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  1. Dam what a nightmare! I wish I never seen this thread. I've got so used too using my reaction rod or upper receiver clamshell blocks(PCC) to change out my muzzle devices. I never thought about the barrel unscrewing from the extension. I'll be dusting off my barrel blocks when I get home.
  2. Thanks guys, you gave me a lot more to think about. Hummm
  3. LOL, I have but not since they stopped mailing out the paper rule books. Anyone remember Dave & Marilyn Standford? They were my instructors.
  4. I overheard our PCC guys talking about this brass. "Avoid it! The brass will crack in half leaving the front section stuck in the chamber"
  5. I would say yes but only IF the targets were wide open from between the shooting boxes and obscured from the shooting boxes(Area). Un-sportsmanship conduct?
  6. Any type of muzzle device aid in precision shooting? Not necessarily for speed but accuracy/group size. Target shooting, Hunting ect.
  7. Good movie! but reminded me of Dances with Wolves.
  8. Now a days because of Practicscore I now sight my rifle in for the furthest small knock down plate in the COF.
  9. One more. Leaning around a corner weak side and looking through the mesh wall pnl. Yeah I know
  10. The first time I seen a shooter use a laser I thought you gotta be #$@! kidding me? Buttstock on belt muzzle down range. The thing was a laser dot was on the target. Upon the beep he fired from that position and hit the target.
  11. Funny you would start this thread today. We just had this match last Sunday and it was posted on PS.
  12. I would buy one again if I needed another holster.
  13. I did this for a while using my CZ TS & Beretta 96. I got keyholing on my targets. My guess was the heavy 200s would not stabilize at the slower speeds? I did not get keyholing when using both 180 & 165s
  14. I had a hunt ruined with a cheap for mentioned scope. After a long hike and tried to take a sight picture all I could see was fog.
  15. LOL, I haven't looked at the rule book for awhile. Is there a mini target section?
  16. SO I'm old! my SP1/A1 neva hit me with brass And then there's this.
  17. Does your upper have a brass deflector? Heck I never got hit with any of my ARs
  18. Lefty here. Blow backs are dirty SOBs. Maybe a cleaner powder & a jacketed bullet will help?
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