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  1. You mean the PCC is not just the Easy Button on pistol targets like it usually is?
  2. I don't have a sponsor for USPSA and I don't pay for logo wear to advertise somebody's product. If you see me with a billboard shirt or cap you may be sure it was free. I like Duluth Trading Longtail shirts, the extra 3" helps keep them tucked in under a gunbelt.
  3. Depends on how wide a net you want to cast. In the broadest sense, almost all of them. The most common locking system is the tilting barrel first produced in quantity as the 1911. Current production finds only the Beretta (Walther) locking block, a few rotating barrel pistols and a very few gas piston guns unrelated to the Colt/Browning design. Do you require the barrel be tilted by a link, not a cam? That pares the list way down to Tokarev, Star, and Wilson mutants that I can think of offhand. Must you have a straight line trigger like Tokarev, Wilson, Radom, or a couple of Smiths?
  4. I'm with Jack. Which is about what you are getting now. Does the gun have an optical sight? 9mm Major is allowed in Open only.
  5. I don't recall ever seeing a S&W revolver with roll pinned sight. Plenty of solid pins out there, some of them polished over so smooth it is hard to tell they are there. A DX sight can be identified by the hole in the front of the ramp.
  6. I have wondered about .38 S&W. A Terrier or Regulation Police is marked for it and it is actually a bit larger diameter bullet than .38 Special. But with BUG as a main match Division, I don't really want to shoot a hundred rounds from a one pound gun. Theoretically, you could enter a BSR or Model 11 in SSR and gain a whopping 4/10" on the ejection stroke.
  7. None. 8.2.9 Revolver BUG (BUG-R) Handguns permitted for use in BUG-R must be: A. Any revolver that uses .38 or larger cartridges with a rimmed case and is not loaded with moon clips. B. The use of trimmed (shortened) ammunition is not allowed. C. Barrel length of 2 1/2" or less. D. The unloaded firearm must weigh 26 oz. or less. E. Be loaded to the division capacity of no more than 5 rounds in the cylinder. F. The firearm must fit in the IDPA gun test box measuring 6 1/2" x 4 5/8" x 1 3/8". G. Revolver BUG Modifications: Revolver BUG must comply with all Stock Revolver features and modifications, and equipment restrictions. I have read of people buying an extra cylinder. The .002" difference in nominal groove diameter does not make much difference.
  8. I just splurged on some paper targets when Midway had a free shipping special. I also keep some lightly shot match cardboard on hand.
  9. I seem equally mediocre inside or out. And inside tomorrow evening will be nice on a 96 deg. October day. At least Saturday is supposed to be down to 88, a mere ten degrees above average for the date.
  10. I have a 550 which I operate seated. I'd like to pick up the pace. I have a 1050 which is plenty fast for my needs, but I have to operate it standing which my worn joints make sessions short. Question: How is the handle effort and length of stroke on a 650/750 compared to the 550? If I can't run it seated like the 550, I had just as well splurge on another 1050 and load ten minutes at a time. No, I don't want a motorized loader.
  11. I had a leaflet showing a frame safety SW from SHOT in that era. When asked, the rep said it was like a yacht, if I had to ask, I couldn't afford it. All such literature lost in house fire.
  12. This works on any of them. I now have a 550 and a 1050. The only thing wrong with the 1050 is that I am intimidated by the work needed to change calibers, so I leave it in .45 and load 9mm (mostly) on the 550 with occasional changes for low volume ammo like .38 Special and .45 Small Primer. Frankly at my rate of fire and time availability, I had just as well have kept my SDB for 9mm and .38; letting Dillon provide parts and repairs as required.
  13. I am sure most of us have played with a gun to hear it click with the slide back a bit. What I would like to see tested is whether it will fire with the slide back 0.xy" and whether that will speed up unlocking to where the case ruptures.
  14. Looks like extremely high pressure from a gross overload. Chintzy brass maybe a secondary contributor. What I have read here about Evolution powder measures, I have no problem accepting a double charge. I have been doubtful of the "out of battery excuse". I see what you are saying about a LITTLE BIT out of battery, but would like to see it experimentally confirmed. I have a design for a device to induce controlled out of battery slide position. Now if somebody would just donate a gun to risk...
  15. Might have been. Long enough ago that there is no longer a Modified Division.
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