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  1. More and better stages. Hobnobbing with The Right People. Most high end and well traveled shooters are interesting to get to know.
  2. Me, either. I do have a weekly (Wednesday evening) USPSA match at 58 miles. Started out IPSC, the owner is an English expat, but he changed to the American game when there was demand for an affiliated event.
  3. I showed them to the local indoor operator who has been making noises about IDPA for months now, but his bays are not wide enough. Stage 1 is 30 feet plus two targets.
  4. MD yesterday said he will run the postal after the winter rains (Mississippi) decline. We were shooting Sunday because of thunderstorms Saturday. He said he will offer it a couple of times so as to allow shooting multiple divisions.
  5. Many moons ago, NRA told how to load squibs. In those days a squib was a very light load suitable for basement shooting, not a screwup. But a stuck bullet was still involved. Working with a .38 revolver, they said to reduce the lightest listed load of Bullseye gradually until a stuck bullet resulted, then add back a quarter or half grain. Results would vary widely depending on barrel length and cylinder gap, so they couldn't just give a number. So I recommend Bullseye for your experiment. Fewer surprises there than with "clean," "modern" powders. Anecdote alert: I can tell you for sure that one (1.0) grain of 700X will get a .38 wadcutter out the barrel. A foot low and sideways on a B27 target. A similar underload will clear a 9mm cast but hardly budge the slide. Pistol loads of 700X do not meter reliably in a CH or Dillon bar measure. I never got a zero load, but one grain cropped up every once in a while. I improvised a vibrator for a while but eventually gave up and stayed with finer granulations.
  6. Yup. Every once in a while somebody will try to sneak in a cocked or half cocked gun to ease the effort on an unloaded start, but an alert SO will make him drop the hammer.
  7. I hope one of the ranges in my combat radius offers it. It is only four stages, places I shoot generally offer six in a monthly. OK, let them put up a couple of IPSC Lite to run up the round count.
  8. Might make CCP with a single sided safety if that got width down to 1 3/8"
  9. Trivia: I pointed my digital camera at the IR illuminators and they shone brightly. Phone cam does not detect the IR, though.
  10. There are several listed on the IDPA club finder. Eight of the ten look to be active. https://www.idpa.com/clubs/?type=clubs&search_country=US&search_state=CO&search-location=&search-radius=&search-word=&search-id=&filter_submit= I haven't looked at the map to see how far they are from Colorado Springs.
  11. Then you do need a Barney magazine to get to 10+1 without a lot of manipulation. Don't think about it, do it.
  12. You don't need a "stripper" magazine, just load one with 11 rounds to start with. Best to mark it. Reload magazines get 10. That is 10+1 to start, 10 in reserve, two allowed; no more, no less unless called for in the CoF. Stages or strings in a multiple string stage will not require more than 18 hits. So you have 31 tries to get 18 hits.
  13. OK, have they sold 2000? Don't they have to specifically apply to be listed, even after making 2000?
  14. I don't think I can pull the handle fast enough to need a loading die with a heat sink. I guess it is for the motorized presses.
  15. Matching factory ammo is an interesting activity. I am like jcc7x7, same bullet weight and velocity and I am satisfied. I cannot buy the same bullet as in my favorite JHP factory load, but I can get pretty close on nose profile. But I have heard of folks like TrackCage, too. They find that mere power factor does not necessarily give the same feel. The last such search I read of ended with a good stout load of HS6.
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