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  1. Plunk AND chronograph. I went to order some Bayou 124 coated and saw a short nose no-lube-groove pattern instead of the long nose with shoulder and groove I had been getting. I inquired. Denny said the mold maker said the NLG was more accurate so he bought a set of molds to replace his beat up grooved molds. He said he loaded and Ransom Rested some and they were indeed more accurate. My Colt 1991A1 IDPA ESP has the shortest throat of guns I shoot regularly and I had to seat the new style bullets to a substantially shorter OAL. I figured that would call for a lighter powder charge so I chronographed a downward ladder. Nope, I am going to have to increase my load. I will measure seating depth vs OAL.
  2. This thread is eerily similar to what I was reading earlier about the "low number" 1903 Springfield. Weak metal Bad ammo Bad luck Only a few "Mine's fine." Too bad the OP is far foreign and can't walk in and lay his barrel on Mr Strayer's desk. I couldn't bring up the link to the lab report.
  3. One of the few shops to keep the factory ejector rod latch, most put a ball detent in the yoke. I like the stop screw on the rear sight. I would set it for a 50 yard neck or head hold.
  4. The JAmes bullets look to have a shorter nose/longer bearing surface than most, similar shape to the Blue Bullets I have seen. I have been loading Bayou 124 9mm and find that they now have a different mould for the weight. I ordered some to try.
  5. There was a lot of this sort of stuff going on during the AWB 1994-2004. Magazine "repair parts" sold all over the place. Even "overhaul kits" with all parts loose in a baggie. I was surprised that the feds did not mount a sting to sell somebody an "overhaul kit" and follow him to see him assemble a banned "ammunition feeding device."
  6. Jim Watson


    The lightest I got a Glock reliable with was f 118, although without exotic respringing, 13 lb 4.5 lb. I think you are going to have to put in more spring and more gunpowder.
  7. Thanks. I can just stay with Federal for my limber spring guns, then.
  8. Seems like a match in the sunshine and breeze would be a healthy place. If you didn't have to use crowded public transport to get there.
  9. I do, too, although I set them aside for practice with the sticky-in-gauge rounds. But what kind of primers are you using that are softer than Federal?
  10. Sounds like a date with a chamber reamer might be in order.
  11. Seen it, done it. Now very careful to not put a partial magazine back on the belt. I once got an IDPA procedural the other way 'round. I had stuffed the ULSC round in a magazine; I THOUGHT a partial mag that I would refill. But it was an 11 round LAMR and on the next stage I got the procedural for firing 12 shots in a row.
  12. Recent Wilson and CMC are OK in my Colt and SA. No ICE, though.
  13. Yes, there were two or three distributors selling Strike One in the USA for a short time. I assume there were not enough people willing to pay twice or thrice the price of a Glock. I was tempted when they were blowing out the remainder for $800 but did not buy. Salient says: "This is a true limited release firearm and the last of the Strike One pistols in the U.S. Market." to justify four or five times the price. Of course they are selling $2000 Glocks, too; so it is in line with their other products.
  14. I suggest taking your PPQ to some USPSA (IDPA, ASI, GADPA, UPL, local outlaw) PISTOL matches and get acquainted with the action shooting environment before trying to learn to manage three guns at once.
  15. I don't wear contacts, but I have monovision shooting glasses, sight focus - about trifocal intermediate or "computer" - in the right lens; distance in the left. (Right handed, right eyed.
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