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  1. Can confirm. I ordered the quinetics puller after reading through this thread. Been using my RCBS collet and it works great on FMJ and plated. Not as good with coated or moly bullets or SWC bullets. Quinetics made quick work of some 500 sw and some other random single calibers I needed to pull. For large batches I prefer the RCBS. For small batches or just a few rounds the quinetics is much quicker. It’s also faster then other kinetic pullers I have used.
  2. A bullet feeder will be a huge time saver. My powder check only gets used when loading rifle. The bullet feeder helps me pump out around 8-900 rounds an hour on the 650 at a leisure pace with multiple QA checks for powder charge size and COAL. My rf100 also helps speed production.
  3. Absolutely. It is the best chronograph I have used ( I have tried 4 or 5 different types) and own a labradar and a shooting chrony. The Labradar is the most convenient one I have used in both set up and for recording results.
  4. Video link is down on my end. Anyone have another link? My vibraprime has been collecting dust and it sounds like it may be time to resurrect it.
  5. Does anyone have a link to or now of a place to see the evolution Manual cor people who can't get into their forums?
  6. I was looking at these since Santa brought me the wet tumbler for Christmas. Do you use any magnets throughout the process?
  7. The inline fab. one is superior in ergonomics and design. I still have the dillon roller handle sitting in my basement since I switched.
  8. Sterling, Paypal gift $60.00 to scott40cal@gmail.com.


    In separate email send you shipping information.




  9. I started with pickup tubes, then used a Vibra-prime for a while. Picked up a Rf-100 a few months ago. I love it. Next to the bullet feeder on my 650 it is one of my greatest time savers I have in my reloading arsenal. It took about 3 tries to get my machine working like a champ. The only issue I have is using S&P primers. It eats winchester, CCI, Tula, and federal without a problem. It is a wise investment if you want to save time.
  10. Great review. Any videos of you shooting it available?
  11. Headed to chrono some WSF over Xtreme 180g RNFPs this weekend. Im going be running a 1.16 OAL in my M&P. Will report back.
  12. I just put a bullet feeder in my 650 and love it. If you get tired of switching from large to small primer size on your 650 you could dedicate that to small primers then run 45 and 308 on your 1050. The swagger would help you know if a small pistol primed 45 case sneaks into your press so I would run it. What caliber do you shoot the most of?
  13. Case pro 100 will do exactly what you are looking for.
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