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  1. Y axis is number of people with classification percent less than or equal to what's on the X axis, divided by total number of people. In other words about 1/4th are unclassified, and classification percent of the remaining 3/4ths is approximately normally distributed with mean 57% and standard deviation 18%.
  2. Here's empirical cumulative distribution function of classification percent for production:
  3. They have an advantage since they can pick a better engagement order (left to right or right to left). Shooting paper first causes a longer transition between steel. I'm not saying it's not a mistake (it is), just that it does not invalidate overall match results.
  4. Materials were fine, it was just a simple mistake in interpretation. Printed WSB said "engage T1 and PP1-4", but was read aloud as "engage T1 then PP1-4". Not a big deal, competitive equity is still there as long as everyone in the match shoots it the same way.
  5. Create a profile, log in, subscribe to a bunch of gun related channels (Forgotten Weapons, Sage Dynamics, InRangeTV, yleegm, Jerry Miculek, etc.) YouTube will then start recommending you other gun related content. It's still there, just pushed down in general search. Won't help with gunsmithing, though, I think it's against their terms of service now. If you're paranoid like me, use disposable Google account not linked to anything else and have a dedicated browser for YouTube only running in a separate virtual machine. There's still no alternative. When YouTube demonetized a bunch of gun channels they tried to move elsewhere, including Full30 and PornHub. The viewers did not follow.
  6. It is normal and unrelated to classifier redo. Here are distribution functions of match percent shot at area matches by class from 2017, before the HHF update. This is for Production, but I think Open should look similar. Remember that classifiers below a certain floor don't count, and classification only ratchets up. For B class and better shooters classification percent is generally higher than major match percent.
  7. Longer and heavier barrel means less muzzle flip.
  8. CZ 75 that Shadow 2 is based on is widely used by military and police.
  9. A competitive production gun is still half that. I see Canik TP9 advertised for $280 right now.
  10. Update after 3k rounds: no issues, the contact stays in the middle.
  11. No option, see rule 3.3.1. Production-15 would affect shooters in commie states when they come to a match in a free state. A single stack minor gun is a lot more expensive. Not everyone is rich, and production is currently the cheapest division. Don't fix what ain't broken.
  12. Thank you for the correction. I was thinking about the "good" tail. With peak times it would be left (low times) and with HHF right (high hit factors). The "bad" tail (worse than average) is not really close to normal distribution.
  13. Percentiles are noisy in the right tail. A more robust approach would be to look at, say, 50th and 90th percentile, then extrapolate to whatever percentile peak time is supposed to reflect, assuming normal distribution (this assumption is reasonably close to reality for the right tail).
  14. There were two recent HHF updates, one on June 28th, 2018 (sizeable increase) and another on May 1st, 2019 (mostly just corrections). Don't know what happened before that. It should be possible to reverse out old HHF by looking at hit factors and percent on classification lookup pages, but I don't see any practical application of this knowledge beyond curiosity or nostalgia.
  15. I don't see a clean way to do it based on publicly available data. Classifier lookup only works for current valid USPSA IDs, so you'll need to somehow correct for survivor bias. It might be possible to look at classifications as of today, then make some inferences based on ID itself (I suspect they are assigned sequentially) or join date, but this becomes tricky with people shooting multiple divisions and taking time off from shooting (sometimes decades).
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