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  1. Jim Watson

    Anybody use VV N105 for 9 minor?

    I got stuck with some. It did well enough with 147 gr 9mm Minor that I was able to use it. Lighter bullets were very erratic.
  2. Jim Watson

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    Once upon a time, a successful shooter was asked what kind of lube he used to keep his guns operating smoothly and reliably. He replied "Whatever was in the goodie bag at the last match."
  3. Jim Watson

    Am I too old?

    I'm 73 and having a good time. I'm not as good as I was 5 years ago but still keep trying to arrest the slide. A guy in the Trap club did not start shooting competitively until he retired. He made state champion, then was senior champion for a long time.
  4. Youse guys must have the sensitivity of The Princess and The Pea to tell a difference between brands of powder only a few tenths apart. I load 147 gr plated to 1.14+" with 3.4 gr HP38 and recoil is definitely "slower" than 115 econoball. Flash and blast are a LOT less. So I don't know what the OP is experiencing. You should make friends at the range, somebody there surely owns a chronograph, I have run numerous loads for friends. Maybe meet somebody with scale check weights, too.
  5. Jim Watson

    IDPA Revolver Stock vs Enhanced

    Yup. .38 econoball is very soft, to make Minor you would have to buy 158 gr +P. Or load the equivalent, although with the right bullet and powder, you don't get into +P chamber pressure. I loaded a bunch of them. They didn't wear out my Python. I know one gunboard poster told of shooting some hundreds of +P in a Model 10 with no signs of excessive wear. But I also know one guy who wore out two Model 10s with the thousands of +P rounds shot in match and practice by a competitor. There is also the PPC shooter who wore out a gun with wadcutters, but it took 150,000 of them. My .38 wadcutters give f 107. So when I loaded some a smidgen too long for my M52, I shot them for the first cylinder, roundnose on the reload.
  6. Jim Watson

    Buying a used STI?

    I took the plunge on a used STI. It shoots just fine.
  7. Jim Watson

    Revolver Gear Question - coverage for moonclip holders?

    I have some like that, but made out of Kydex. No complaints from SOs.
  8. Jim Watson

    Starting weak hand only

    Beats me. If in doubt go by the actual CoF for the stage or invoke Rule Zero.
  9. Jim Watson

    9mm only reloading

    Some years ago, I was loading on an SDB. Two of them, actually, large and small primer. It was fine for 9mm but lacked leverage for .45; and I was then shooting more .45s. So I splurged on a S1050 for .45. It is a great machine, once I got the @#$%^& primer feed adjusted right. Then I got a Deal on a 550, so I sold my SDBs. It is more versatile, easier to change calibers on, so I can load 9mm, .38 Spl, and even small primer .45 with little fuss. But at my volume, I do not consider it an improvement over the SDB for 9mm only. I am now shooting more 9mm than .45 and have considered converting the 1050, except that my arthritic knees make it easier to load sitting than standing. Caveat: I am not one of those dedicated shooters who needs a rough tumbler, a fine tumbler, a de-lubing tumbler, a prep press, a loading press, and a primer tube filler.
  10. Jim Watson

    1 second per point going away?

    Zero. You can see the emphasis on accuracy with the pinhead target, HQ is not going to do anything to speed shooting back up.
  11. Jim Watson

    Best Budget 1911 Ignition parts

    If you can get a good pull with the factory parts, just bob the hammer spur until it clears the beavertail. Or eliminate the spur entirely, you are not going to go Condition 2 are you?
  12. Jim Watson

    Powder puff 308

    You might look at 5744, meant for low end loads. Fast IMRs like 4198 and 3031 have been used for cast bullets at lots lighter loads than the book starting load for jacketed. The 60% rule isn't just for H4895. DuPont mentioned it for IMR 4895 a long time ago.
  13. Jim Watson

    2011 w/Glock Mags

    I don't think it is a stupid question; everybody and his brother is making PCCs to take Glock magazines, Ruger and Wilson included. Why not a non-Glock pistol taking Glock magazines? It would sure cut into the magazine "tuning" cottage industry. The only hangup I can see is that the Glock magazine is made for the Glock grip angle. Which is exactly what I would be wanting to get away from. Maybe it could be managed with a whonkerjawed mag well; kind of like my High Standard Citation Military. Of course you could ask the same of any other common striker fired gun; their magazines are usually well developed and a 1911 action with a S&W or XD magazine would work even better, no Lugerish grip angle. That is what Wilson did, we are told that their EDC X9 magazine tube is like Walther PPQ except for notch and floorplate.
  14. Jim Watson

    Tanfoglio Frame Size

    Are all Tanfoglios now on the large frame suitable for .45 even when in 9mm?
  15. Jim Watson

    Black friday components thread?

    I ordered a case of 3000 Xtreme 147 gr 9mm. My e-invoice did NOT reflect a 20% discount. I e-mailed them, they will "fix it on Monday." Shipping not included, $30. I ordered 1000 Gallants, 15% discount and "free" shipping. New outfit to me, so I figured I would try a 147 gr coated ROUNDNOSE because my guns don't feed the more common flatpoints well.