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  1. No but I have read and heard many times all that was "wrong" with IDPA. I have stuck with it so the critics are just an annoyance to me, but as I said, I think they have discouraged new prospects.
  2. I think one thing that hurts IDPA recruitment is that if somebody gets tired of renting a lane or dinging cans at the gravel pit and says "I wanna shoot comps.", hears Eye Dee Pee Ay and looks around on the gun boards, he is going to come up with page after page of internet experts telling him how lame it is and how he ought to do Something Else. So if you don't like IDPA, you don't have to shoot it, but I wish you would refrain from telling me what I am doing wrong to stay with it.
  3. ORIGINAL BUG was a side match, 5 shots, no draw, no reload. Now it is a main match Division. Not that I have seen it done. CCP seems to be doing well, though, along with IDPA/USPSA/SCSAs new best buddy, CO. "Shoot What You Carry" Have you ever seen anybody shoot AIWB concealed at an outlaw or USPSA match? I have and he scared me. I don't know where he thought his appendix is, but his holster was just slightly to starboard of his navel. That meant his draw was already about 150 degrees. Then there was the stage with the start line at 45 degrees, guaranteed sw
  4. No. BUG is a main match division and everything but the size of the gun is standard.
  5. I see two types of outlaw matches. I am smarter than Bill Wilson and whothehellever at USPSA. The one here is "just like" IDPA except he marks the threat targets, not the non-threat. But that is just one of many. I have shot them for convenient trigger time but I don't really approve of them, the local rules can mess with your mind when you get to a regulation match. The specialty match. My club holds the occasional IDPAish revolver match. If you don't own one, you just get six in your clips. I shot a pre Covid matche that is an annual affair for "hideable"
  6. Where's the LIKE button? I shoot IDPA (and USPSA, and SCSA, and some outlaw knockoffs) and agree that some of the rules keep me from fully expressing myself. But it doesn't bother me enough to make me quit going.
  7. I am shooting mostly L10 because a. I have a double stack .45 and b. more large primers than small. My regular match is too small, and further shrunken by shortages to give real statistics, but I have the perception that there is no real difference in outcome for L10, SS, or Production. Case studies: One recent recruit started with a TSO .40 and was moving up in the standings. But then he got CO Fever and put a dot on a Shadow 2 which which he is also doing well. Another guy is getting more $erious about it. He has about run the gamut with Glocks but is now
  8. That was then. The frequent rule changes sometimes work to our advantage.
  9. IDPA limits round count to 18 scored hits per string. Most stages other than standards are one string. Outlaw club I mentioned above goes to 24. How tough are you on cover calls? We had an outlaw match that put in fault lines for easy administration long before HQ caught on. Could that be the reason IDPA no longer requires them? Their well respected trainers got out of style. But at one time, "round dumping" for the purpose of scheduling a reload was a Procedural Error. Extra shots to assure good hits were OK, but how was the SO to know?
  10. There is an outlaw match near by with clear IDPA antecedents that lets you speed load. But you are limited in how much ammo you can carry and the stages run longer than IDPA, so don't throw away a magazine you will want later just to schedule a reload. There are a lot of these around, catering to local opinion about what is "tactical" or interesting, or fun or whatever, but somehow better than IDPA or USPSA.
  11. The .45 Commander recoil spring is a nominal 18 lbs with fewer turns of heavier wire so as to not "go solid" in the shorter spring space. The Wilson "Custom Tune Kit" for Commander gets you a 20 lb "standard" spring and a 12 lb target load spring. I can only assume that Wilson, Baer, et al. use stronger recoil springs to cycle their tight slides and ram cartridges into their tight chambers better. Wolff will sell you about anything you want or a sack full of different springs in a "calibration pack." My old Colt Commander will function with some pretty
  12. The old book Tac Load is supposed to "leave the gun unloaded for a shorter time." It is also more difficult to manipulate. The weird thing is, after all that preaching, the rule book recommendation for a revolver was to "eject the contents of the cylinder into the hand and drop the whole mess in a pocket." Which left you up the proverbial creek if you should need the live rounds out of the mess. Fortunately seldom seen unless the stage was written to force it. They eventually abandoned the distinction.
  13. I'll keep an eye out for the maneuver. When I started IDPA in 1997 there were mandatory Tactical Reloads and you better not do a Reload With Retention. I even learned a real Revolver Tac Load. I think I needed to recover the saved rounds in a match once ever and maybe two or three times with an auto. So my habits are well formed and I am unlikely to try a Gotcha Drill. I agree that things like "properly stowed" and "retention position" should be formally described. But it is not going to make me stop shooting IDPA. I can even shoot USPSA and throw loaded magazines
  14. The current rule book does not define or discuss "properly stowed" that I can find. Probably because the tac load is no longer a required move, the only place it comes up is for retrieving a dropped magazine. So if you have a method for a tac load that finishes with you holding the partial magazine and shooting with the other hand, give it a try and find out what the local SO thinks.
  15. "Properly stowed" does not include holding in one hand while shooting with the other. I've seen the others mentioned above used. I do not know the current position on breast pockets, used to not be allowed. I doubt the dump pouches carried by upper crust tier operators would be approved.
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