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  1. Hey Dean, Haven't filled my team in yet. Can I pay the team entry without all 3 names??
  2. I am very particular about clean brass but I would never waste time cleaning primer pockets! Agreed!
  3. That might be a good option if I could find the same deal for a full size M&P. That one is for the Shield. Thanks for the idea.
  4. So I need one M&P 9mm mag to make my total 5. I posted on the classified forum and was offered one for $80. That seems to be the going price or even a little lower if you look on GB. My question is this. Are they not making these magazines anymore or what? I haven't seen any place have them available for the last 2 months. I cant believe they just shut down the production line.
  5. Its actually showing up in some of our local stores. But I had a friend at Cabelas last night and she said the shelves are still empty. Go figure.
  6. Thanks for all of the input. I have plenty of other guns. I just wasn't sure if the G17L was one that I could try IDPA with. Didn't mean to light up a firestorm on here. It really was just me being lazy and asking on this forum instead of just looking it up!
  7. I'd like to try out IDPA and I'd like to use the 17L.
  8. I'm a retired photographer with tons of Nikon equipment. I switched over to digital about 8 years ago. My Nikon rarely comes out now that I have the iPhone. It does lack the zoom capability but with the High pixel count you can zoom digitally. The videos are awesome as well. Still can't figure out how you can get that quality out of such a tiny lens.
  9. This problem is solved. Google maps is now in the APP store.
  10. It just makes sense that the strong hand doesn't have to wait for the weak hand to catch up. They work together.
  11. in the short amount of time that I owned that gun I experienced the same problem. My solution was to sell the gun. I like my grip!
  12. Ditto. Love them both. Great bags!
  13. I'd like to hear some feedback from actual owners. Are these glasses really worth the $$$?
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