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  1. I agree, IDPA or USPSA, if you don't have a CO these days, you just aren't With It. Us stick-in-the-mud iron sight shooters have a lot of Glock SSPs and 1911 ESPs. I see numbers of imitation Glocks* but not many SAOs other than 1911. *If it is striker fired and made out of plastic, it is operationally no different from a Glock, just a matter of personal preference and low sales resistance. MY glockoid is a Smith and Wesson.
  2. Somebody or another recommended variable springs for compensated guns, standard for standard.
  3. What kind of indoor range gives you a 10 yard width? But why is it either-or? In my case, it is where should I shoot TODAY?
  4. JEM does make a 2011 type receiver, $299.95. An RIA frame will be of the PO design, different parts and magazine. I have a .45 plain barrel 2011 assembled locally. It is very finicky as to ammo, I have quit struggling and just give it roundnose at a bit shorter OAL than usual. I think an integral ramp is better for the double stack center feed magazine. ETA: Looks like the OP has a barrel he wants to use, as I did. Good luck.
  5. Primers on hand for $300/5000 at Primers12.com, less than double 2019 price. Yeah right. I'll let somebody else take a flyer first.
  6. Darn shame. I had just pre-Covid learned of and set up for Gallant 200 gr RN .45s. Not all my .45s will feed SWCs and I like the weight. Oh, well, my closest regulation IDPA range actually stocks BBIs and I can pick them up after a shoot, and just lob 230s.
  7. Why not allow 9mm Limited Major? Yes, I know it will obsolete your .40. There have been a lot of rule changes that obsoleted previous equipment. It stimulates the economy as everybody has to get on the bandwagon.
  8. Depends on the MD. The place I shoot the most these days, CCP is popular at 8+1 and he doesn't put a popper activating a mover as the 8th or 9th shot. So you should be ok at 9+1 at a place like that. I have a set of 9 round .45 magazines for .45 ESP that work ok there. Might have to dump a round every now and then. Or you get somebody unimaginative and you nearly always have five double tap targets and can reload on the transition to the sixth. That used to be cited a lot before the magazine makers got the bugs out of 10X9mm mags. On the other hand, you could get an IPSC lite MD setting up a lot of 18 round stages that would leave you with only one shot in reserve and no choice on the reload. I know one of those, too. I don't take my 9x.45 rig there, even though that is where JoeD and I worked out the requirements for a 9 round .45 magazine that fit The Box. All that is left you is to Shoot The Gun.
  9. There is no official overall champion trophy, but who can say he doesn't look at the Practiscore overall standings? What is the order at a USPSA merchandise prize table?
  10. They are not, about 165mm. A friend's G34 was not happy with ETS although they are OK in my G17.
  11. How do you allow for the stacked springs having been clipped to fit the space, assuming he starts with two regular recoil springs of different rating? I have read that cutting a coil spring actually increases its rate, but I am too far from my Engineering Mechanics class to figure it out.
  12. If you stack two different springs, you will have to have a washer or spacer between them so they don't screw into each other.
  13. Yes, We Shooters of Revolvers with Limber Springs know that Federals are more sensitive. They have to have more separation in the packaging for shipping safety. One early use of flip trays, besides loading automatic feeds, was to get them all anvil side up so you could check that they all HAD anvils. Manufacturing has gotten more consistent, you hardly ever (but not never) hear of a primer without anvil, foil, or pellet.
  14. Somebody please explain to me how a Browning pattern gun can fire "out of battery" with a reasonably well centered firing pin strike. The barrel tilts as it comes out of battery. I have some "misfires" with light dents near the edge of the primer, that I take to have been caused by pulling the trigger with the action not fully closed. This is what we call a Clue. Also look at the pictures of a dummy in the chamber out of the gun. An integral ramp is not a guarantee of complete support for an overloaded round. In well used brass. My word. My Dillon will drop a LITTLE extra powder after sitting a while or after a skipped space lets more powder shake down into the bar, but a grain or grain and a half? When you are already 25% over book. I always check the first three charges when starting up and the next one after a glitch leaves an empty space in the shell plate.
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