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  1. And I've still got it! Plus another I picked up along the way.
  2. And you will be more than impressed with what you get back.
  3. I have both TK and Apex revolvers. I would go with TK. TK will be there if down the road you ever need the revo serviced.
  4. I briefly hung a Surefire 762SS off of an M1A. Accuracy was a little worse and the POI shift at 100 yards was a full twelve inches plus.
  5. http://1911ssc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/2018-SSC-Stages.pdf Stages look fun. The All Steel stage does not. I know that the diagram may not be an accurate representation, but that looks like a real headache. Never was very good with memory stages...
  6. Prior to becoming the nationals, the Single Stack Classic stages were based on equipment you might carry on a day to day basis. The stages were designed that one would not need more than a loaded gun and two magazines to complete. Basically no more than 24 rounds. I don't remember the holster rules exactly, but it had to be much closer to the body than current rules and the front strap had to be above the top belt line, as it is now. If I'm wrong here someone will be along shortly to set me straight.
  7. It is. The Single Stack Nats will be a part of the combined nationals in Frostproof in October.
  8. http://1911ssc.com/news/ For those interested. The match has had its ups and downs, but I've always enjoyed this match. Be interesting to see if they go back to the old holster placement rules.
  9. You can get a pretty good idea by assembling the pistol with out the FP block riser installed and running a feeler gage in between the frame and hammer. I recollect having a .067 spacer in my .40 SigMax. I don't have access to it to verify though.
  10. You're not going to find many revolver shooters at the two clubs in the Tucson area. Not sure about Phoenix, as I haven't been to a club match there in quite a while. I usually shoot single stack or revo here, and I'm typically the only revo shooter when I choose to shoot it. The majority shoot limited, production, and open. (Not necessarily in that order). Your selection of revo attended matches in PHX will be better, and its not too long of a drive if you live on the Northwest side of Tucson. There is a once a month ICORE match in Tucson and Phoenix (Maybe more in PHX). The ICORE state match, and the Western States Revo Match.
  11. I use the same charge weights with the coated and non-coated SNS bullets.
  12. +1 on Silhouette. Works quite well as a low flash powder in 9mm.
  13. Pretty sure you would be limited to L10 with that.
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