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  1. Here are the specs for CCP. The EMP weighs 27- 30 oz and a 9 round magazine is just right for an 8+1 Division. 8.2.4 Compact Carry Pistol Division (CCP) Handguns permitted for use in CCP must: A. Be semi-automatic. B. Use 9 mm (9x19) or larger cartridges. C. Barrel length 4 3/8" or less. D. The unloaded firearm with the heaviest magazine must weigh 38.00 oz. or less. E. The firearm with the largest magazine inserted must fit in the IDPA gun test box measuring 7 ¾” x 5 3/8” x 1 3/8”.
  2. A friend just bought a SA RO Stainless 9mm. It seems a good solid gun, but it is going to need some work. Feeding is poor with the supplied magazines, I loaned him some of my name brand clips to try. Trigger pull is tough. My SA Mixmaster A is doing fine at 3 3/4 lbs on the tuned factory MIM, so you don't HAVE to buy new lockwork.
  3. Is this at any round or only the last?
  4. Yes, and that before anybody actually has a 750. Imagine the discussion over real presses.
  5. That should do it, with a clip conversion and some .38 SC. A guy at a recent USPSAish Revolver Special had a Taurus of some sort, tuned in a local shop and doing well. Must have been a sixshooter because he had Comp III loaders.
  6. Neither does the 7 shot cylinder.
  7. I am giving up on semiwadcutters, flatpoints, etc., and going roundnose throughout. Gallant makes a 200 gr .45 roundnose that lets me use the same loads and sight settings as the SWCs that feed in some guns but not others. https://gallantbullets.com/collections/45-caliber/products/45-200gr-round-nose
  8. You could measure it. Is it wider than 1 5/8"? Does it make the gun OAL more than 8 3/4" or taller than 6"?
  9. Strange, there is no shortage of 10x.45 magazines, but not an extended 9mm or .38.
  10. Jim Milks is known for weld repairs, has done one for me. Breechface is not on his list, but neither was my job. http://www.innovativecustomguns.com/p/gunsmith-services.html Pullman is getting a lot of references for weldups these days. https://pullmanarms.com/gun_smithing_services/
  11. I am in the same place. Same components, although I don't have the exact powder charge at hand, no chronograph data, it functions the gun and hits the target. I get unburnt powder in this and all other light loads but have quit worrying about it.
  12. Right, you have the allowable and you have the norm. The "inner edge" MD is within the rules but outside the norm so he will be criticized and even lose attendance.
  13. The rule is that you may not shoot while touching the ground or other object on the far side of the fault line. Which can be anything to mark a line. While we are used to treating the top far edge of a board as the fault line, and therefore can stand on the board, there is nothing saying that the MD may not define the fault line as the inside edge of the board and not allow standing on the board. I never ran up against that approach as Rowdy did, but I rather expected to when fault lines came in. I shot an indoor match on Monday. It is hard to stick a board to a concrete floor and tape gets you into an unnatural motion, looking at your feet instead of locating the target. So the MD found some thick rubber mats. Standing behind a barricade on a half inch of rubber is a definite indication you are inside the fault line with little tripping hazard.
  14. IDPA China is a substantial sponsor as well as a rather strange source of shooters, so it figures they will get preference. Last year when it was merely the Nationals, four of us here entered with 8 points each. We didn't make the cut. I got plucked on the random draw. I declined, I didn't care enough to go by myself. Then two of my group got picked when they drew for that and other places left open. I told one, a new MM shooter, "I will go along and caddy." So when we got there, I was offered yet another place. But I hadn't taken my gear. So I followed her around with ammo and water and a bit of coaching. The other guy in my club that got a last minute opening DNF on heat exhaustion.
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