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  1. The cleanest load I shoot is Alliant American Select. Soft and clean.
  2. Exactly what I use. People seem afraid to change parts, springs, triggers etc to have their gun run better. You don't buy a jeep and take it to a trail and expect it to "tear it up" with all stock parts. Shoot only ammo over 135 power factor? Why? when all you have to do is change the recoil spring to make it run any power factor you want. I own several guns and every one of them have been "tweeked" one way or another.
  3. I bought the Keith spring before my SF arrived expecting ejection problems from all the forums posts. I have never put it in. I was having ejection problems and went with the ZR guide rod and 1911 flat 15lb flat recoil spring and haven't had any issues in thousands of rounds. I did polish the feed ramp and I use Grams followers. No special cleaning for this SF, it is a USPSA competition gun so gets put through the ring. It's been dry fired 100's of hours. The striker firing pin did break from too many dry fire trigger pulls, so I stopped pulling the trigger all the way. Good luck with yours. I
  4. https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/walther-ppq-uncaptured-stainless-guide-rod/ https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Flat-Wire-Recoil-Spring-5-Full-Size-Chrome-Silicon-15-Lb/productinfo/614G15/ use the 15 or 13lb spring. I prefer the 15.
  5. Stock recoil spring is too strong. Get a reduced strength recoil spring or cut a coil off of the stock spring. It's a common issue.
  6. Your correct that I need to engage the new array right to left since it is the closest.
  7. I have had an event in the recent week that I have encountered that I would like opinions about. It was a classifier where I had a start with a hard left target, transition to a hard right target then run down an alley with 3 poppers visible I can engage on the move. I was going to engage them left to right, but when I came off the hard right target to engage the poppers my dot was on the middle popper. I pulled the trigger, then engaged the left popper then right popper. Should have I stuck with my plan left to right or engaged them as I did middle, left, right. When I look at an open target
  8. I would think it should work fine for production. It's cheaper than a whole gun.
  9. Lok had no finish on these grips, and they were new. So pretty clean to start with. I also didn't choose a fancy color. The owner said this is a standard color they keep on hand, so the whole process moved quickly because it was kept it uncomplicated.
  10. they are GRIPPY, but different from their other grips. I give them an A+
  11. hmmmm.... 40 dollars is too much to have them professionally Cerakoted? Just curious....
  12. Lok brass grips Cerakoted Armor black. I have dry fired and live fired with them and I really like them. They look good too.
  13. I have CZ's, Beretta's, M&P's, and Q5 Match SF. They all have their own qualities, but I prefer the Q5 SF. The CZ might be hard for you to rack the slide because the slide is short and narrow because it sits inside the frame. The Q5 SF slide has lightening cuts in it and sits taller and wider around the frame, so it will be easier to rack the slide. The CZ and Beretta have the double action first pull single action there after, and safeties that you'll have to get used to. Where as the Q5 SF will have a constant trigger pull. The Q5 SF seems to be the most accurate for me.
  14. That is why I would like an uncaptured guide rod, so I could use a lighter recoil spring, preferably a flat wire spring.
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