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  1. I always ask one of our members. Where's your Nitro? He shows me his silver aluminum container.
  2. Depends on your barrel twist. That said I still get good results with SMK 52gr JHPBT and a 1:9
  3. Red Dot gun I zero at 50yds and check where it impacts at 100yds. Low power rifle 1X4,6 I zero at 100yds but check at 50 & 200yds.
  4. Oh you talking FO-REAL. no cc, not here in The Peoples Republic Of Hawaii
  5. Agreed! Just because you can, should you?
  6. We cut-out the center from the top of the barrels(rifle/shotgun dumps). Just flip them over to empty. I don't think we ever wore out a barrel yet. Barrels are not soft cover
  7. Failure to extract and load. It's like the bcg was unlocking/moving to early. My PCC worked with the Hahn 7.5 oz. This is when I realized blowback guns work opposite from gas guns.
  8. LOL, primers, once in a while pop!
  9. After all of the above I'd finish it off with. Electrical Contact cleaner. No residue.
  10. Manolo just choot dat piece of chet
  11. Sounds like the one I bought from Brownells. Mind wouldn't run with it. I ended up with a 8oz buffer. Had the hann 7.5oz in between the two . I do have FM ultra lite 16" barrel.
  12. How much does it weigh? My work PC cannot open the link.
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