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  1. Rare to see a CO without cow. I know one guy who gets by without iron sights and he has shot enough that acquiring the dot without a post to point the way is no problem.
  2. I would try ordinary 115s. And double up on ear protection.
  3. I have been in this for a long time, not at a high level but enthusiastic. I always say, "I shoot, one expensive hobby is enough." I am now shooting Limited Minor because of arthritic changes, Major is unpleasant and will kick me into a flinch in pretty short order. If you don't want to handload, you could buy .40 Major from a specialty shop like Atlanta Arms, but 9mm is certainly the Easy Button. You can scab a lot of Stuff onto a Glock, trigger parts, sights, frame weight, sight block, mag well funnel, frame stippling, trigger guard divots, etc. You will have to ask the Glockophiles if any of it really improves the shooting. But the guy I shoot with these days is entirely happy with a G17 and an ETS magazine. I think he is looking at fiber optic sights, though. The which I would not be without.
  4. I just got in a pair of Gen 2 9mm. They tested well in my Eagle, and I will use them at the next match along with Gen 1s and MXBs. I load magazines before the match. If a few hours loaded is squashing the springs, it hasn't affected feeding yet.
  5. CCP is ESP in a smaller Box, and I would consider the Apex trigger to fall under: K. Aftermarket triggers and trigger work that result in the trigger being forward or rearward from the stock trigger position. L. Externally visible trigger over travel stops. M. Hammer and other trigger action parts to enhance trigger pull. But I am not your MD, so ask before you splurge.
  6. Like pyrrhic3gun, I remember the Old Days of 9x21 Major CZ and TZ. Slide stop breakage was routine. I saw one guy replacing his with a straight pin, no lever. He had a baggie of them in his range bag. An early Internet Expert said that breakage was not right if the gun were "properly fitted." I think the OP would do well to consult a CZ specialist shop and see if they could straighten his guns out.
  7. I hate to lead you into the 15 ounce game, but the lowest standard deviation I ever got was with 452AA. Which would lead me to try WST. Do you have any jacketed bullets left to compare to coated?
  8. As a minor sidelight, what is the timeline for the formation of the various divisions?
  9. Just to wrap up, the Castboolits board has a ton of stuff. http://castboolits.gunloads.com/
  10. Wrong, .30 WCF is the original name for .30-30. Marlin and others labeled guns and ammo .30-30 to keep from putting their competitor's trademark on their products. Given that, there were in the day reduced loads for "gallery" and small game, sometimes called "miniature" loads. 1. The cartridge is the same. 2. Not that I know of. 3. It would be a routine handloading project. Lyman has data for such light loads and Ed Harris did a lot of work on them. Modifying factory loads would not be any simpler. 4. There are chamber inserts that would let you shoot .32 pistol and revolver ammo or .30 carbine in a .30-30 but they are not usually real accurate. 5. Not much. Main match CAS rifles must shoot revolver calibers. The occasional side match might use such a light load but most tend to the higher side of cast bullet velocity.
  11. Possibility 1. You have a hammer with "safety stop" like a Colt Series 80. That is normal behavior. Possibility 2. You bent the trigger just enough to allow a "false half cock" with the sear on the lip of the notch, not captive in the undercut. Dangerous in the extreme, probably worse than no half cock.
  12. Sorry, I have not seen the defect in person and don't know just how the trigger might be misfit. But if it is grazing the half cock on the way down, it will eventually chip out the hammer or the sear.
  13. If all you did was change the trigger and the half cock quit working, you did something wrong.
  14. "Working up a load." Accuracy is hard to evaluate. Unless you are an excellent shot or have a Ransom rest, the spread from fair to good to great is hard to detect. Velocity is impossible to gauge without a chronograph. Either you have enough power to cycle the action or you don't. I went for years like that. If my reloads fed, fired, and functioned; and grouped as well as factory ammo, I was happy. I have a chronograph for power factor now. I mostly use the CE and occasionally get out the CED with its greater bells and whistles. A Labradar would be nice, but I am no longer chronographing every week or two to justify it. The club had a Ransom Rest for a while. It was interesting but we no longer have it and the loads that proved most accurate then cannot be made up now because the bullet vendors are gone.
  15. I leave a CFC die in my 9mm press. I have hardly ever seen it to burnish the case over the bullet, even a coke bottle 147, the contact is near the head where the taper and radius of the Dillon die don't touch. I only use a CFC die for light jacketed or plated .45s. It will go bumpity bump over the bands of a cast bullet. We shall see if it is necessary for 200 gr Xtremes.
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