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  1. I have inserted this drill into my weekly live fire drills. Normal draw 1.2 sec with a string time of 4.5 to 5.4 sec. Bad runs, missed grip etc into 6's. I usually use double thick targets and tape the rear target, leaving the front target shot up, that helps me with the shot calling as well. Then I use the same targets and practice El Presidente too. Saves range time and setup time. Need part 2 now.
  2. The CZ Scorpion, and Beretta CX4 are on the list. Any 9mm AR upper is banned too. No PCC in Canada unless your using the Ruger PC, it's not on the list....
  3. I'm not sure yet. They are straight up right now, but my arm feels like it's at a weird angle to to grab the magazine.
  4. Magazines placement must be behind hips, but can they be at different angles? I notice that production magazines are straight up and down and the same angle. I use 20 round magazines so I only carry 2 magazines, but I would like to adjust the magazine to a better angle.
  5. No location info in ur profile, but I have an unopened 1lb maybe 2 ,,, and an open with about 1/2 to 3/4 of American select I have no use for. Could do local or will sell for $15 per lb plus actual shipping

  6. This should probably be in the "things I hate" forum, but I was in the middle of dry fire today and again it happens. What the real issue is that then your mind wanders off too what is being said or has been said and it distracts me from dry fire mode.
  7. It seems like the hour I have designated to dry fire that the people in the house find it necessary to come in, come by, ask questions, have a problem with this or that. They aren't doing it on purpose. I have a designated dry fire/gun room that nobody is interested in until I start dry firing.
  8. A quote from another source. "An Alliant powder rep has stated on another forum that Sport Pistol has an extremely close to almost overlapping burn rate to American Select. So I’d guess you’ll like it in that usage". Apparently Sport Pistol is the new popular "go to" powder right now, and you can't find any. You can find plenty of American Select....
  9. I load 124 RMR Matchwinner with 3.8gr American Select. 1.135 OAL. 130 PF out of a Walther Q5 Steel Frame. Super accurate, shoot soft, and super clean. No soot on brass, barely any smoke in the sunshine. Punches a nice big clean hole through card board!!
  10. what is the actual weight of the rod.
  11. I drilled and tapped the mag release button and am using the LoPro extension. Looks and operates great. Use caution when drilling the magazine release button. Only drill through the button part and then use a bottom tap carefully. If you don't want to tap the hole then mic the threads of the LoPro button and drill to that size and just epoxy the button into the mag release. That way your into the magazine release, not just on top of it. Works great for reloads now.
  12. I use the Walther 17 round magazines because my hands are big enough that I hang over the grips. I got some 20 round magazine extensions but they don't mate up to the grips like the 17 round magazines. I ordered some Grams 320 mag springs and followers and put them into the Walther 17 round magazines and now I can load 20 rounds into the 17 round magazine. Only 19 reloadable, but 19 is better than 17, and I still have the grip extension. https://grabagun.com/walther-2796694-magazine-ppq-m2-9mm.html https://benstoegerproshop.com/sig-p320-magazine-spring-and-follower-kit-by-grams-engineering/
  13. Where did you find the tungsten guide rod?
  14. I just ordered the Lo Pro mag button with the 4-40 thread. The PPQ SF mag button is magnetic so it should drill and tap fine to accept the Lo Pro.
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