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  1. You might want to read this article about 9 major. Life is all about decisions. https://americanhandgunner.com/discover/whats-9-major/
  2. Is there an etiquette or norm to post or not post the classifier stages on Practiscore for an all Classifier match?
  3. https://chpws.com/product/walther-defense-slide-optic-milling-upgrade-program
  4. 124 plated tumbled out of my SF. Coated bullets worked fine but I don't like the smoke. I use jacketed 124 now. They are very accurate. I have tried 147's and they shoot fine, but I prefer the 124's.
  5. Again no fails to extract, failure to feed in thousands of rounds now. The post above https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/walther-ppq-uncaptured-stainless-guide-rod/ https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Flat-Wire-Recoil-Spring-5-Full-Size-Chrome-Silicon-15-Lb/productinfo/614G15/ use the 15 or 13lb spring. I prefer the 15.
  6. yes. Guide rod https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/walther-ppq-uncaptured-stainless-guide-rod/ and 1911 flat spring https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Flat-Wire-Recoil-Spring-5-Full-Size-Chrome-Silicon-15-Lb/productinfo/614G15/ I did this a couple years ago. I have never had a jam or failure to feed since in thousands of rounds with 130PF ammo 124gr.
  7. RMR Jacketed 124gr bullet with American Select powder.
  8. Still the Q5 SF performs well for a OEM barrel against an awesome KKM precision barrel that's .31 inches longer.
  9. Sighted it on a 2" white dot sticker at 15yds. Hits good at 7yrds and 25yrds.
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