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  1. Are the stages going to be posted? Is it only one division per shooter ? Are there any other new rules we need to know about? Thanks
  2. Right on Rick , you have put me in my place
  3. Wow were do you guys live? Most skill trade people in Oklahoma don't make 28.64 a hour.
  4. I'd like one too please Thanks Carl
  5. I'll take the upper.



  6. Does anyone out there have a barricade mount for a large frame pistol for sale? Thanks Carl
  7. Well I'll ask the question. Were and when can we get them? Thanks Carl
  8. Do you build for others?


  9. Thanks, I do all my own work.

  10. Wow who does your work? I love the shorty.

  11. What is the cost and who do I contact. For the shroud ? It looks sweet. Thanks Carl
  12. Any word on the lefty model yet? Thanks Carl
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