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  1. Agreed! Been shooting PCC for the past year. Just went back to production. I zeroed the classifier yesterday! I cant remember the last time I zeroed anything!!!
  2. Seems excessive(To me at least), I thought that floating weight in the buffer was suppose to act like a dead blow hammer to prevent bounce back? Wonder what type of buffer the OP has?
  3. Maggie's coming back in 2020https://wegeekgirls.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/the-walking-dead_season-5_episode-5_self-help_bts-7.jpg
  4. Don't forget about sight over bore for the close shots!
  5. Agree with the first two post! I did cut the hammer spur off from my PCC gun. I find that if I drop some oil or grease the hammer notch where it contacts the sear I get a smoother trigger.
  6. Agree on the Taccom. i also have a CMMG bcg. They are aaaaalmost identical.
  7. I'd take my bcg into a place like Ace hardware and find one. I cant imagine it would be that special.
  8. I guess we people who live behind enemy lines(10rd only) dont count
  9. I'm using the factory rear adjustable sight and the Dawson precision fiber optic front sight.
  10. Older shooter with old eyes. I may have to go there soon.
  11. After all your changes does your 20rd mag still work?
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