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  1. 1/2 scale targets are 1/4 size. As silly as this might sound, when setting up a classifier for dry fire, do I use 1/4 the distance from targets?
  2. bowenbuilt Thank you. I use RMR 124 Match Winners with 3.8 Alliant American Select for a 130pf. I really like this combination, but I am running low on American Select. American Select gives me better, tighter groups than E3. Both powders run clean. I will try 1lb of Sport Pistol when my AS runs out.
  3. I run right at 130PF and the 13lb flat wire ZR rod work great. I got my information from this thread.
  4. I noticed a match that says it will be more IPSC type stages than USPSA. What do they mean by that?
  5. I found this tip online, so it's not my idea, but it works well. Put a 1/4" rod through the muzzle end of the slide hole and put the recoil spring on it. Then put the ZR rod in the recoil spring. Butt the 2 ends together and push the ZR rod into place, which pushes the 1/4" rod out. It helps the recoil spring from buckleing and keeps everything in place.
  6. I put 200 quick rounds through it today. It functioned perfectly. It only throws the brass about 2 feet, and allot of it in front of me. I am running 130 PF 124 gr jacketed.
  7. I just put ZR rod with the 13 flat Wilson spring in today. I will shoot it tomorrow. I will say that it's difficult to compress that spring and rod for assembly.
  8. The Trijicon RMR Type 2 RM06, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, and Cmore RTS2 seem to be real popular, but they all run 400$ plus. I have been using a Burris Fast Fire 3 with 8moa this season and it has run fine. I have used the same battery since July. You can find the FF3 for around 200$.
  9. I use Alliant American Select, or E 3 for 9 minor. Both are real clean.
  10. I have them all loaded. They shot good out of my PCC, they just tumble out of Walther PPQ SF. I just wont buy any more from that company.
  11. It must be the new bullet. I loaded and tested my other 2 brands and no tumblers. Tried the new company and tumblers again. Guess I'll just use them for practice rounds till they're gone.
  12. I have used this recipe, powder, primer, crimp, bullet weight, OAL for years and have had no problems at all. I have used this round in Glocks, CZ TS, Beretta PCC, Ruger PCC, Beretta 92 and Px4 with no issues. This fall I purchased a Walther Q5 SF 9mm. I also am trying a 124gr Plated bullet from a company I have never used before. The new bullet with the Q5 SF are having bullets tumble on targets only 10 feet away. Only about 1 in 30 or 40, but still key holing targets. I will work through this, but any suggestions wuld help.
  13. The 13lb Glock recoil spring didn't seem like it wanted to hold the SF model in battery. I could knock it out of battery by holding muzzle up and striking the grip.
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