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  1. LOL, I haven't looked at the rule book for awhile. Is there a mini target section?
  2. SO I'm old! my SP1/A1 neva hit me with brass And then there's this.
  3. Does your upper have a brass deflector? Heck I never got hit with any of my ARs
  4. Lefty here. Blow backs are dirty SOBs. Maybe a cleaner powder & a jacketed bullet will help?
  5. Wow, this picture looks a whole lot different that the OP's picture!
  6. I use the same ones I use on my centerfire guns that way their interchangeable if I choose to do so.
  7. Dam! I just got extra toolheads set up with dies and powder drops.
  8. Woah, unless you have multiple reloading presses can you imagine adjusting your dies and powder dispenser each and every time you're reloading for a specific gun? And then there's bringing the right ammo for the right gun when going to the range
  9. I know you didn't ask this but Isn't this covered by warranty?
  10. Once you make one in the walk through don't change it! I have to keep reminding this to myself when I do. Happen to me yesterday in my first stage of the day. I was kicking myself in the ass and brought it to stage two. Well screwed that one up also. It wasn't that hard. Could've been so simple btw 3 people DQ'd on that stage but that is only a small part why I changed.
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