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  1. I like the 10-8. It is broader but not longer.
  2. Jim Watson

    electrolyte supplement

    Orthostatic hypotension. Stood up to take my turn, blood pressure dropped suddenly. Maybe due to low blood volume, I was likely not as well hydrated as I thought. Vasovagal syncope. Involuntary nervous system got funny, dropped blood pressure, I fainted. One or the other or combination of effects, I dunno. Ended up on BP meds, more care on hydration and electrolytes.
  3. Jim Watson

    electrolyte supplement

    June 2017 I passed out at a match in Birmingham Ala. Well, nearly, I don't THINK I completely lost consciousness but things were real hazy there for a while. On range response got me horizontal with wet towels on head and chest, cold water bottles in armpits, water to drink. Ride to ER, IV, numerous tests. No specific cause; it was only mid 80s and I had been drinking water at my usual rate. Orthostatic hypotension and vasovagal syncope were ER and home MD diagnoses, respectively. Hearing the paramedic holding my wrist "I don't have a pulse." and the one with a hand on my neck "I don't have a pulse here, either." would have been alarming if I had been more compos mentis.
  4. Jim Watson

    electrolyte supplement

    I have some of the Hylands cramp relief pills, also their "Bioplasma." I don't know how much it is doing for me. Should a cramp slip by my regular protocol, pickle juice is an immediate relief.
  5. Jim Watson

    electrolyte supplement

    Balderdash. A friend sent me some packets of electrolyte salts to be dissolved in drinking water. The taste is vile so I mix the solution with Gatorade. I alternate clear water and that blend throughout the day. I finish up with a bottle of straight Gatorade, drink plenty of water at post shoot lunch, and take a calcium citrate tablet before bed.l have had many fewer leg, foot, and hamstring cramps after a day on the range. YMMV (Your Metabolism May Vary)
  6. Jim Watson

    How has PCC going?

    Sounds good to me. It doesn't take much powder to get f 125 out of a 16" barrel. I am amused by PCC shooters not using the same ammo as for their PCPs.
  7. Jim Watson

    How has PCC going?

    I think I saw a PCC at a distance at Saturday's IDPA match, but not on my squad. There were several at Sunday's USPSA. The Ruger is drawing attention, the guy shooting one yesterday was very quick and quite accurate. Of course he would probably have done well with an AR type or foreign gun with equal effort. DIY 9mm ARs lead to a condition like the Holster Box. Most assemblers have leftover unsatisfactory parts. I recall the guy who had a strange report and broken parts on the ground, too. One range near here dropped IDPA in favor of an all carbine match. I don't think it improved attendance that weekend. USPSA does well there, but Steel Challenge is the big draw.
  8. Jim Watson

    What Dillon 550 Upgrades do you have?

    I have An extended primer bar plate, the plain one, not the roller. An Inline illuminator. An Inline QD plate mount (not elevated.) A brass MR Dial on the powder bar. (There is a less expensive one that should work as well on ebay.) A Uniquetek 3D printed plastic spent primer catcher with hose leading to a coffee can. A powder measure dipstick made out of a piece of cardboard and a plastic rod. Free vs Dillon buzzer and it works as well because I look at the 1/4 gauge mark every time I fill the primer feed. I hope Uniquetek restocks the powder mirror so I can see powder down in a .38 case.
  9. Jim Watson

    Full Review Hudson H9

    Good review, even better than the videos, which are good of their kind.
  10. Jim Watson

    Which 1911

    I shoot my SA more than any other gun, maybe more than any two other centerfires I own. It was a gunsmithing project of some years ago, but if you look in the current catalog, it looks an awful lot like a RO Elite Target plus a mag chute. This is a terrible problem. I look at the advertisements, gunzine fluff, and gunboard plugs and see all manner of fine 1911s. But I can't think what one would do for me that the SA doesn't, so the new gun itch doesn't get scratched.
  11. Jim Watson

    Nationals Points

    Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice. We low points/draw entrants did not get to squad until today, high point count was Monday, medium point count was Wednesday. So by today, the only openings were for all 18 stages on Thursday, no Friday-Saturday slots left. I doubt I am physically able to shoot 18 stages in one day, and it wouldn't have been fun the best day I ever had. I never shot in one day those first ten Nats, and that was 20 years ago. So I scratched. Here's where it got weird. One of my 6 point friends was almost immediately notified of a sudden vacancy. Will she tough it out? We shall see, last I heard was "Got to get out of the library with the Grands so I can THINK!"
  12. Jim Watson

    Laugo Arms Alien

    All I know about it is what I read on the Internet. Maybe the www is wrong, maybe I remember wrong, but: 1. Hammer fired. 2. 5 lb - 2 lb DA - SA But I also recall from history that one of the Walther prototypes leading up to the P38 had what they called an "anvil hammer" for a DA-SA start without a decocking step. Racking the slide would not leave it cocked, but firing would. Not saying that is what Laugo is doing, but it is possible. Oh, yeah, another one of those Internet things: 3. Price in SVI range.
  13. Jim Watson

    Laugo Arms Alien

    I don't remember where I saw the trigger pull values, some blog or another. And it is hammer fired. I guess you are right, as easy to cut the rail as not, just in case some elite Carabineri outfit wants high end guns.
  14. Jim Watson

    Laugo Arms Alien

    Looks promising. But why did they put a notchedy rail thing on what appears to be a purpose built IPSC Production gun? (5 lb/2 lb trigger is kind of a klue.) I get the Internet Generation, they haven't seen a bottom barrel gun other than a Rhino REVOLVER, but some of us traditionalists might have seen a Clement or Smith & Wesson AUTO with recoil train above the barrel.
  15. Jim Watson

    Nationals Points

    Yes, I got in with four one year when they were recently into the point system.