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  1. I don't know the CZ numbers, but 1911 slide spec calls for the breech face to be machined at 89 degrees, 08 minutes off the horizontal datum line. So bore axis points 52 minutes down, and if you want slide base to be parallel to bore axis you need to angle the cut accordingly. When shooting offhand the gun begins to move before the bullet leaves the barrel, so the angle might be different.
  2. Top of the slide may not be parallel to bore axis, so it's possible that the red dot cut is parallel to bore axis.
  3. It's not just actual match results that are different. Actual observed hit factors on classifiers are different, too. And capacity has nothing to do with it since classifiers have mandatory reloads. Most people just shoot more accurately with the dot. CO high hit factors are not yet based on actual CO performance, apparently because there isn't enough data accumulated yet. Hence they use the same HHFs as Production. As a result, if you want to level up it's considerably easier to do shooting CO than Production, at least for now. It probably won't last long, I expect CO HHFs to go up in the next HHF update. Steel Challenge already adjusted their peak times by half a second.
  4. Actual average hit factors are higher for Carry Optics than Production. On high hit factor stages there is pretty much no difference, most of it is coming from points on the low hit factor stages. Time is about the same.
  5. If it doesn't move and it should, use the WD-40. If it moves and it shouldn't, use the duct tape?
  6. This sound like a bigger issue than an occasional malfunction. I don't think the optic will last long if it's being constantly hit by ejected brass.
  7. In Carry Optics and Production, 06-03 "Can You Count" has the highest HHF, and 99-61 is the lowest. This is ignoring fixed time classifiers because their hit factor is not directly comparable.
  8. Two out of four clubs within driving distance from me have matches on Saturday.
  9. Chance at getting high overall on PractiScore without shelling out lots of cash for an open gun and major ammo.
  10. Definitely shouldn’t run are 03-11, 09-03, 03-12, 99-63, 03-18.
  11. Highest minor Single Stack match percent at the Nationals 2018: 89% 2017: 89% 2016: 82% That's a sizable gap, and I don't think it's a coincidence.
  12. That's right, there is not much difference, but it exists: one, two.
  13. In Single Stack it's generally accepted that shooting minor is a disadvantage, even after accounting for the two extra rounds. So all Production guys will need to dump their Shadow 2s and Stock 2s and buy something in .40. At which point we get something very similar to Limited 10 (Limited 8/10?) instead.
  14. Can't. It's illegal where I live.
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