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  1. I would like to announce the 2020 Panamerican Extreme Open IPSC match. MATCH BASIC INFO Range: Volusia Count Shooting Club Location: Florida, USA Match IPSC Level: III, Stages: 30, Rounds: 550 Main match capacity: 480 competitors, 8 shooter per squad October 6-7, 2020 – prematch, 2 days of competition (2 full days of shooting) October 7, 2020 – registration to Main Match, guncheck / equipment check October 8-10, 2020 – 3 days of competition (3 half days of shooting) October 11, 2020 – Supersix (10:00) and Awarding Ceremony (12:00) Mat
  2. I see a large variety of safes on sale. Many people write that these are simple boxes and poorly protect its contents. I want to buy a truly reliable safe for the house to keep valuables and a gun.
  3. Hey Guys, Well, I haven't been here in forever... Anyway, our State Match is up on Practiscore and USPSA but the last time I looked, I don't think Troy had approved our Level II status. Ten stages plus chrono, two days in half-day shooting format. I believe we're doing trophies and perhaps modest prizes and that's mostly because we in VISSC all suck at asking for prizes. I noticed another (closed) thread about traveling here from a potential entrant and I won't deny that the registration process is a little annoying, but I'm pretty sure that those who've come to shoo
  4. I’m building an AR chambered in .300 with an adjustable gasblock and pistol length gas tube. Can i still run the TACCOM ultralightweight buffer system? (It’s a 10.5” barrel and 7” gas tube. With a lightweight bcg )
  5. As a part of my ongoing divisional tour of USPSA, I'm in the process of setting up a carry optics gun. Before I set up a Glock 17 gen 5 with one of my trusty RMRs, or join the dark side and use a 320, I thought I would solicit a few opinions on the best red dot for carry optics. I like and am relatively familiar with the RMR platform, and would use this for self defense, but the lack of dot clarity, blue lens tint, and small field of view is a bit off-putting. I'm seeing a lot of Leupold delta point pros showing up in competition lately, I like the glass qu
  6. The main reason I reload is to save money. I recently ran across a handgun training system that looks like reloading, at least for pistols, is no longer necessary and seems to be a smarter thing to use. Up till now, there has been no way to completely simulate the experience of firing a pistol. The thing that, as far as I know, is the most important thing to learn to handle is the kick. You can dry-fire all day, but there is no kick. You are forced to go to the range to get that particular experience. These Coolfire guys (http://coolfiretrainer.com/) have finally come up with a
  7. Howdy shooters! The WildGats are now up in full swing at the University of Arizona! We're a student run organization and a sub-sect of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation with our sights trained on firearms education and local/national competition. If you're a student in the region or if you're interested in supporting firearm education, culture and 2A sports please check us out at our website: http://wildgatswebsite.wixsite.com/wildgats Hit me with any questions or comments you might have, I'm happy to answer. We'll take all the support we can get! Sh
  8. Topton Fish and Game and Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club will be holding a 3 Gun series in 2016. It will be a four match series with all matches counting towards the prize table, but you can qualify for prizes shooting as little as one match. The match fee will be $30.00 per match, with a one time $30.00 fee if you want to be eligible for the prize table. The total for all 4 matches and the prize table will be $150.00. The prize table be made up up cash and some other prizes donated by sponsors. We will also hold a drawing for random cash prizes. Anyone that is eligible for the prize table
  9. I wasn't sure where to post this, so if a mod needs to move it, no butthurt here. Here is my pictorial for DIY silhouette targets. I've never measured them, but they are pretty close to life size. From now on say "Paper" not plastic. Cut it in half. Cut the top to the back. BOOM. Free sorta IDPA targets.
  10. We have formed a new USPSA club at West Shore Sportsmen's Association in Lewisberry, PA (across the river from Harrisburg). We are planning on running matches on the third Saturday of the month from March to November weather permitting. We will run a five or six stage match using five bays. We would like to run two classifiers a month with four field courses mixed in. Our match capacity is probably going to be about 75 shooters - with five bays running that means 15 shooter squads. If the two classifier idea causes a backup we might have to drop it to one. See you in 2016! facebook.com
  11. Hello Everyone! Blackstock Range is proud to announce that the link to register for our monthly USPSA Pistol Match is now live! Our match will be held on next Sunday 9am. Sign-in will begin at 8a.m. We will have 5 awesome field courses and 1 classifier designed and built by our match director Chris Kozell. Come on out, we would love to see you for a great day of fun. https://practiscore.com/blackstock-sc-uspsa-11-22-15/register
  12. The ultimate challenge of competitive shooting ability is back for 2015! The Trijicon Shooting Challenge, (previously the Trijicon World Shooting Championship), assembles shooters from around the world, to include amateurs and professionals alike, representing organized shooting sports worldwide and crown one competitor, the “Trijicon Shooting Challenge Champion.” This year’s event will be held October 21st-24th at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in beautiful Park City, KY. All shooters will compete over the course of 3 days in 12 equally weighted disciplines from various shooting sports. All
  13. Briar Rabbit November match is up on practiscore. https://practiscore.com/briar-rabbit-november-match-oh-20/register This will be our last match for the season. If you have not made it out to our range this year things have come along way over the course of the year. We have alot of thing coming for the next year. Thanks to everyone that has come out to the shoots.
  14. Beautiful Mark III Hunter .22 Cal Pistol for sale. Only 10 rounds shot from this pistol. (I only shoot 9mm and .45 Cal) Mint, Like New condition. $600 OBO
  15. I'm needing to set up a second pistol for 3 gun and I have a G17 that currently has no purpose. I'm thinking of starting to slowly build it up for 3 gun and one thing that I like about my current pistol is it has a longer sight radius. Would a Taylor Freelance barrel shroud not be legal under any of the larger 3 gun match rule sets? I shoot limited and don't plan on any other division anytime soon. As far as why, to set it up with sights, trigger, barrel, and shroud I'd have about $140 more in the pistol than the price of a stock G34. Also I think it looks cool and why not unless I can't sho
  16. Tomorrow, the UPS driver will be delivering a batch of Lucas Oil Contact Cleaner and Extreme Duty Gun Oil. I'm hoping to retire all of my FrogLube products. They work fine, but I expect to get slightly better performance out of the Lucas Oil product line, given how I operate. However, I am missing at least one thing. What would be a good grease for higher wear locations on all three guns? Or am I over thinking this because the Extreme Duty product won't need the grease in spots? I'm accustomed to putting grease on slide rails and the like. Maybe one of the Lucas sponsored shooters has a
  17. Hey again, Looking to mount a red dot on the slide of my BUL M5. It comes standard with a ported barrel therefore i have to shoot it in open division. What i need is a decent red dot sight. Any advice? Thanks
  18. Need to find others with experience and information for the Tanfoglio Witness 9mm. This one was an early import to the U. S.
  19. Video clip from a 3 Gun match last month. I am really trying to improve my pistol technique and skills. My first 5 shots where all good hits so I started to speed up quite a bit and then started missing almost every other shot. I also notice my recoil control starts out great and then seems to gets worse and worse. Any explanation for this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. hopefully this link works..
  20. This coming Saturday, October 4TH is the next regularly scheduled USPSA match for the club. With the usual 4 stages including a classifier. The match starts at 7AM. Please Pre-Register at the link listed here: https://clubs.practiscore.com/october-2014-uspsa-match-phoenix-rod-and-gun-club/register Afterwards, we will again hold the Rifle match. This month we will be starting at 4pm after we change the stages up a bit. This match contains 3-gun style rifle only stages. Please also pre-register for that match on this different link: https://clubs.practiscore.com/rifle-match-phoenix-rod-and-
  21. Registration for the 2014 Mid Atlantic Sectional Championship has gone live! The match will be held at Lower Providence Rod and Gun club on Oct 3-5, 2014. Staff Friday, Half day squads Saturday and morning only Sunday. If you enjoyed last years Star Trek theme, you will be sure to enjoy this years theme! Those that don't like themes, the stages will be sure to impress you as well. Online Registration and squadding: http://shootnscoreit.com/ipsc/match/2219/ Please Print and send this registration form with your check or money order: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwt7b5igyp1zq9d/MidAtlanticSecti
  22. This coming Saturday, October 4TH is the next regularly scheduled Rifle match for the club. With the usual stages . The match starts at 4 PM. This month we will be starting at 4pm after we change the stages up a bit from the morning pistol match. This match contains 3-gun style rifle only stages. For future matches, we are considering making some stages rifle/pistol. That will make the change-over easier as well as provide some additional transition practice. Please provide some feedback. Please Pre-Register at the link listed here: https://clubs.practiscore.com/rifle-match-phoenix-rod-and-
  23. This coming Saturday, September 6th is the next regularly scheduled USPSA match for the club. With the usual 4 stages including a classifier. The match starts at 7AM. Please Pre-Register at the link listed here. https://clubs.practiscore.com/september-2014-uspsa-match-phoenix-rod-and-gun-club/register Afterwards, we will again hold the Rifle match. This month we will be starting at 3pm after we change the stages up a bit. This match contains 3-gun style rifle only stages. Please also pre-register for that match on this different link: https://clubs.practiscore.com/september-2014-rifle-m
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