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  1. Jim Watson

    Digging deeper into M&P9 Pro

    I have a Burwell trigger actually done by Mr Burwell and prefer it to any other plastic pistol I have seen. I have seen a number of Apex baggie jobs and am not impressed. Some are ok but the main problem is that you don't know what you are getting, they come out different every time. No doubt due to stamped parts in molded plastic with the tolerances of a Mattell. The only improvement for my use would be to get his attention again and have the same treatment on a 5".
  2. Jim Watson

    9mm only reloading

    I am at present loading 9mm on a 550. A SDB would do as well, maybe better, but I traded mine off for the more flexible 550. Caveat, I am retired and can drop by the bench and crank out a hundred or two in short order. If I were having to fit reloading in a busy work and family schedule, I would pay for a higher production rate so I could make up a month's supply instead of one session of sofagating. I do have a 1050 .45 which was very nice when I was shooting mostly .45s but it is kind of a sideline now. Not so much that I plan to convert it to 9mm, though. I have had all this stuff for years and consider it fully amortized. I can reload cheaper than bulk econoball and things like 9mm subsonic and .45 midrange are a lot cheaper.
  3. Jim Watson

    Mk7 Evo - Processing Brass

    Yup. Preprocessing for a progressive would be a step backward for my use; IDPA and USPSA. Tumble, load, gauge.
  4. Jim Watson

    2018 IDPA Nationals

    I did not want to shoot it all in one day so I gave up my slot. A friend caught it and pushed through, shooting until 7 pm. No headlights on that bay but everybody on the squad's tactical flashlights illuminated the remaining targets well enough.
  5. Jim Watson

    Looking for Limited and ESP platform

    Sure sounds like a CZ or TZ.
  6. Jim Watson

    Target Rain Guards

    Neat idea. They said they worked great and it rained HARD Wednesday night.
  7. Jim Watson

    TIG welding

    I had a weld repair done by Jim Milks dba Innovative, link above. Not cheap but neat and prompt.
  8. Jim Watson

    IDPA and USPSA setups

    The front strap is the front surface of the grip frame from trigger guard to butt.
  9. Jim Watson

    IDPA and USPSA setups

    The following criteria apply to IDPA legal holsters. H. For male shooters, the holster must carry firearm so that the entire front strap (to the trigger guard) is at or above the top of the belt. Police and military personnel are allowed to use their duty rigs as follows: A. The duty holster must be a strong side belt or thigh holster with at least one retention feature. B. All retention features of the holster must be used. C. All belt equipment holders must be present, though the shooter may decide which belt equipment is present.
  10. Jim Watson

    Entery level production pistol

    A guy here liked Caniks, had three of them. But he decided he didn't trust Century to keep parts available so he started shooting Something Else. Actually went through a couple of different brands. I don't think he is hitting as well, though. I'd go for it.
  11. My striker fired pick is the Plastic M&P; but I don't consider it operationally different from or better than Glock, HK, Walther, XD, etc. I have the perception that the swing to CZ and TZ is driven by their success in IPSC Production which has a first shot minimum 5 lb trigger. The DA/SA guns can follow that with a 2 lb trigger for the rest of the stage, the Glock types cannot.
  12. Jim Watson

    Pregame squib

    A friend stuck about the third bullet the first day of a two day match, they made him change ammo. He wasn't carrying around a different batch but the rep at the PO demo bay fronted him a box and we went to Walmart that night.
  13. Jim Watson

    Pregame squib

    A double squib. Is there a rule against serial carelessness?
  14. Jim Watson

    1st IDPA Match in over a decade, and ...

    I do not think you should have been penalized. I have seen (done) a lot of shooters cross a fault line and step back to shoot. 3.2.5 A target is considered “Engaged” when: A. A cardboard target is deemed to have been engaged when the required number of shots for that target have been fired at the target. 3.6.3 When Fault Lines are used to delineate cover: A. Fault Lines are used to ensure a shooter is behind cover when engaging targets from a Position of Cover (PoC). There will only be one Fault Line at each PoC, and that line applies to all targets engaged from that PoC. B. Physical objects used (wood, rope, barrels, walls), as Fault Lines, to delineate cover must start at the cover object (e.g. wall, barrel, etc.) and extend back away from cover in the up-range direction. The object used to mark the line must extend back away from the cover object at least 3 feet. C. A shooter who engages a target while faulting the line (which is defined as the shooter touching the ground or other objects on the non-cover side of the fault line) shall be assessed a PE.
  15. Jim Watson

    How Many Points Down?

    I don't know about the Classifiers, but it has been said that 10% of your score as points down was a good compromise. More accurate was probably slow, faster was probably wild. Top shooter at the Nationals was 285 net, 20 points down, one hit on nonthreat. 8.8% PD + Penalty.