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  1. Jim Watson

    S&W revolver troubles

    I always figured they gave up some spring load on the cylinder stop when they dropped the 4th screw and required the stop spring to be crammed in place from the side. Wolff makes regular and extra strength stop springs.
  2. Jim Watson

    SA RO Elite Operator ESP

    Agreed. The Box was apparently drawn around a 1911 with adjustable sights, mag well funnel, and magazine base pads, state of the art in 1996. The only question is whether that way kewl searchlight rail - that IDPA won't let you hang anything on - brought the weight up too much. Catalog says 41 oz which is ok if it includes a magazine or if magazine weighs less than 2 oz. Have to be careful choosing a mag well funnel, though. I have S&A aluminum on my ESP.
  3. Jim Watson

    Pin grip safety?

    If you mean that they will sell you a 1911 with a nonfunctional grip safety, I doubt that would pass tech inspection at a sanctioned match. Note that deactivation of a safety is not allowed as a "feature" as well as a modification. Now if somebody is making up guns with a version of the Novak "Answer" that would be a different matter.
  4. Jim Watson

    Ideal barrel length for SSP/ESP/CDP Divisions

    I want the longest that will fit in The Box.
  5. Jim Watson

    make-up shots

    That sounds pretty hokey. I agree with davsco, you are permitted to reengage AFTER engaging targets according to the CoF. Shooting the targets before executing the CoF requirement would not be allowed anyplace I have been.
  6. Jim Watson

    Grip Tape

    I never saw a grit tape I liked. I had some 3M bumpy rubber tape from a local lumber yard that suited me, but the place is out of business and the big box stores don't carry it. I could Amazon it, if I wanted to outfit the entire State Championship. I'll check ACE. I have a gun bought second hand with Talon rubber and like it, but it is so expensive versus industrial products that I will look around.
  7. Jim Watson

    2011 is Doubling

    Bought a used Brazos Pro If it is not something simple like the overtravel screw, I would consult Brazos.
  8. Jim Watson

    SC Rules too Complicated?

    Doesn't seem complicated to me but it is not my main game. One gun is enough, I normally shoot RFPI with my old Model 41.
  9. Jim Watson

    Carry optics?

  10. Jim Watson

    CZ 75 Lower

    What would be my chance of getting a CZ75 lower to turn my Kadet conversion into a Kadet gun? Where? If I bought another CZ75 gun, would the upper be an easy sale?
  11. Jim Watson

    Accurate, soft shooting .45 load?

    Let me know how it works out. I have tried different powders for economy and convenience, fine; but I have not seen a difference in performance when loaded to the same ballistics within recommended charge ranges.
  12. Jim Watson

    .45 bullet shape not feeding well

    Run OAL up and down. Shoot them up in that one gun.
  13. Jim Watson

    38 snub nose for wife

    You have to keep after her, else she will discover that getting hits is a lot easier on SA. Fine for careful target shooting but dangerous in the defensive role. I know of one AD due to a startle reaction and two when trying do decock a revolver.
  14. Jim Watson

    38 snub nose for wife

    I would use coated bullets. Less chance of leading, less smoke than cast; less expensive than jacketed, probably more accurate than plated and less likely to stick in the barrel if the load is TOO light. Use a fast powder, Bullseye is historic, Clays seems good, I bet N310 is. Trail Boss is made for mild smokeless loads in legacy black powder revolvers... which the .38 Special is.
  15. Jim Watson

    Carry optics?

    Hey, I remember when. I did not buy a Tripp-McCormick because I could see the AWB coming down the pike and assumed Sedro Wooley would obey the law. I know, but Steve started talking about what he would do if USPSA would let him.