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  1. I don't know about cherrypicking powders, I have been loading mostly HP38 for years with no worries. The first thing I would do for her is just to put in less; find the lightest load that will cycle the guns. I once got a Sig P225 down to 81% of maximum for a novice.
  2. I see mostly tarted up Rugers. Like an XKE Jaguar, "occasionally everything works perfectly." Me? I shoot RFPI with a box stock M41 and CCI or Aquila SV so I am probably not the best source for jumping in at the deep end with a custom gun and exotic ammo.
  3. As said, USGI is Beretta M9, new procurement Sig M17/18. But if you as CO can get something off Doge's list after those, or better, COTS, it will show you are a leader of superninjaswattieroneoperators who need superduperweapons and are surely marked for advancement.
  4. You don't have to have a purpose made vest. Problem with those dime store "photographer" and "fishing" vests is that they are short and might not cover your G34 holster. I recall one guy wearing an old suit coat with the sleeves taken out; another with the famous blue houndstooth check jacket that he donated to the Salvation Army every winter, took it off his income tax as a charitable donation, bought it back in the spring. A BDU shirt with the sleeves rolled up or cut off will work. There was once a fad for Aloha shirts as concealment garments but that got to be racist
  5. It ought to be the other way 'round; if you have a flashlight on your pistol, it must be on for every stage. Actually, I think it is getting way overcomplicated. A scale and a box ought to cover it.
  6. But what about the one that is taller than the other insert dies? There wasn't one in MY Square Deal outfit.
  7. Titanium firing pin in SA is the usual suspect. Go steel. Note that SA firing pin is an odd diameter, Ed Brown makes the size in steel.
  8. I got a shipping - OK, "label printed" - notice today from Brazos that my 5 Feb order is ready.
  9. Every manufacturer says that. We ignore them. Power Pistol is a good choice for energetic loads; its burn rate gives good velocity without going overboard on pressure and its muzzle blast and flash let you feel manly.
  10. I haven't seen anybody try to game a chair, but we have a couple of runners to whom "hands relaxed at sides" has no meaning. Their standing start position is with the right hand at the holster, left hand at the crotch, left shoulder dropped and advanced toward the first target.
  11. Had that happen here last year. I think they disqualified him while waiting on the ambulance.
  12. As said, you will be ok with a caliber conversion in ESP. You can also enter in CCP (Compact Carry Pistol) but may only load to 8+1.
  13. I have gotten to a few outdoor matches in the past few weeks as weather improved and have been shooting an indoor match which only lost a couple of months to the depths of the shutdown. Attendance and round count are down, more due to ammo and component shortages than directly to Covid. Even with dry fire, live fire, and indoor matches, my match management has suffered. I have garnered a couple of Procedurals, probably should have caught more, and a lot of time wasting awkwardness.
  14. Well, if you clip a GM spring, the main requirement is to get it short enough to avoid the spring stacking solid and blowing the bushing out the front of the gun.
  15. That won't cycle the action with the stock spring?
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