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  1. The 13lb Glock recoil spring didn't seem like it wanted to hold the SF model in battery. I could knock it out of battery by holding muzzle up and striking the grip.
  2. I just moved from a CZ Tac Sport to the SF. I'm still learning new things.
  3. Yesterday I ran up and pushed a trap door open with the muzzle of my SF. It must have pushed it slightly out of battery, because when I pulled the trigger, no boom. Reracked a round and boom. No issues. This is not a test I would suggest, but it's what happened. BTW I won't use the muzzle like that again.
  4. Do targets have to be presented to show at least 1/2 of the A zone. Wouldn't this apply to a rotated target as well. Someone with better math skills than mine should be able to figure out the angle a target can be turned untill1/2 of the A zone is presented.
  5. Is there a maximum angle that a target can be set up. I shoot at a gun range that in one stage every match, one target is turned so steep that only PCC shooters with red dots seem to be able to hit it. It's normally set up so that you can only shoot it from one spot, and is just about impossible to hit with a hand gun with iron sights. I want to complain, but I don't know the rule on this.
  6. I just cut an inch off of the factory spring, and it works fine down to 122 PF. I was using the glock spring conversion thing, but the slide would drop out of battery when I held the Q5 SF muzzle up and shook it. I've run about 1K rounds through it since cutting off the factory spring with absolutely no issues.
  7. What are the USPSA carry optics division people using for a match holster. Any to stay away from or any they really like?
  8. http://www.egwguns.com/index.php?p=catalog&mode=search&search_str=ruger+pc
  9. I removed the rear sight from the barrel , and mounted a red dot there.
  10. Hodgdon Load data shows 9mm 147gr bullet to be minimum charge 3.2gr to maximum 3.6gr of Titegroup. You can vary under and over some, but looks like 2.7gr is a pretty light charge.
  11. ??? That is a completely different load than mine. Different powder, primer, bullet weight, and over all length. I've shot well over 3K rounds of my load out of Ruger PC Carbine this season with no issues. Sorry for your bad luck, but good luck with what your trying.
  12. 124gr rn plated any brand, 1.118 OAL, WSP magnum primer, 3.2gr Alliant E3. 134pf with Ruger PC Carbine 19115. Soft, accurate, and feed well.
  13. i adjusted my trigger stop screw and the problem stopped.
  14. I want the CZ double tap switch too!!
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