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  1. The 125s have a shoulder, not quite SWC depth, but it gets the nose down under bore diameter. My Bayous of that profile measure only 0.340". I load them to 1.14" largely because that lets me use the same seating die setting for several different bullets. OALs vary because of nose to seating plug contact, but they all work. The 135 BBI is marginal in my Plastic M&P, though. I'll shoot the remainder in SA. So the similar rather blunt RN of the 147 might give interference in short throated guns. It looks like almost everybody uses Magma casters. So you are buying the same styles on price, accuracy, sport support, or old boy network. And maybe color.
  2. I don't know what happened to YOUR load, but I have had two stuck bullets with powder present. One was a factory load that had been heavily wetted, contaminated for sure. The other was a light powder charge and a light bullet in .38 Special. Coming up from low ready put the powder against the bullet, the primer flash just did not reach it; blowing it and the bullet partway down the barrel. Unlikely in a stubby autopistol round.
  3. Works the other way, too. I bought a 686+ and found little use for it after the 8 shooters came out, and no resale or trade market. So I sent it in and they put in a six shot cylinder and hand.
  4. In a bygone era, it was well known that Smith & Wesson action parts were case hardened - they even copyrighted the appearance to cut down on Spanish knockoffs - but that Colt internals were through hardened. Now we have forty-leven manufacturers, each with his own ideas and a metals catalog. So that can of Kasenit that my old line gunsmith neighbor kept handy would not be much use.
  5. The gunsmith who refinished my smoke and water damaged guns uses Oxpho Blue. He has his own method and it came out looking ok on some, good on some, better than new on a couple. I don't know how it wears, these are "range guns" not subject to holster wear and foul weather, but they look fine now.
  6. They ought to include a tattoo of that with your membership. You have a Glock 19, shoot the Glock 19. I presume that is your defense weapon; shooting it a lot in matches will be good practice. Once you are SURE you like the game, a G34 would make sense.
  7. This is what I have seen. I don't get around many of the top shooters who can shoot fast A-As, most of the local practitioners are happy with fast A-Cs. I am in the OFS category and shoot mostly slow A-As and -0s.
  8. My FLG agrees with MikeBurgess. Since the barrel moves A LITTLE, it affects the recoil. Jim Clark said that when the interest in .38 Super Major came up, he wished he had back the "fat barrel" .38 Supers he had converted to .38 Special. Otherwise, you could save money by just hanging a bar of pig iron on your accessory rail... like some of the Glock shooters do.
  9. Don't you think the plain scope mount and lumpy dot distract from the styling?
  10. Only if you are shooting laser weapons. I have been hit pretty hard by fragments off of poorly maintained plates. The weirdest was the time a whole bullet flew almost straight up and fell on me in the next bay. It didn't land hard but it sure got my attention.
  11. The CO Box is The Box with most of the top side removed to clear the dot. If your gun will fit The Box without the dot, it should fit with the dot sticking out. https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/themes/idpa/assets/match-files/Carry_Optics_Official_Rules.pdf
  12. You order cheap, you get cheap. I shot a bunch of Armscor .452" jacketed bullets with every sign of satisfaction while they were on sale . I once got some .450" coated bullets in the early days of that type product, they were dreadful.
  13. Jim Watson

    Six x5

    IDPA CO is ESP with a dot. Anything you can do in ESP that you think will help.
  14. I am sorry to say I can't help. All I can say is that this happens fairly often. There is always a lot of theorizing but unless it is some gross departure from spec, usually undersize, there is never a firm conclusion.
  15. I can't tell what the changes are from the pictures, except for the priming station spring vs wedge.
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