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  1. No need for a powder check. I run my RL1100 with an Ammobot Drive, cranking out 1,400 RPH. My process for reloading 9mm is to prime all the cases first, then you can concentrate on just looking at the left side of the machine, the powder is clearly seen in the case. Personally I have loaded at least 60,000 plus rounds so far and I have never seen a case not get powder. If for any reason the machine has a hiccup, stop and remove all the cases and start over. You will never have a squib. Good luck and enjoy loading
  2. Glad you liked the drums, they are nice and sturdy.
  3. I own the A01LD and Bullseye from CZ Custom. Both great pistols. Talk to Stuart Wong at CZ Custom. He took care of me with my purchases.
  4. With the swage cranked up mabey 1 case in a 1,000 I prime gets sideways.
  5. WMA cases are heavily crimped, make sure your swage rod is cranked up. Ammobrass LLC has a cutaway case to adjust the swage. I process on a CP2000.
  6. Your good to go with that setup. Ive been loading blue bullets for years now 115 grain. Have fun and fill a bucket up.
  7. I have a pro bullet feeder on my RL1100, but I used a speaker stand on my 650 for the bullet feeder.
  8. Looks promising, Im good with primers for another year. If the price was good I would give them, a shot.
  9. Salvage drums. They hold 32,000 cases of 9mm each. If you have bulk brass to store. I got them from Amazon along with the dollies.
  10. Ordered both my machines from Dillon in 2019 when they hit the website. Only waited 3 weeks for both. Guess I got lucky.
  11. You wont be sorry. I have been running my CP2000 and RL1100 fully automated since Jan of 2020. Cranking out the ammo. I shoot 1600 rounds a month.
  12. I ordered my Ammobot last week, sure hope its soon
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