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  1. Pick up a Lyman M Die, dont use the powder drop funnel to expand the case, only adjust until the powder bar is fully forward.
  2. I was in the same boat. I shoot 18,000 rounds a year. My arm was getting tired pulling the handle. I bought a Cp2000 and RL1100 . Automated them . It all depends on how much you want to invest in equipment. To me its worth every penny since I enjoy reloading, past 32 years. Wish they had all this cool stuff back when I started. Good luck
  3. Theres also no need for cable ties on the side to stop the wiggle. If your machine is properly timed and adjusted. Stay away from any of the add on goodies companies sell.
  4. Just from the pic here, I can see that your shell plate is way too loose.
  5. I would shy away from the Mark 7 CUZ. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Ammobot for my RL1100 was $1,500.00 OTD. I have been using Jasons machine for almost 2 years. Flawless.
  7. Those are Rev 2 machines. The Rev 3 is much better. Thats what I am running. Rev2 didn't have the more advanced drive and also has a motor that will run at much higher temperatures and requires a fan to keep it cool during long loading sessions. The Rev2 also has a separate rotary encoder for detecting jams that attaches at the left side of the main shaft of the press.
  8. Some automated guys do. I dont, they have issues, the stock shell plates are fine.
  9. Jason the owner of Ammobot is at Dillons headquarters now. Heres a sneak peak of their new control box. THe Dillon version should be out by next year.
  10. Thats for the CP 2000. I had one and sold it. Comes in handy when sorting large and small primer brass, 45 acp or 10mm. THe unit was a $600.00 add on.
  11. So true. The stock Dillon parts are fine. The only thing I have added to my Ammobot press is the brass guide bushing, it helps keep the toolhead straight when your tightening the nut. Ive been reloading since 1989, LOL.
  12. No set time on the springs, just keep the machine clean and serviced every 10,000 rounds. Yes I have both my RL1100 and my CP2000 Ammobot driven.
  13. I also have a thicker guide on my tool head. Notice how it contacts the case feed plunger bolt more evenly not just the edge like the stock Dillon.
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