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  1. I have the outfit, it works fine. Still need a magnet for steel cases and eyeball for aluminum, Berdan, and .45 Small. Berry's has a rotary media separator that also has adjustable slot width to sort brass. https://www.berrysmfg.com/item/rotary-brass-sorter Looks good but it only makes one cut at a time; video shows .45 retained, all other sizes and media passing.
  2. Jim Watson

    OAL problem with Berry 9mm 124 gr HBFN TP

    Shortest I recall loading any 9mm was 1.08". Do you have use of a chronograph? Start low and work up to make Minor and call it good. I am loading 147s with HP38 at the Hodgdon maximum for all but the one gun with "fast barrel," but they shoot fine and the guns are not getting beat up.
  3. Jim Watson

    Question on Starting Condition

    I have seen a very few people to thumb cock a DA/SA for the first shot. Usually it kind of fades away when they learn the crunch-tick. There was one guy back in my IPSC days who did it consistently. It really slowed down his first shot.
  4. Jim Watson

    Dodged the (Stuck) Bullet Anecdote

    That is what they tell cops who would be better off to risk their barrel than to be disarmed in a gunfight. What they tell you and me is: "In case of a failure to fire, continue to hold your GLOCK pistol pointed towards the target for at least 30 seconds."
  5. Jim Watson

    Newbie Questions

    My local club is not affiliated, does some funny things, so I call it IDPAish. I think things are trending back to IDPA procedures, though. There is one guy who comes in with 10x45 magazines and nothing is said. We also shoot USPSAish but rules and procedures are followed, just not affiliated. But if you are going to shoot IDPA, shoot IDPA by the rules. I see no reason to start out wrong with ideas of complying "someday." When I was working local matches, I would cut a new or casual shooter some slack on gun and gear IF THAT WAS ALL HE HAD. Like the one guy whose only handgun was a six inch revolver. But I gave the guy who wanted to bring out one of his many noncompliant pistols in lieu of his Glock a hard time. Your 5.7 won't knock down a 9mm calibrated Popper? Miss. And, as Frank Glover said, "IDPA requires us to hold six IDPA matches a year. This ain't one of them."
  6. Jim Watson

    CBC Brass - NEVER AGAIN!

    I had several cases of primer pullback with CBC. Then I noticed that the decapping spindle had backed out of the sizing die. Screwed it all the way down and had no more problems.
  7. A shooter at GSSF Indoor today stuck a bullet in his Glock 17 barrel, racked in another round and blew it out. So how did he dodge the bullet? Both bullets scored on paper. Lucky. The barrel was not bulged. VERY Lucky. My theory is that the bullet was stuck just ahead of the chamber and that the next round's bullet nose was right up against the stuck bullet's base. Therefore the shot PUSHED the stuck bullet out without a "running start" to slam into the stuck bullet. Also there was none of the air compression that one writer blames bulged barrels on. Any other thoughts?
  8. CAVEAT, I am not a machinist. But I would use bronze, Oilite, or very mild steel. I wouldn't want the bushing harder than the column.
  9. Jim Watson

    Winchester small pistol primer issue

    As said, variation in mass production. I have had no problems with Winchester primers but SASS had many reports of misfires back when Winchester quit plating their primers. CCI and Federal are OK in my use, too. My one purchase of Remington 1 1/2 during the Panic was dismal. Misfires, craters, piercings. I have one gun that will shoot them without difficulty, so I am using them up in that Springfield for IDPA ESP and USPSA SS. I have popped two primers in reloading presses. One Federal in my old CH Autochamp, one brand not known, in my S1050. Neither gang fired the magazine. I recall more reports of gang fired primers in the 650 than in other makes and models. Can it be that the wheel feed is not safer than the stack and bar arrangement?
  10. Jim Watson

    1911 38super or 9mm

    Long action 9mms seem to have been sorted out pretty well, but the .38 Super is on its native platform. It would take fantasy equal priced ammo, a tycoon budget, or a caddy picking up my empties to get me into .38. 9mm is Good Enough.
  11. Jim Watson

    M&P full size in IDPA CCP?

    I bought the Tonis in a fit of enthusiasm. Price in euros and postage from Italy were stiff. Sanding off 10s is much less expensive.
  12. Jim Watson

    New member Apollo Beach Fl

    Hey, I've been there. I have Florida Friends who used to live in Ruskin. When visiting I would get to the Guncraft range, also Wyoming Antelope Club. WAC held the Florida State IDPA for a while and that was a lot of fun.
  13. Jim Watson


    If I stop him and he has a stuck bullet or if he stops himself and does or does not have a stuck bullet, miss. I would have to reread the rules to see if he got a PE for stopping without a stuck bullet. If I stop him and he does not have a stuck bullet, reshoot. One PE per position of cover faulted.
  14. Jim Watson

    Don't be prideful about glasses

    I do ok with monovision shooting glasses. My street progressives are not as effective and I don't shoot with them except for occasional defense weapon practice. There is a new generation of Varilux X progressives with wider usable range, but they set it for "arms length" and I don't know how well that would work at gunsight distance. Bound to be expensive.
  15. Jim Watson

    IDPA Stage Design

    Places I shoot, they will tell you if targets visible at the same time are equidistant or far enough apart to require "priority" engagement. I don't know but one course writer who does gotcha stages. When I get to one of his, I apply Rule Zero; ask the SO what he wants me to do and then do it as fast as I can.