I personally never had any issues with the delta points but was always skeptical on the RTS2's
  7. if you ever wanted an STI edge you better snatch one up for that price. when they are gone, they are gone... STI won't be making anymore of them
  8. maybe throw a question in the gunsmithing section for the milling required for the ziggy... i have seen a lot of youtube videos making this cut but idk what tooling it is. GL
  9. when boomer shooter was active they had a few guys do big orders and go pick them up after a match. i have also heard of guys contacting a post master to let them know that they have 30-40 boxes of flat rate shipping coming and that they can hold it for them and they will come pick them up from the post office rather then the post office trying to deliver them over a month haha.
  10. I just stick with the 650. I have all the quick change kits for it that i need...I personally enjoy the process of loading ammo and don't really want it automated. I can go sit out in the garage in peace for an hour and crank out 500 or any round at a comfortable pace... i feel everything in my hand happening so i know if theres an issue with a case. I am not shooting like i used to but when i was active i was shooting atleast 800rds a month in matches. 650 has always been my style. I keep it lubed and cleaned and it just runs and runs and runs. different strokes for different folks i think. sounds like your set up is a dream for sure
  11. the quality of light actually affect the powder drop? that would drive me bonkers haha. interesting. i love the process of reloading, i think ill snatch up some MG 124JHP's for some winter reloading 9mm minor for the win : ) 3.5gr of vita 310 gets me 135pf out of a 6 inch tribrid. bets gun i have ever owned
  12. I just spray some dillon lube into a 1 gal ziplock back, add the cases i want lubed, shake it a bit and done and done...i use to spray it on, never had any issues with it getting in the cases and causing a problem... I'm sure if you flooded a case it might but a little spray in my experience never hurt my reloads... good luck and enjoy the process of reloading. remember, keep it simple.....what kind of cases are you lubing? handgun? i quit using lube as i don't think it is req when using good dies like dillon carbide dies. it does make it a much smother process but i also had to roll them around in a towel after loading to get the case lube off to case gauge... just another step i suppose
  13. I agree with you on this but it was more practical to do that kinda stuff then guess your way around a death star. I like getting my heart rate up before i shot long distance because I'm not a sniper... I think if you ever got in a position where you had to defend yourself from zombies your heart rate would be sky high. so i think running and gunning and up and over the berms isn't to big of a deal.
  14. Cha-lee hit this one right on the head. you can practice that one dry firing in the garage and fix that habit. crazy how such a small problem can cost you so many points and time on the clock. i guess that is just the name of the game though.
  15. i am not a fan of these and neither is my pistol smith... can't go wrong with a traditional one, i say ditch the aftec and never look back... its just one more thing you have to worry about replacing the springs on or some other thing to beat into submission trying to get it to run. get an ed browning or wilson extractor and call it a day. you can tune them your self if you get the powercustom jig and have a pull tester.
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