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  1. Special application, the guide rod/assembly screw loosened on my Marvel conversion the other day, letting the barrel flop and causing many misfires. I'm going try VC3 on it for the occasional disassembly - reassembly without having to break a Loctite bond and reapply.
  2. No power factor 115s as slow as will cycle the slide. I prefer 147s for Minor but circumstances have got me loading a lot of 124s.
  3. Could the Caspian external be made to fit? https://www.caspianarms.com/productdisplay/extractor-external-45acp-carbon
  4. I don't know if it is Covid or ammo supply, but there have been several regulars missing from the Wednesday night shoot near here. Last night the RO asked if we would prefer shorter stages or biweekly instead of weekly matches. I don't know if there was a consensus, several of the shooters said they had plenty of ammo or components and did not need to conserve.
  5. The local outlaw match allowed .22s this month. I had a lot of fun with my old Colt SM ACE except when it malfed on me. It would even knock down the Poppers as set that day. A rimfire division in regulation USPSA might be too much for the run n gunners to bear. I watched ISSF (was ISU) slide down that slope. Frex there used to be Running Deer, shot at 100 meters with a manually operated centerfire rifle. Most shooters just worked real hard on their bolt action, but the Army MTU gamed it with pumps. My hero is Walter Winans shooting a Rigby double rifle... in .22 Savage
  6. Agree with milanuk. The OP appears locked in to one hardball load, he is pretty well stuck with whatever spread that develops. And it doesn't matter at hardball ranges. When I tried to make a .223 into a FTR, I was happy to see SD/ES under 15/40. I could do a little better with .308 but not a lot. On the other hand, my .40-65 BPCR could be gotten down to a SD of 3 and a ES of 9-11. Very important with a big slow bullet at 500 m - 600 yd.
  7. I ordered bullets from Bayou when they were showing 5-6 weeks, and I expected them in by the end of this month. But now they are showing 8-12 weeks, so which applies? We shall see. Today I caught a bullet I like in stock at Xtreme and ordered some. The last time I did that, it was ten days delivery but shorted, which took several communications to straighten out and get the rest of my order. Hope they do better this time.
  8. 1. Use the U die and squeeze them down. 2. Shoot them in lost brass matches.
  9. Depends on what you are shooting at and how far. I would call this 36 yard zero suitable for "full figure targets" to 350 yards. But if you want to be able to pull one plumb at 200 yards, you have to hold UNDER by 4.8".
  10. Will that keep your glasses from fogging from mask exhalations?
  11. I like Ready Tac, available from CPWSA and SKDTac https://cpwsa.com/holsters/15-56-ready-tactical-uspsa-idpa-holster.html#/56-select_holster_desired-glock_34_35_41_rh_idpa Disclosure: I shoot with both Bill of Master Tac and Chris of Ready Tac, keeping my business close to home.
  12. That is why I did not bother to renew my SO card. I have worked under all the rule books and the last two or three are running together in my head. I just apply Rule Zero. Ask the SO what he wants me to do and then do it the best I can. Not the way it is supposed to be but see Howard B's conclusion.
  13. I did for a good while. Then the crank on my 550 broke. Dillon sent a new one and my high primers have gone away. I figure the part was cracked and flexing long before it broke in half. How high does your primer punch protrude without a case over it?
  14. I wear Hold Up pin type suspenders. The low stretch for matches, regular every day.
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